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Best Electric Tricycle for Women - The Ultimate Trike for Ladies

Hi, it's Alana here from Sixthreezero, today I'm going to tell you about the best electric trike for women.

All right, let's talk about the best electric trike for women. Here I am with four of our EVRYjourney electric trikes, let me grab the teal, I'll bring it out so we can take a closer look at what makes this trike so great. So this is our electric trike, it has a 250-watt motor, and it has three riding styles, we'll get to that later. First, let's talk about the frame. So this bike has a low step-through frame. Unlike a lot of bikes and trikes which have a higher top tube, this one's low, making it easy to get on and off. And, in addition to that, it's a trike, so it stays balanced on its own, you don't have to worry about it tipping over, so once you are over the bike you can simply step on the pedal and use that as a boost to get up on the seat. Same thing getting back down, you can use the pedal, just make sure that you have the brakes gripped.

Now, in addition to the low step-through frame, we have forward pedaling. So typically pedals are directly below the seat, but here they're moved a few inches forward, and that allows you to get full leg extension while you're peddling, so it eases tension on your hips and your knees, and it allows you to keep your seat lower while still getting that full leg extension, so being able to keep your seat lower means that it's going to be easier to get on and off as well.

Now let's talk about the motor and the different riding modes. So this has a 250-watt motor, you can reach about a max speed of 15 miles per hour, depending on different things like the terrain, if it's hilly, and your weight, or if you're carrying anything in the basket, and with the three riding styles the first is standard. So you can keep the motor off and it functions just like a regular trike, you do all the work, you do all the pedaling, it has seven gears so you can shift gears as needed, but if you don't want to do all the work it also has pedal assist.

So what pedal assist is, is as you're pedaling the motor kicks in and gives you a boost, and there are five levels, one being the least amount of boost, five being the most amount of boost. So if you want to still pedal, but you don't want to do all the work, or say you're going uphill, it's the end of a long ride and you're tired, turn on pedal assist, ramp it up, and have the bike help you out for the rest of your ride. Now, in addition to pedal assist, of course, we have the throttle, and with the throttle, you don't have to do any work at all, just hit the throttle, and the motor does all the work, you don't even have to keep your feet on the pedals if you don't want to. And of course, you can combine all three riding styles if you want, you can use pedal assist and use a throttle as needed. So that covers the three riding styles, let's talk about the basket. It has this nice big basket in the rear, it's great for running errands, and picking up groceries, I've even sat in the back of one of the trikes while Dustin's lugged me around, so we know that it can carry at least 120 pounds, probably more, but let's just stay at 120 to be safe. But this is a great feature because that makes this trike great for going to the beach, going to the park, picnics, and of course running errands.

All right, let's go. So starting with the throttle, hit about eight miles per hour, I'm going to slow down now and turn around. But the great thing about this is that it's a 250-watt motor, but it's definitely enough because you don't want to go too fast, typically, on a trike, even 15 miles per hour I think I wouldn't want to go that speed, but it's enough to get you going, get you up hills, and of course for carrying any gear that you might have in your basket. That was me biking with a throttle and a little bit of pedal assist, I'm going to turn it off now.

So that covers the EVRYjourney 250-watt electric trike, the best electric trike for women, check it out on our website,, and if you want to get some insider info on what it's like to have one of these trikes, definitely join our Facebook Pedalers group, it's a group of Sixthreezero owners and people looking to buy Sixthreezero bikes, you can ask questions, get product recommendations, get accessory recommendations, we also have giveaways sometimes, so definitely check it out, and don't forget to download the Sixthreezero pedaling app. You can use it to track all of your rides, enter challenges and win prizes. It's a really cool app, we have a feed where you can post photos from your rides, so check that out as well, it's available in the Android Google Play store and the app store.

Thank you so much for watching, if you have any questions about our electric trikes, electric bikes, or anything that we carry, let us know in the comments below. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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