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Bicycle Shorts Review | Worth a Try?

This is the opposite of a wedgie. I feel like I have a diaper on almost.

In our sixthreezero Pedalers group, people have been asking how they can make their bike seat a little more comfortable. So I think the bucket saddle is pretty comfortable. The performance bikes, like the Pave n' Trail or Ride in the Park, they have a more narrow aerodynamic seat, so I can see how that would be a little less comfortable, especially if you're going on longer rides. But there are a few things you can do to make your seat more comfortable so you can keep riding. One is obviously buying a seat cushion, which they sell gel cushions that go over your seat. You could upgrade your seat to one that has that already built-in. But I'm going to try something that I didn't even know existed until someone recommended it to me a couple of weeks ago. So I recently purchased, online, these padded bike shorts?

So let me show you. If you're like me, you are a casual rider. I ride for fun and sometimes for exercise, a lot of the time for exercise, but I've never... I know you've seen those people in those matching jerseys and short sets. I've never felt the need to purchase one of those or look into them or research them or any desire to get one of those matching sets. So I had no idea that the shorts are padded, which makes sense. It sounds obvious now that I say it, but maybe you didn't know that. I didn't know that. So I had no idea you could even buy padded bike shorts. Someone recommended it to me. I ordered these on Amazon. They were about 20 bucks. If you just search women's padded bike shorts, you'll see a lot of different options. And my first impression is that these are not going to look good on me.

I know bike shorts are kind of in right now and just even plain bike shorts that are not padded don't look good on me, but we'll see. It's not about how they look, right? So I don't know if you can tell, they have this pad... I'll put them inside out so you can see, but they pretty much come with this cushion built into the shorts. They're pretty cheap, about 20 bucks. I'm not sure how... if you can wash them, I'm guessing you can just throw them in the wash. But these should make your ride a little more comfortable so you can ride for longer without your butt hurting or any soreness the next day. This is the Pave n' Trail. So like I said, the seats are a little more narrow, so not as comfortable as the bucket seat, which is the seat that's on all of our electric bikes. Personally, I don't really have an issue with butt pain or soreness after I ride the next day or anything like that.

My legs get sore if I go for a longer ride, but I know also I don't really go for super long rides. My rides are usually around half an hour, 45 minutes max. And I know there are people out there on the Pedalers app because I see them all the time on the leaderboard hitting over a hundred miles every week. So that's a lot of riding and I can see how that could lead to some discomfort. So I think these are probably a good, and maybe the cheapest, option for you if you want a little more support on your seat. So I'm going to try these out, but like I said, I'm just even hesitant to like wear them on camera because I already know they're not going to look good, but okay, let's see how they fit and how they feel.

Okay. These are the shorts. Fit-wise, they're fine. This is small, which is what I usually get for any sort of athletic bottoms. But I have to say, it feels really awkward. I'll do a 360. Here's the pad. It's basically... my first thought was this is the opposite of a wedgie. I feel like I have a diaper on almost. So I don't love them, but I would definitely be embarrassed if I went for a bike ride to the store or the post office or something and I had to get out and walk around. It feels really awkward walking in them. It really does feel like I'm wearing a diaper. Let's see how they fare on the actual bike and if I could tell much of a difference between riding normally and riding with these on. There's a lot of cushions so I can see how they would be effective.

My first thought is that I actually like them. I was sure that I was going to hate them. And I was actually hesitant about taking the tag off because I was like, "I'm never going to wear these again", but I like it. I can feel the difference, and I feel a little bit taller. It does feel awkward, but I was thinking that because it's a brand new pair, I wonder if it molds to your body the more you wear them, but I like it. And I think if I was going on a longer ride... I do want to do a 15-mile ride and eventually a hundred-mile ride in the future. I think I would definitely wear these.

It doesn't feel awkward once you're on the bike. Obviously, walking with them feels really awkward. And I wouldn't wear them if I was going on a quick trip where I have to get off my bike like I said because I would be walking really awkwardly. But for a long ride or maybe even a workout, I think I would wear them. And these are the cheapest pair. The first result is on Amazon. I'm pretty sure you could find even better results may be from a name brand. I don't know, I'm really liking them. I surprised myself. Now I feel like a cyclist and not just a casual biker

My final review is I think you should try them out for around 20 bucks. You can't go wrong. And there is a noticeable difference. I do feel more comfortable on the bike seat. It's awkward to walk in and it looks awkward. I really don't like how they look on me, but I could see myself wearing them maybe under a dress or something like that, a dress or a skirt. Yeah, that'd be fine. Try them out. Let me know what you think. And if you have any brand recommendations, post them in the comments because I just picked the first result on Amazon. But I'm sure you can find better brands, better quality, but these do the job. I can't complain about them. Make sure to join our six three zero Pedalers group. That's where I saw the question about adding bike padding to your seat or getting a more cushioned ride.

So ask questions. People are always willing to give their input and share information and accessory recommendations. And if there's an accessory that we can test out in the blog we will or any sort of questions we can answer in the blog, we'll try to get to them. We're working on getting through all your questions, but it's just a great place to get information, share ride photos.

And speaking of ride photos, don't forget to download the six three zero pedaling apps. You can log all of your rides. And we have a fee which is added fairly recently where you can see photos from other people's rides and share photos from your ride. So for example, last week, someone posted a photo of an alligator that they saw on their ride, which was the craziest thing to me. I think I would've been terrified if I saw an alligator while I was biking, but it's just a fun place to be, a fun place to get inspired, to bike more, and get outdoors more. Thank you for watching and riding along with us. Let us know if you try out the bike shorts. Don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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