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Bikes for 5'1" Riders | Finding the Perfect Bicycle if You're Short

As someone who's five one, there are a lot of things that I struggle with. Like reaching for things in really high cabinets, seeing over people's heads at concerts, and having my nose at everyone else's armpit level. Luckily, finding the right bike is something I don't have to struggle with and you won't either after watching this video.

When I say five one, you don't necessarily have to be five one, these tips will be good for anyone who's short and is worried about how their bike is going to fit them. The first thing to consider is bike fit. There's never going to be a one bike fits all, no matter what brand you're looking at, but there are going to be a few features that are going to be a clue into how the bike will fit you as a short person. First being a low step-through frame. This is a Sixthreezero EVRYjourney, it has a low step-through frame. So that means it's going to be easier for someone short like new to mount and dismount and therefore safer as well. Second is going to be forward pedaling. With forward pedaling, the pedals are not directly below the seat, they're a little forward as you can see. So that means you can keep your seat lower to the ground so you can safely put your feet on the ground while still getting proper leg extension while pedaling.

When shopping for a bike, look for these two features and it's going to be more likely that the bike is going to fit you if you are around five foot one. Next, you're going to want to focus on comfort. As short person, we already have so much to deal with. Comfort is not something we want to be thinking about when we are going for a bike ride. So there are a few keywords you can look for when you're shopping for a bike that will clue you into how comfortable the bike is. First, you're going to want to focus on the saddle. Look for keywords like bucket saddle, bubble saddle, dual springs. The bucket saddle means it's wide so it has better weight distribution. The dual springs mean that it gives you a little more cushion when you're riding over anything bumpy or bumpy terrain, that's going to be a little more comfortable.

Also, wide handlebars are going to be more comfortable. It's going to mean that you can sit upright, have a nice relaxed position in your arms, shoulders, and wrists, especially. So look for wide handlebars that are adjustable. Also, coming back to the forward pedaling. Having pedals the forward, again, is going to mean that you can lower your seat more. And instead of your weight going directly down, it's distributed forward, meaning less pressure in your hips and knees. So definitely more comfortable. So just to recap things to look for when it comes to comfort, wide bucket, bubble saddles or dual springs, forward pedaling, wide handlebars. And lastly, you're going to want to look for a bike that's versatile. So keyword to look for here is a hybrid bike. This is the EVRYjourney, it's a hybrid bike, and what makes it a hybrid bike is that it's good for the community, it's good for casual riding, it's good for towing children or having things on the back rack or handlebars, it's good for exercise.

So really it covers all the bases. When looking for a versatile bike, like a hybrid bike, you're going to want to look for a bike with multiple gears. This is a seven-speed bike, which means that you can adjust the gears if you're going uphill, you can adjust the gears if you're exercising or if you're towing something. It's all going to make your bike more customizable to your ride. So it's really key, especially if you're short, like I said, there's no one bike fits all and there are no one gears fits all either. So having a bike with multiple gears, like the EVRYjourney is going to be key for you as a short rider. So those are three key things to look for when shopping for a bike as a short person, hopefully, you found that helpful.

In addition to that, don't forget that you can always take our body fit quiz. It takes your height, weight, riding style, but those are all optional. And it'll tell you which bikes are a good fit for you. You can also check out our Sixthreezero peddlers group on Facebook. It's full of real Sixthreezero riders. Just hop in, let them know what bike you're interested in, how tall you are and you'll get tons of responses of people with the same bike, people that are the same height. Oftentimes, posting photos with their bikes to give you a good idea of whether or not that bike will be a good fit for you. So it's a great resource, check it out. It'll be linked in the bio below. If you have any questions that we didn't touch on, or if you have any ideas for any topics you want us to cover in the future, let us know. And don't forget to hit subscribe so that our channel can grow and we can get more people out there on bikes. Thank you for watching. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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