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BEST Electric Trike of 2022 | NEW E-TRIKE

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today, I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle for 2022. Stick around.

All right. So today, I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle for 2022, but before I do, hit that Subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero, and be the first to know about all the contests we're doing, giveaways for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. You want to be a part of it. Hit Subscribe, we'd love to have you.

All right. So today, I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle for 2022, and drum roll, it is the EVRYjourney 250 watt electric tricycle from sixthreezero. So many great selling points about this tricycle. Number one is the value, number two is the ergonomic riding position, and number three is, of course, the assistance. Another thing is the style, take a look here. I think you're going to be hard-pressed to find another tricycle or electric tricycle that looks as good as this one. We've spent years choosing these palettes to come up with something different that pops, looks different, crisp, clean, and cool, and we think we've done it. So, let me walk you around this tricycle, this electric tricycle, and I will go ahead and pull out the teal. So, we have four colorways in this electric tricycle, the cream with the burnt orange wheels, the teal with the burgundy rims, the navy with the baby blue rims, and of course, the matte black all over, which is super sleek.

So, walking you around the electric trike. The other thing we've done to highlight, which is an added bonus of the sixthreezero electric tricycles, you can get a matching helmet in any one of these colors. In addition, you can get matching bags or offset color bags that match the accents. So, you can get bags to match the rim or the frame in all of these colors. We have some of the examples here, like the cream handlebar roll bag, the frame mount cell phone bag, or the front bag here. So, if you really want to accessorize your trike, sixthreezero has set it up where you can do it. Definitely one of the reasons it makes this the best electric trike for 2022.

So, let me start with some of the non-electrical aspects of this trike. First and foremost, if you're not familiar with it already, our EVRYjourney bicycle is our best-selling bicycle, for a couple of reasons, and this is the same frame, but in tricycle format. Number one, easy step-through frame. You step through, and you can easily mount the bicycle. This makes mounting and dismounting simple, safe, and easy. Secondly is the forward pedaling design. What this means is typical, the pedals on a bike or a trike sit directly below the seat. On the tricycle, they're shifted just slightly forward. What this does is it allows the rider to get their feet closer to the ground while riding, and have ample leg extension when pedaling. This just makes the overall experience that much safer, because you can easily get off the bike, and step off so much simpler than a standard tricycle frame.

In addition to that is the ergonomic position. With these sweeping handlebars that come into the rider's body, it keeps your shoulders up, your arms relaxed, your elbows relaxed, no tension anywhere, no tension on your lower back. So, you're going to be able to ride, for hours, if you choose, without pain, which is the key. Comfort equals no pain, that's what we all want. So, the enjoyment factor will be so much higher with this riding setup. Now, what truly allows you to dial in the comfort of your body is the four sixthreezero custom adjustment points. Every bicycle and tricycle that we make has four custom adjustment points. There's one here on the seat you can tilt, and that's adjusted with a 13 or 14-millimeter wrench. You can tilt it forward, tilt it back, find the comfort level perfect for you, you can raise and lower the seat. And then on the handlebar, you have two Allen key adjustments to adjust the tilt, and also to adjust the height.

Now, what this allows for is when you get your bike at home, these are simple adjustments and depending on where you want your arms or you want your shoulders, you can tilt, raise, and lower on what feels comfortable to you, and you can raise the seat, lower the seat, or tilt it forward, tilt it back. Everybody is different, and these four custom adjustment points really allow you at home to find the perfect position for you. So, you don't have to worry about test riding in advance, or "Will it work for me?" Because with these custom adjustment points, you know at home, you can dial it into your body.

Now, in addition to that, on the regular bicycle side here, we also have a seven-speed derailleur on this tricycle, so you have seven gears, allows you versatility if you have small hills or hills to go up or on flat ground, and you're trying to hit higher speeds. The seven speeds are going to allow you easier pedaling to go up hills, and harder pedaling as you want to gain speed. We have the front and rear hand brakes. The front brake is a caliper brake pad, and the motor is a 250-watt motor. So with the brake pads in the front, that's ample, the rear brake is a drum brake, and the stopping power is significant, so you have a front and a rear here that are going to be able to stop this bike no problem.

Now, moving on to the electrical components of this bike, this is what makes this thing so much fun and so easy, and really just a blast to ride around. You've got the 250-watt front hub motor. Now, this motor's going to be able to take you about 18 to 20 miles an hour in pedal assist, and about 15 to 17 miles an hour, if you just use the throttle. I haven't mentioned it yet, but this trike actually has three modes you can use it in. One is you can use it as a regular trike. You can actually take the battery off, reduce the weight, and you can ride this with no motor, totally up to you, or you can use the pedal assist, pedal and let the motor assist you, or you can use the throttle and let the throttle do all the work, and you do nothing.

So, if you're in the market for a trike, opting for the electric trike is a great idea, because you get the best of both worlds. If you buy a regular trike, you're not going to have the electric, and I see a lot of people online looking to upgrade. I would say go for it in the beginning, and you can always use it as a regular trike later.

So, you got the 250-watt power, then back here, you've got your battery. This battery's going to take you in pedal-assist mode anywhere from 15 to 35 miles of range while pedaling, and if you're just using the throttle, not pedaling at all, about 10 to 20 miles. So, this really can become an actual form of transportation, and you've got the basket back here to bring groceries, bring chairs, beach things, anything that you want to bring with you, bring it back here. We actually have another video about this trike where I'm sitting back here, and someone's driving me, and it's still moving no problem. We also have another video of over 60 riders actually riding this up some major hills, so check out our YouTube channel, you can see all those as well.

So, range 10 to 20 miles if you're just using the throttle, 15 to 35 with pedal assist, but one caveat with the range, there are a lot of factors that play into range on e-bikes or e-trikes. The big factor is the weight of the rider. Secondly is the terrain, what kind of hills are you going up and down? Thirdly is going to be the load. Now, I talked about the rider's weight, but the load in the basket, if you have a heavy load or a heavier rider, the battery's going to go down quicker. That's just inevitable, there's nothing you can do about it. So, the range is really going to vary based on those three factors, and then also, how are you riding the bike? How fast are you going? How much pedal assist are you going? How much throttle? What level of pedal-assist are you using? So, all important factors to pay attention to.

So, as I was saying for the battery, easily removable, you pop the seat out, and there's a key right here, you just turn that, and the battery slides right out. Huge benefit. Bring this upstairs with you, charge it while you're in the office, charge it at home in your bedroom, or you can leave it on the bike and charge it that way as well, but if you want to take it with you, or if you want to ride this without it, no problem. You now just reduced the bike by eight pounds, and you can even ride this so much easier without the battery if you want to ride it as a normal bike, and you just click it back in.

Your charging port is right here on the side. You simply plug it into any at-home outlet, charge it. You have a power switch, and you also have a USB here, if you should go somewhere like the beach or somewhere else, you need to charge your phone. I guess we've all been caught somewhere where our phone's dying, and we're worried about making it home with battery life, so you could charge it. Just be mindful, you are going to drain the battery.

Now, let me come a little bit closer, and so, up here, you have your display. Now, this is going to show you everything that's going on with the electronics. This shows you the different levels of pedal assist, one through five, and you have your throttle right here as well. This is where you power everything on, and you also have your battery life on here also.

So, I'm going to go ahead and put on a helmet, and just show you a quick demo of how to ride.

Okay, I'm all suited up with my matching helmet, and I want to first show you, so on the pedal assist, you can actually put it in zero and the bike will do nothing, and I want to just show you how easy it is to ride this, just a normal bike, no electricity. So, I've got no assistance right now. Now, I'm also in gear seven, which is a little high to start out in, but you can see you really can't even tell the difference between this and a non-electric. So, the benefit really in getting the electric is you have the best of both worlds, as you see fit. So, no electricity still, and you can see it's fairly the effortless. So, it's great to have that option.

Now, as I come through here, I'm going to click it into level two, and you can see I'm picking up speed, and now with that assistance, really reduces my workload. Like I said before, check out our other YouTube videos, you can see us and others riding this up hills. You can search our channel for a tricycle or electric tricycle.

Okay. Now, lastly, I'm going to show you the throttle. So now, I'm just going to simply pull the throttle, and I'm off, and I'm doing nothing. So, this is really versatile, depending on how you want to ride it, what your needs are, and truly, like going to the store, I really believe that having a trike in addition to a normal bike is a great option, because there are just so many different use cases for a trike, versus a regular bike.

Okay. So, let me show you real quick. Now, I don't have a lot of runways here. Actually, let me go down there, and I'm going to come back, and I'm going to show you in pedal-assist what top speed I can hit. So actually, I'll do throttle down, so if you stick with me, I'm in full throttle right now, and I'm up to 10, 12, and 15. All right, and now I'm going to turn around. Okay, and we're going to come back, and we're going to try to go as fast as possible. Okay. So I'm up to 13, 14, 15, and I'm up to 17 miles an hour, and the other thing about the top speeds of is that's going to be based on rider weight as well. Someone lighter is obviously going to be able to hit a higher top speed. So you can see I achieved 15 with the pedal assist. I'm 220 pounds, and 15 with full throttle, no pedal assist, and 17 with the pedal assist, and I'm a little winded because I gave it all I had right there.

All right, so that is the sixthreezero EVRYjourney electric trike 250 watt. If you have any questions at all, comment below, or shoot us an email, at, or call us, at (310) 982-2877, and if you haven't made your way over to our website,, you should definitely do it and take our Body Fit quiz. Our proprietary fitting algorithm will ask you some questions about your body and your life and fits you to the perfect bike for you. In addition to that, we have a 30-day test drive or e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike within 30 days, for any reason at all, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. We also have a 365-day warranty, so after that 30 days, if you have any issues, we'll take care of them, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

Lastly, be a part of our community. We have the sixthreezero app and our Facebook Pedalers group. The app is a ton of fun to download and track your rides, and compete on the leaderboard, and also our challenge that we do giveaways for of bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. You can also download the app before you have a bike, and see others riding our bikes, how many miles they're logging. I already see people on there actually logging rides on this particular electric trike, so if you're curious, how long are they riding for, what are their top speeds? All those stats will be in there. In addition, in our Pedalers group, you can ask questions, connect with others, ask them about a bike before purchasing, and look at photos that are being posted, and of course, once you own yours, post photos, make friends. It's tons of fun.

All right. So thank you for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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