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Best Electric Bikes For the City | City Riding E-Bikes

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today I'm going to show you the best electric bike for the city. Stick around.

All right. So today I'm going to show you the best electric bike for the city. But before I do, hit that subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero and be the first to know about all the content we're putting out new products. And of course, the weekly, monthly contests we're doing for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. Hit subscribe so you can know all about it. All right. So behind me, I have what I believe to be the best electric bike for the city. And I'm going to show you why come with me. So this is the Ride in the Park electric bike from Sixthreezero. Now you can see, we have two frame types. One is more of a step-through. One is a step-through, and this is a higher-top tube. We call this women's and men's, however, everything's unisex. So you choose what you like.

But let me show you around this bike and why I believe this to be the best bike for the city. First reason, the easily, let me show you on this bike, the easily removable battery. So, key right here, you can see number one, you can lock the battery. So if you want to ride this around, do some errands, you're going to and from somewhere, going to pick up your lunch and you want to leave it outside. No worries, the battery's locked on. Now, if you're going to park it long-term, go up to your office, you need to bring the battery with you and have it charged.

No problem, put it in, boom, super easy. It was about eight pounds. You can bring this up with you in your house, into your apartment, especially if maybe you have subterranean parking or you're in an apartment complex, you need to leave the bike downstairs. Bring the battery up with you, charge it, so you're ready to be fully charged on your next ride. And it's really as simple as sliding it in. No questions asked key comes out, boom, you're on your way. Just a little joke there. Go ahead and pick that up, but take these with you.

So, in addition to that, what makes this bike great for the city is how nimble it is and easy to steer. So, with the narrower handlebars and the thin tires, the benefit you get is an upright comfort ride with zippiness. So, the benefit is if you have nice clothes on or you're dressed to go to work and you don't want them to get dirty, you easily can get on and off. Or for women, if you're wearing a skirt, the beauty of a step-through is you don't have to lift your leg very hard, high, and you're on. And you just slide right back and you're on the seat.

You see this style of the bike all over Europe and Amsterdam, and everybody's commuting to work on this same style of bike. Now as I said, the handlebars come in enough, where they come into your body so that you can have an upright ride and be comfortable. But with the narrowness, they're really easy to maneuver and turn. So if you are on busy streets, you need to turn and you're also going fast, having the narrow handlebars makes it easy to turn on a dime and avoid people or objects or whatever may come out at you.

In addition to that, you have a super comfortable seat that's really cushy and presses down. And very, very, very soft on your rear. Now into the electrical elements. This battery is going to last you about 15 to 30 miles on full throttle. Why is that great for the city? If you're doing short commuting three, four, five miles around the city, you can just use the throttle and zip around and one battery charge a day would be sufficient. Or like I said, a couple of miles, just the throttle, go upstairs, charge your battery, be ready to go home at work. So the throttle's really nice because you can use this basically like a full-powered scooter or motorcycle if you so choose. But the other benefit is you can ride it like a bike. So great for the city because maybe one way you just want to use the throttle, but coming home you want to go for a leisurely bike ride. What do you do? You just turn it off.

So let me show you. So, like I said, you have the benefit of this bike working in three ways, one like a normal bike, two-pedal assist, three full throttles. So what it means is here's your pedal assist level one, two, three, four, five. That means when you're pedaling, you can decide how much assistance the motor will give you.

So it's going to get you to where you need to go fast. It can also be for leisure if you just want to enjoy the bike ride home. Now, like I said on the battery, you're going to get 10 or about 10 to 25 miles using the throttle. Pedal-assist, you're going to get 30 to 50 miles. So that's going to be more than what you would need for city riding. And if you have the option to charge in between rides, that's great. Just so you can have a full battery on the next time that you go out.

So you have the option when you're zipping around the city, if you want to go as fast as possible, kick this baby into pedal assist level five, you can hit speeds up to 28 miles an hour. If you just want to use the throttle, you can get up to 20 miles an hour. So this bike is so versatile within the city because it really can be a bike or also basically a scooter or a power-assisted bike, you choose.

In addition, you've got disc brakes, which can stop on a dime. That's really important in a city environment where you may have street traffic, car traffic, a lot of pedestrians, you need to be able to stop at stoplights, stop at crosswalks, things like that. So these electric bikes provide really, really great braking power. You can see I engage the front brake and I can lift the bike up because the brakes clamp down nicely on the disc in the front there. Disc brakes are essential for e-bikes. Now with the 500 watts of power, I told you, you can get up to 20 miles an hour with the throttle only, and also 28 miles an hour with the pedal assist. So between these two bikes, this one is a more comfort performance space, because you have an upright ride. But if you're really looking to be zippy and have more of a road bike, or even motorcycle feel, to be honest. This Ride in the Park puts you a little bit more in a lean-forward position, a little bit more aerodynamic.

Now everything is the same in terms of the battery and the watts, but you can get more in this aggressive riding position, get a little bit more aerodynamics and gain some additional speed that way. So it's really your choice. This one has tight steering and it does feel almost a little bit like a motorcycle in a sense. A little less comfortable feature. It comes with more of an aerodynamic saddle, whereas this one has more of a comfort-based saddle. The choice is really yours. The other benefit really is the kickstand too, in the city. If you're parking it, bringing it in the office, we've got a nice wide kickstand, so it easily goes down and has a nice base. Seems like a minimal thing, but it really is important if you're rolling it into your office or a workplace and you want it to park. That's also a rubber attachment on the end so you won't scratch floors or scratch an office, something like that.

Lastly, I'll say, is that these bikes are easily adjustable to fit your body. We've got three adjustment points, one on the handlebar stem, one on the handlebars and the seat height, and actually the seat adjustment. So there are four adjustment points. They can all be customized and adjusted to fit your body. That's a huge benefit from a comfort and a performance standpoint. So, this is our Ride in the Park city electric bike that I think is the best e-bike for the city. If you have any other questions or comments, please put them below or reach out to us by email or call us at 310-982-2877. And don't forget, check out to see these bikes and our full assortment.

You can also take our body fit questionnaire, which is going to help fit you to the perfect e-bike for your body. Takes less than two minutes. You just answer some questions about your body and your life and our algorithm will fit you to the perfect bike for you. In addition, we have a 90-day test ride your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike within 90 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

And lastly, if you're in the market, join our Facebook community, our Facebook Pedalers group, and download our app. Even before you purchase, it's a great place to see how others are riding their e-bikes. Ask them questions, see how many miles people are logging on these bikes. Because on the app, you select your actual bike and you can see who's riding what bikes on what type of rides. And in the Pedalers group, you can see photos of people, talk to people, make new friends. So it's a great place to join, pre-purchase and also post-purchase. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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