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Best Electric Trikes of 2024! Review of the Best E Tricycles that Fold, Carry Passengers & Cruise!

The best e-trikes of 2024, the electric trike review.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. And today I'm gonna show you the best electric trike of 2024, an electric trike review. All right, so three-wheel e-bikes or electric tricycles are becoming very popular, and there are different types of e-trikes out there for different rider types and different use cases. And today, I've got four of the best here. I'm going to show you each one of them and give you my review and explain what each one is good for.

So let's start in the middle here with the EvryJourney electric tricycle. All right. So the EvryJourney electric tricycle is a great cruising e-trike. Now, this has 26-inch wheels by 2.125 inches wide. and it has a 250-watt front hub motor with a 10.4 amp hour battery. So if you're a rider that likes to ride around communities or casual riding around town, and maybe you want to jump from a conventional non-electric tricycle to something with a little bit of power, but you don't need all that much assistance just to get you up some minor hills and to make pedaling a little bit easier, especially if you still like to use the pedal assist, this is a great option. The 250-watt Front Hub motor is not overpowering, but it's going to make riding a lot easier and it assists you.

The other thing I want to say with each of these reviews is if you check out our YouTube channel and type in the name of the bike, we have tons of additional videos where I do riding. You can see me on different terrains so you can get the full details of everything about all of these electric tricycles. So the 250-watt front hub motor, you have five levels of pedal assist, one being the least, five being the most, and that's controlled up here on your display with a plus-minus button. You also have a throttle. This is a thumb throttle. The harder you push it, the more it accelerates. So you can opt to either pedal or not pedal. The choice is yours if you want to give your legs a break while you're riding.

The other option is you can ride this electric trike without electricity. So if you just want to get a lot more exercise, turn it off. You can still ride this around the flat ground, with no problem under your power, especially because it has a seven-speed derailleur. So you have seven gears, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven being the hardest to pedal, one being the easiest. So when you are in a lower pedal assist or going up hills, you want to be in gear one. As you're in your higher pedal assist and going more on flat ground for top speed, you want to be in gear seven. So that's cool that you have those as well, because like I said, it's going to make pedaling and riding easier without the motor turned on.

Now, the range on this electric tricycle is going to be anywhere up to 50 miles, depending on how you use the pedal assist, and how you use the throttle. Also, the weight of the rider is going to impact the range you get and the terrain. More hilly terrain will drain the battery quicker. So just keep that in mind. Top speed. It's gonna be capped out at about 15 miles an hour, which is still going at a pretty good pace when you talk about on a tricycle. Now, like I said, great for cruising. Now on this one, you have a rear drum brake and a front caliper brake. With a 250-watt motor, this is more than enough stopping power. It makes it simple and easy and adjusting the brakes as you need to over time is very basic and easy with these types of brakes.

Again, it's a great tricycle for around the neighborhood riding flat ground with minor hills. Also, if you want to bring a dog or a companion or cargo, you have a great rear basket back here. And the other cool thing about this trike is all the matching accessories. So I just have a few on here right now. There's a whole bunch of different trike bags you can use. There's also one for the rear basket. There are also front ones. There are also handlebar bags. and they all can match and coordinate with the color of the tricycle. This trike comes in four different colors. So there's the teal, the navy, and the cream, and also a matte black. So a whole color palette to appease the rider style, different rider styles.

All right, what else can I tell you? You've got the white walls, and the colored rims, and the battery is easily removable to be charged. Also, it's considerably lightweight. We have another video where we weigh all the trikes behind us, but it's lighter weight than a lot of tricycles. The exact weight of it now slips my mind. I want to say it's about 62 pounds. It is an aluminum frame. So if you take the battery off and the seat off, you're also going to reduce the weight by eight pounds to make it more easy to transport. So lastly, step through the frame. with an ergonomic riding position, this is something sixthreezero is known for, is this ergonomic forward pedaling design where you have a little bit of forward pedal, feet can be closer to the ground, back is upright, and the handlebars come into your body, which means your shoulders are relaxed, your wrists are relaxed, and your back is relaxed as well.

So, it's a very comfortable, great cruiser. it's just a great around-the-town ride. If you want to keep it below 15 miles an hour and you're not interested in huge top speeds, I love the etrike i also love how much you can customize it. It's a lot of fun. All right, let's move on to our next electric trike. Go ahead and park this one right here. Okay, now we've got the easy transit foldable electric tricycle. Now this is a great e-trike if you want to transport it or if you're looking for something with an even lower step-through height. Now you can see that step-through height is approximately 13 inches. You can step through the frame, get on and off very easily, and mount the seat.

The seat in the highest position is about 20 inches, so getting on and off is very simple and easy. This can accommodate riders 4'11 to 6'4. Now what's cool on this e-trike as well is its folding. You have adjustable handlebars that can go up and down. And these ape-hanger-style handlebars come right into the rider's body. So you can see how comfortable this is, how my back is so upright. And a little bit different ride from the EvryJourney. Your hands can be right here. You have complete control. Now this is a 16-inch wheel. So the 16 inches keeps a lower center of gravity, making this a very balanced and stable e-trike. It's a lot of fun to ride. Also very nimble and easy to steer.

I recommend you check out the other videos we have on this foldable electric trike because we go into the details of how it can go in and out of cones and it's really easy to steer. Now this is a 750-watt front hub motor. So you've got more power, than Evryjourney. So this is going to get riders up to 300 pounds up big hills. And a lot of times, like with me at 220 pounds, I don't even need to pedal up the hills. I can just use the throttle. Same as the EvryJourney. You have five levels of pedal assist and you also have a throttle. You have a 10.4 amp hour battery as well on this one. So again, possibility of up to 50 miles depending on how you ride it.

16 mile-an-hour top speed. And this one is zippy because it's smaller. smaller wheels. It's just it's a lot of fun and very, very easy to ride. You also have the front and rear baskets that come standard with it. The rear basket has this opening and closing compartment back here. You could fit a small dog in the rear basket should you choose. Also, this one has disc brakes. So with the added power, we've upgraded the brakes to have disc brakes. They stop on a dime. Also features parking brakes that you can put in place so it doesn't roll away at any given time. The battery is easy to remove so you can charge it. This one has a double seat post like I said, so you can accommodate taller riders and shorter riders.

You can see when you loosen these, you can bring this seat post way up if you need to. All right. Now your controls are all up here, seven speeds as well. So you have those seven-speed options for, you know, easier pedaling up hills or harder pedaling for top speeds. Now one other cool thing is you have a reverse option. So you can put this in reverse, pedal backward, you get stuck in a corner or something, use that reverse option. So what's great about this is this could be an indoor-outdoor trike, something you take on elevators or into stores, places like that. Makes it easy to navigate. We have some other videos where we've taken this into a department store and you can see how easy it is to turn and make your way through the store.

You also have a front suspension fork up here to give you some suspension over bumps and things like that. It makes the shock absorption take a little bit away from your body and just makes it a softer ride. OK, now the cool thing I haven't even gotten to yet is how it folds up. You can see right here, you pull this down, you unlock and you lift this mechanism and now the frame folds in half. And from here you can fold this for easy storage and easily get it inside of a hatchback. or a pickup truck or anywhere you wanna transport it. And the handlebars come down right here. Oh, sorry. You have a little stand down there that you can lean on.

And from here, you just push these down like so, and you can fold that back up as well. Now, if you wanna see the complete folding, unfolding, and lifting, again, check out the videos. We've loaded this into a hatchback so you can see it completely. how we do it. And you just pick this up right here and fold that backup. And you just got to pull this up to slide that back in. And then that just quick-release goes right in there and you're back off and running. Now, this e-trike weighs in at 68 pounds. However, you've got front and rear fenders, two baskets on here, and the battery. So 68 with everything. If you remove the battery, you're down to 60. If you take the seat off, now you minus another two pounds, you're down to 58.

Take the two baskets off, now you're removing another four pounds, you're down to 54. And if you take these rear fenders off, you're down to 50-ish pounds. So if transporting is important to you, just keep in mind that you can strip this down and make it lighter. When a lot of E-Trike companies advertise their weight, they advertise it in a stripped-down fashion as well. So 50 pounds for this trike all in, well before the accessories, is pretty light. And a lot of the e-trikes out there don't come with the front and rear basket as a standard option. So, this is a great e-trike for getting around town, in and outdoors, if you want something zippy and fun. You know, smaller tires.

So, if you're gonna cruise flat ground, longer range paths, I like EvryJourney. If you like something zippy, under 10-mile rides, it's gonna have more power to get up hills. This is a cool option as well. Also great option to bring with you in an RV camping or on trips. All right, now, let's move on to this big, big one here on your right. This is the EVRYJourney rickshaw. Now, if you wanna see Tons of other videos on this. Go check it out on our channel. We've got lots of different rides that we've done on this thing. It is a super, super cool e-trike. Now, this is built for passengers. You can have up to two adults on the back or you can have three children on the back.

I have ridden on the back with my three kids, eight, six, and three. And you have a seatbelt back here. We've installed a harness, which was bought aftermarket, but that is an option as well. You've got storage under the seat. Now, this is a 750-watt front hub motor as well. Very powerful. This is a BaFang motor. Now, this battery is 21 amps per hour, so it's a very large battery, more than double the other trikes. You've got these bigger, fatter tires, which are going to be more of a drag on the battery. You're also probably going to have heavier weight. So passengers on the back are going to drain the battery as well. Same thing with the pedal assist levels and the throttle.

So if you don't want to pedal and cruise around, hit the throttle. You've got seven speeds as well. That option is their front headlight. Your storage is back here under the seat with a lever that clicks into place here. keeps it in place. And what else can I tell you? Step-through frame, easy to mount. We've got sizing videos where you can see riders five foot to six foot two ride this. We demonstrate riding with adults on the back, with kids on the back to show you the full capability. Now, the other thing is you can remove this seat and replace it with a basket. So this doesn't have to be for passengers. It's just a great, powerful trike that can go off-roading. And you can carry people with you. But if you don't want to ride with passengers, even leaving the seat on, it rides easily and steers normally. Again, check out the videos on our website and you'll see, or on our YouTube channel, I should say, you're going to see how easy it is to steer lots of different demo rides that we do. Front suspension fork as well. Another design feature is these rear wheels are 20 inches. by four inches in the front wheels, 24 inches. So it's set down lower in the back to make for a safer, more balanced ride. So when you have passengers on there, there's no risk of tipping. So if you want something more powerful, you want to carry passengers.

You like something with rugged tires that can go off-road. The rickshaw is a great, great option for that. And this is a very high-quality trike in terms of the specs as well with the Bafang motor and the Samsung cells in the battery, the 21 amp hour. Battery. And again, check out the other videos we have where you can see all the riding options and way more demonstrations. There are probably 30-plus videos on the rickshaw alone and 20-plus of all these other ones.

Now, the newest trike to hit the market in 2024 is this tadpole reverse electric trike from sixthreezero. This has two front wheels. and it has this tilting steering. You can see when you tilt this way, one wheel goes down, and one goes up to keep all wheels on the ground at all times.

This is a great trike if you maybe are still capable of balancing to some extent but need a little help. You've got the two front wheels. Now, this one rides much differently than conventional trikes with the two wheels in the back. The rider does need to steer the handlebars and keep the wheel straight. but you can see it does balance on its own like this. However, the kickstand just makes it easier because of the tilting up here when you ride. So you can't sit on this trike and have it be balanced when you're not moving. But when you get moving, it balances nicely it leans it turns it's phenomenal now this has a 750-watt rear hub motor. This is the same easy transit type trike as this one.

We just flipped the motor to the rear, but the same style, sort of similar frame, same components, five levels of pedal assist, and the throttle. You have the reverse option. You have your display in the middle here. You also have seven gears. Very easy on and off as well. And this also folds as well. So easy to transport, take with you. This thing is a lot of fun to steer. It's easy to turn. You can turn on a dime. drive is so much different than a conventional trike. So like I said, if you're thinking you just need a little extra support and balance when you ride, but you're not ready to go to a conventional trike, this is a cool option. You've also got the adjustable handlebars up and down to accommodate different rider heights, about 4'11 to 6'4.

You have the dual seat post on this as well to move up and down here like so. So you can find the perfect height for you. and again, a very ergonomic riding position. It's very, very comfortable and fun to ride. And they have the mini ape hangers as well that come into your body. Now, this is also folding. Like I said, the pedals fold down on this one like so. You can also fold the frame like the other one. You just pull this and again, it just folds like that. And in addition, you have the handlebars that fold up top as well. right here, same as the easy transit like so. So it makes this one easy to transport. Also, if you want to take it in a hatchback SUV, you name it.

So that is the easy transit reverse trike with the two front wheels. You can see how it leans and turns again. Check out other videos we have. We go into detail on all the specs of this and the turning and driving mechanism on this. So that's my review of all these electric trikes for 2024. I think each one is good for a different type of rider. You've got the rickshaw for passengers, the evryjourney trike for the cruiser. You've got easy transit for also cruising, but in and outdoors, zip your hills, you name it. And then finally the reverse trike for the in-between trike rider who maybe wants some assistance but isn't ready to go to the full conventional trike.

Any questions at all, please reach out to us at or call us at 310-982-2877. And in addition to that, we have a 30-day test ride your e-trike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for the first year on any of these trikes. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we're going to take care of it so you can keep riding. And lastly, check out our sixthreezero Facebook group. There are thousands of members in there. You can join the group, ask existing members questions, see how they like their e-trike, and see what the pros and cons are. So in advance of purchasing, you can get their opinion. Then when you have yours, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey or experience. Enjoy the ride.


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