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Best Transportation Method for Over 55 Communities

Most people love driving, starting from a young age. It's exhilarating turning the key in the ignition and experiencing everything after that. Adventures abound behind the wheel of a car, and it makes it easier to get to work and do errands.

However, at a certain point in life, many people are ready to slow down and seek alternative transportation methods. People in over 55 communities frequently find it easier, more practical, and safer to put away the car keys and find other ways to get around town.

And sometimes, people over 55 start noticing signs that it's time to drive less or stop driving altogether. 

Are you seeking new ways to do your errands, exercise more, and maintain your social life while living in an over 55 community? Keep reading because we have some ideas to help you make your next move that might involve a new bicycle, e-bike, or trike

Why Do Over 55 Citizens Put Away Car Keys? 

You might wonder if it's time for you to consider other transportation options. No rule says it needs to be all or nothing, so you can keep your driver's license and choose to travel in different ways. You might realize that your nighttime vision makes you feel less confident, or busy traffic times are best avoided. During those times, it's probably a good idea to rely on another transit mode. 

Here are some top reasons you might decide to limit or stop driving: 

  • Distracted while driving 
  • Driving too slow or fast for the legal speed limit
  • Experiencing delayed responses, mentally and physically
  • Noticing decreased confidence 
  • Having difficulty staying in the designated lane
  • Bumping into curbs and other objects more frequently 

While many of these reasons occur over age 55, they can happen to anyone for various reasons. It's always good to pay attention and follow up on what might happen. It might be as simple as an expired eyeglasses prescription, but you don't want to take any risks. 

Alternately, you might find that driving is no longer as necessary or practical when you move to a community for people over 55. Your residential area might have less space to park cars and offer so many amenities that you don't need to travel far. Ideally, you'll have good neighbors and friends in your immediate community to keep you company, and you can find alternative travel methods for other needs outside the community. 

Options or the Best Transportation Method for Over 55 Communities 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get around that don't involve getting behind the wheel of a car. You can use public transportation discounts for seniors, volunteer driver programs, para-transit, door-to-door, and personal transportation services searchable through your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). If nothing else, there are taxis and Uber services you can use. 

Our Pick for the Best Transportation Mode for Over 55 Communities 

We believe the best transportation method for over 55 communities is either the bicycle, tricycle, or electric version. And it's not because we're biased.

We believe staying active is crucial to our overall health as we get older. It's great for everyone, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

The benefits of bicycling for older adults are fantastic and include: 

  • It allows you to maintain autonomy, especially when you add a motor for an e-bike or e-trike. 
  • It provides a low-impact cardio activity to strengthen your heart, joints, and muscles and to help prevent cancer. 
  • It helps protect your memory from conditions like Alzheimer's, dementia, and milder forms of cognition deterioration. 
  • It is a wonderful way to meet and spend quality time with new friends in the community.
  • It is a great way to shop for essentials when you add a basket to the front or a pannier to the back of your new bike. 

Let's look at our favorite SixThreeZero electric bikes you might consider when investing in your new e-bicycle to enjoy in your over 55 community.

We Can Help You Choose the Best E-BIke for You 

Are you ready to shop for your new e-bike or e-trike? We are here to help you make the best selection with our custom fitting tips, 30-day electric bike test ride, and anything else you need. 

Contact us to learn more about choosing your ideal e-bike to get the most out of your over 55 community and to keep living life to the fullest.


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