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Bicycle Seat with Back Rest That's EXTREMELY Comfortable! Awesome Bike Seat with Back!

Hey, everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today, I'm going to show you a bicycle seat with a backrest that's very comfortable. Stick around.

All right, so today, I'm going to show you a bicycle seat with a backrest that is ultra comfortable, but before I do, hit that Subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, giveaways we do, and of course, new product releases.

All right, so I have my models here with me today. I got Stella. I've got Arden. They're going to sit on and show us this seat with a backrest. So you're in the market for a seat. You're looking for something really, really comfortable. I've got the seats you need right here. This is the sixthreezero Super Max Cush Seat with a backrest. Now, we have this seat in two options, one with and one without a backrest. The base of this seat is the widest seat that I've seen on the market that still resembles a normal bike seat, and it can fit the style of a bike and not make it look kind of crazy and take away from the aesthetics. That's what we tried to accomplish here at sixthreezero.

This is 14 1/2 inches wide, so you're going to get a lot of support, and we're going to demonstrate that with our riders here, to show you. A lot of seats on the market, depending on what you're looking at in the comfort range, but they could be five inches wide, or six inches wide. Our standard seat on our bikes is nine-and-a-half inches wide, which is still wider than most seats on the market, but this baby at 14 1/2 inches is the epitome of width that you're going to find out there. And in addition to that, you have the backrest here.

Now, this is great. It's going to give you lower back support, and low mid-back support, and you can adjust this up or down, depending on where you want the support. Some people may prefer a little bit lower or higher. Also depends on your torso. You have a long torso, a short torso, and where you may like this. So we'll put it all the way up and go ahead and tighten that down. And this is also very, very cushy. And when the riders are done riding, I'll go ahead and pop it off and show the camera, but we'll leave it on here, for the point of this right now.

Now, what I'm going to do is go ahead and position this over here, so we can see what it looks like when our riders get on from the back. Okay, so Arden, you can jump on first. Now, Arden is 5'10”, 300 pounds, and you can see this seat comes all the way out for him and gives him the full support of his entire rear. Now, imagine if he was on a seat that was five inches wide, nine inches wide. He's going to have his leg or his butt cut off, and it's going to be digging into him. By having this come out this wide, it's fully supporting him, making it feel like a chair more, but still giving him the ability to pedal. And how do you like this seat?

Arden: Very comfortable. As you said, it's as comfortable as a chair, and it has just enough support back here.

Dustin: And we've got other videos of Arden riding on this, too, so if you want to see more of that, you can check the YouTube channel. Now, again, he's got a seat here. Now, lean back a little bit. Show them. So you can see: You can lean back, take a little break, and this can support you, so it can take some of that pressure off the upper back, especially if you like going on long rides, and you might have back pain. This is just going to not force your muscles to keep you upright. If you want a break, this is going to be there to support you. And yeah, so Arden is a believer in it. He likes it.

Now, let's show you. Go ahead and just hold on for the ride here. We don't need you to steer. I'm just going to go ahead and pull you, and we'll show you what he looks like from the side. All right, now, from the side angle here, you can see this is fully contacting him here, and he's getting great support. It's pushing him forward. It's going to help with that posture, so you're in a more ergonomic sitting position. Now, this is our Easy Transit folding Trike. You can also see this keeps him in a great posture, position and takes the pressure off of every body part: elbows, shoulders, the whole nine yards.

Cool. You can go ahead and jump off, and we'll have Stella trade out with you now. We'll see what she looks like. Go ahead and get on, Stella.

So having a backrest is important to a lot of riders. Oh, yeah, let's go ahead and turn this off. Okay, all right, so now, same thing. You can see it's keeping her back upright. It's going to allow her to take a little bit of pressure off of her upper back, release her muscles, and still give her support. And you like the seat a lot, right? Do you like the backrest?

Stella: I like this seat a lot because it supports good posture.

Dustin: Yep, and let's go ahead and turn you towards the camera. We'll show them, also. All right, go ahead and hit the brake, so you don't roll forward. Okay, now, if you're looking at Stella again, not again, but Stella, you can see how it comes out nice and wide and gives her support across her entire backside. Imagine she's on a nine-inch seat or a six-inch seat or a seven-inch seat. It's not going to feel that comfortable, because she's not getting the support she needs. And she's got the backrest here, and she likes this bike in this position because it keeps her in a very, very upright ergonomic, where she's not feeling any tension or pain in anything.

And again, if you wanted to lower this, you could. I think she likes it in that position, but having a backrest is really a great thing if you're looking for the ultimate comfort position. I keep reiterating that because we're not talking about performance or efficiency. Not to say that you can't perform or pedal.

Now, when you pedal, you feel fine on this seat, right?

Stella: Yeah.

Dustin: It doesn't restrict your legs or anything like that? Arden, you, too?

Arden: No.

Stella: No.

Dustin: No, very smooth.

Stella: It's comfortable.

Dustin: That's a balance, too, because, in some seats, they become a little too restrictive. They cut your legs off. But we've designed something here that doesn't do that. Let me go ahead and turn you around, so you don't have to face backwards. Let go of the brake, yep.

Oh, if you want to get off, too, I'm going to show it to the camera. I'll just park you right here. All right, go ahead and jump off quickly. All right, so before we close out, let's just show this to the camera, so you can see how wide this seat is. And we have another seat. It's 14 1/2 inches. We have another video where I go into more detail about it, as well, and I measure it. And here's the backrest, and there's another angle.

So this is a bike seat with a backrest that you should check out, and if you have any other questions, comment below or email: or call us at (310) 982-2877, and you can find us at

Also, before you purchase, you can join our Facebook Pedallers group, talk to other riders about this product in advance, and see how they like it. So thank you for sticking around, and don't forget: It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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