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Best Electric Tricycle for Adults 2023 | Electric Trike for Sale Now

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin, and today, I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle of 2023. Stick around.

Okay, so today, I'm going to show you the best electric tricycle of 2023. It is right here behind me, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney electric tricycle, 250-watt motor. There are a lot of great elements about this electric tricycle. Let me walk you through everything.

So first and foremost, you can see we have four colors available for this electric trike. You have matte black, cream, navy, and teal. This is a more diverse color palette than you'll see of any e-trike that's on the market. You're going to see a lot of whites, obviously blacks, but some dull reds and sometimes blues. So we've expanded the color palette here at Sixthreezero and offered a more diverse, vibrant color range. I think they look beautiful. I hope you do as well. Now, let me walk you through this electric trike and why this is the best electric trike of 2023.

Now, I want to start off by saying, in terms of the best bang for the buck, this is also one of the best values you're going to get out of an electric trike with the price point that this is priced at. You have a 250-watt front hub motor. Now, you can get larger motors, sure, but you're going to pay more money, they're going to be more expensive. I also don't believe that a larger motor is always necessary. I see a lot of riders that get on here and they're actually surprised by the amount of power output that you get from this 250-watt front hub motor. And when I'm done walking you through all the features of the best electric trike of 2023, I'm going to go for a ride and I'm going to show you how this trike will carry me at 215 pounds. Also, we have a lot of other videos showcasing this trike and how it performs. We also take it off-road. So you can check out the Sixthreezero YouTube channel if you want to see this trike in action in more places.

So you have the 250-watt front hub motor, very simple, clean, hidden in the front wheel, it's very hard to notice. Back here, you have a 36-volt, 10.4-amp-hour battery. Now, this is going to be enough juice to get you around town. In terms of top speeds, you're going to be looking at around 12 to 18 miles an hour. That's going to depend on if you're doing pedal assist or full throttle. Full throttle, you're going to be somewhere in the 15 to 18, and pedal assist, you'll be somewhere in the same, 15 to 20 miles an hour, depending on your leg strength, the terrain that you're riding on, things like that.

In terms of the range of the battery, you're looking at anywhere from 10 to 50 miles. Now, I know what you're saying, it's a very broad range. Well, the battery juice also depends a lot on the weight of the rider, the terrain you're riding in, the topography of the terrain you're riding in, also if you're using pedal-assist or throttle and what combination of the two of those that you're actually using. If you're doing throttle the whole way, your range is going to be more typically in the 10 to 25 miles. If you're doing pedal assist, you should get anywhere from 15 up to 50 miles, again, depending on the weight of the rider, and things like that. And you can also ride this trike as a normal tricycle. That's one huge benefit of this trike, which are you have seven speeds here. So if you want to turn the motor off completely and ride it normally, you have that option.

So one of the great features is you have three options on this e-trike. You have to ride it with pedal assist, use the full throttle, or ride it as an electric trike or ride it as a regular trike with no power. The choice is totally yours.

In addition, you've got a large basket in the rear. Obviously, you can carry whatever you'd like here. We've actually put weights up to 200 pounds in here, or actually over 200 pounds, and the basket has held up. So you can fit a lot in there and the frame can hold a very good amount of weight.

Now, the one thing also aesthetically that makes this trike look different is the fenders with the colored wheels. We tried to add some accents and really make it look nice. You have your display up here, and this is where you control your pedal assist levels and your throttle levels.

The other huge benefit of this electric trike is really the comfort element. And with the comfort element, you've got an ergonomic riding position and a step-through frame that makes it easy to get on and off. So you just step through, then you can mount very easily, and now you're on. And you see, now that I'm in my riding position, my back is in a totally upright ergonomic riding position. The handlebars actually come into your body so that your arms can be in a relaxed position. It's going to allow you to ride very far and not experience pain.

The other benefit is we have four custom adjustment points on this electric trike. You have two on the seat here. You can raise and lower the seat, you can tilt the seat, you can raise and lower the handlebars, and you can tilt the handlebars. So four custom adjustment points allow you to adjust this e-trike to fit your body perfectly. And we've also done a sizing video for this trike, and riders 4'11 to 6' can fit and ride on this trike perfectly. So those four custom adjustment points really make it easy to adjust for lots of people.

Now, in addition, you've got your battery here. You have a key here. You can unlock and remove the battery very easily, you can take it inside with you, charge it in your house, you could also lock your bike up outside and take the battery in with you so nobody will steal the battery, or if you ride to a location, you can charge the battery when you go inside so when you come out, you have a fully charged battery, and it easily just clicks right back in there.

In addition to that, you've got front and rear handbrakes, you have front caliper brakes, and rear roller brakes. Both work great and will provide you ample stopping power for the speeds that you'll be going on this electric trike.

Now, I am going to mount up and just show you a quick demo of how this electric trike performs.

Okay, now I'm all mounted on the trike. We turned our power on right here with the power button. And I'm going to leave it at level zero because I just want to show you how easy it is to just ride this. Now, I have no assistance, no electric at all, and you can see how simple it is for me to pedal this like a normal tricycle. And if you take the battery off, it's even easier to pedal. So it really is very easy to ride if you choose to use it without the electric assist. Now, I can show you... And again, I'm 215 pounds. Now, I'm going to go ahead and put it into level three, and you can see, I pedal now, it really gets me going, and I can use the brakes to easily stop. Now, the last benefit is the throttle. And I can just push this, and now I'm not pedaling at all. And I can use my brakes. And again, your top speed's going to be anywhere from 18 to 20 miles an hour, and you can see it handles nicely.

And if you want to see additional riding demos on this e-trike, you can check out the other videos on our YouTube channel, Sixthreezero. And if you're interested in this model, please go to our website,, and navigate to electric bikes. You're going to see this. You're going to see tricycles under there and you will see the EVRYjourney electric 250-watt. And again, on our YouTube channel, we have a lot more videos explaining this model and showing more demos. We have a lot of videos with different rider heights and weights, heavier riders, so anything you'll want to know, you can find out. And if you have any other questions at all, please feel free to email us, at, call us, at (310) 982-2877, or comment below, we're happy to answer.

In addition to that, if you don't know what bike or e-bike you're looking for, go to our website, and take our proprietary body fit quiz. You're going to enter a few questions, answer a few questions about your life and your body, and we'll recommend the perfect bike, e-bike, or e-trike for you. In addition to that, join our Facebook Pedalers group and download our app, two places you can be a part of our community prior to purchasing because it's a great place to see how others are riding their e-bikes. Also, you can ask questions, make friends, and track your rides on the app after you have your bike. It is a lot of fun to be a part of it. So thank you for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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