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Best Ebike for over 55 Communities

Shopping for a bike at any age can be overwhelming and challenging. Seeing all the options could make your head spin. If you are shopping for a new bike once you reach age 55 or older—especially an e-bike, which gives bike shopping a new twist—the plot thickens even more. But it thickens in a great way, since it provides more options to people searching for the right bike to support their needs while getting older.

According to America's Health Rankings, more than 56 million Americans are aged 65 and older in 2022, and Generation X is quickly catching up, with many of the generation's 65.2 million members in their 50s. Baby Boomers and GenXers strive to enjoy good health in their senior years, fighting against chronic disease and loneliness.


Starting a bicycling regimen is a wonderful way to stave off disease, illness, boredom, and loneliness at any age, so it's certainly good for anyone approaching age 55.

Fortunately, bike manufacturers understand the importance of serving over 55 communities with the increasing prevalence of high-quality e-bikes, or electric bicycles. These bikes that toggle the line between human-powered and battery-powered have become popular with every generation for various reasons, but you might understand why the e-bike is a winner for seniors and near-seniors.

If you plan to buy an e-bike to stay fit and active as you get older, keep reading to find out our top picks for you to consider.

2. Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus ST

The RadCity 5 Plus ST is a reliable and capable commuter e-bike that features easy handling, perfect for seniors in an urban setting. This e-bike features a relatively low step-thru frame at 21 inches, making it workable for men and women.

The 750-watt motor offers more power to help you conquer hills, rather than making it up and over without exhaustion.

The RadCity has something for everyone: power, support, utility, and comfort.

Here are some specs to give you a better idea of what the RadCity 5 Plus ST offers:

  • Allows for 50 miles of distance per charge
  • Features a semi-integrated battery that blends in with the e-bike's frame
  • Carries up to 60 pounds of cargo

3. Blix Sol Eclipse 

The Blix Sol Eclipse offers an excellent blend of power, style, and utility for busy and active 55+ riders. The low step-thru frame on this cruiser is perfect for anyone suffering from flexibility issues, and the 750-watt motor makes the biggest grades easy for you. And the comfort factor is on point too, thanks to the lightweight frame and upright positioning, which is distinct and noticeable on this sharp-looking cruiser.

Let's look at some additional specs and features the Blix Sol Eclipse offers buyers: 

  • Weighs 56 pounds, making it relatively lightweight
  • Rolls along on its own, even without motor assist 
  • Rides 26-27 miles on a single charge

SixThreeZero Can Help You Find Your New E-Bike

We believe the best place to buy your e-bike is from a seller with a robust warranty policy and excellent customer service from a passionate sales team who love their work and want you to love your e-bike. SixThreeZero offers those benefits and more.

Our team wants to help you find the best e-bike to keep you active, safe, and happy on the road or bike path.

Contact us to learn more about our e-bikes and how we can help make the experience as easy as possible so you can ride your bike with comfort, pleasure, and peace of mind.


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