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Best 3-Wheel Electric Bike for Adults over 60

Three-wheel bikes are all the rage right now, especially for those over the age of 60. They are a way to exercise without worrying about balance and stability. Now, tack on a battery and motor for even more fun and function, and seniors have something they can use to stay in shape and get out of the house.

Electric trikes are becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation for adults and seniors due to their speed, ease of usage, and amazing convenience. People prefer them to traditional bicycles and tricycles because of the numerous benefits they provide, such as their ecologically friendly approach to transportation, cost-effectiveness, and electric functioning. Consider some of the best of the best electric 3-wheel bikes for those over the age of 60.

CozyTrike Electric Tricycle


  • 1,000W motor
  • Recumbent seating style
  • Large cargo basket
  • 20 miles per charge
  • 400 lb. weight capacity


  • 1,000W motor is more extensive than most people will need

The CozyTrike Electric Tricycle has a different design than some trikes you see on the market. The recumbent seating allows the rider to sit closer to the ground and pedal in a way that better supports the back. Recumbent designs like this one typically feature a seat with a back on it, too, as opposed to the traditional bike saddle.

This bike also has a unique reverse feature that you don’t see on most electric bikes. So if the rider misses a turn, they can push a button on the handlebar, and that allows the suspension to turn the trike around smoothly and effortlessly.

The CozyTrike e-bike also has a front and rear basket, so there is extra storage space for things like groceries or shopping bags.

Buzz Cerana T Electric Bike


  • 350W motor
  • Two to six hours per charge
  • Lockable battery
  • Step-through frame
  • 24-inch wheels
  • Four levels of pedal-assist
  • Oversized tires
  • 36-volt lithium-ion battery


  • Heavy trike
  • Limited color choices
  • No full-throttle mode

Buzz’s Cerana three-wheel electric bike features a low-slung step-through frame with a low center of gravity. Although the bike is heavy, the design helps make it feel lighter as you ride.

This electric trike also features four levels of pedal assist. It does not offer the full-throttle mode that you see on many e-trikes. That means the rider must pedal when riding. The index shifting moves from one gear to the next smoothly, which is critical if there is no full-throttle option.

The Cerana has both front and back baskets, so there is plenty of cargo space. Buzz only offers this bike in two colors, though: matte blue and gloss white.

Some added features include a foldable rear rack, a working headlight, and a USB port for the LCD display. That means you can charge your phone as you ride.

Addmotor M-340 Electric Fat Trike


  • 750W motor
  • Step-through frame
  • Seat with backrest
  • Front and back baskets
  • Fat tires
  • Up to 7 hours on a single charge
  • The back basket can hold up to 100lbs


  • High-priced compared to other trike options

The Addmotor M-340 electric trike features fat tires, which means this is a practical choice for the rider that wants more versatility in terrain. Fat tires are able to handle more rugged surfaces, including gravel and dirt trails. In addition, the tires are puncture resistant, which is also better for harsh terrains.

The spring suspension fork means the ride is more comfortable on rough roads, too. It comes with a wide saddle to keep the back straight and to better protect the rider on bumpy roads. This trike also boasts up to 55 miles on a single charge. That supports longer rides for more adventurous riders.

The trike comes with a large rack in the back between the two tires. This rack is strong enough to hold camping gear. It also comes with a waterproof zip bag to protect what is in the basket.

Viribus Electric Tricycle


  • 250W motor
  • Budget pricing
  • Extra large rear basket
  • It gets up to 5 hours on one charge


  • 220-pound weight capacity
  • 16 mph

For riders over 60 looking for a low-cost option for an electric trike, the Viribus might fit the bill. You also lose something with that lower price, though. For instance, this is a heavy bike, which is one reason it can not carry as much weight. In addition, it requires professional assembly and is somewhat challenging to ride.

The good news is this bike comes in a variety of size options, including 20, 24, and 26-inch. In addition, the battery is removable for easy charging, and it has a comfortable riding design.

Why Should Seniors Over Age 60 Consider an Electric Tricycle? 

Understanding what some of the top trikes are on the market doesn’t answer one fundamental question: Why should those over age 60 consider buying an e-trike? The need to stay active and mobile doesn’t change once you hit age 60. If anything, those entering those golden years need more motivation to exercise than younger riders.

Three-wheel bikes offer a balance that you don’t get with a two-wheel model. There is no need to balance the bike with your body, for example. Instead, the three wheels provide stability for the frame, so the rider doesn’t have to worry about it. Balance is critical at any age, but people over age 60 are prone to balance problems, according to a report from

A variety of medical conditions can result in these balance issues, including diabetes and high blood pressure. But, whatever the source, you'll get the sensation that you're shaky, that you're about to fall, or that your perception of up and down is off. An adult trike allows you to ride despite these issues. You can focus on pedaling because the trike balances itself. That is a plus for the rider that wants the experience of biking despite some health concerns.

It is the motor and battery that might be most significant for those over age 60, though. So often, the fear of riding out and not being able to get back keeps seniors from bike riding for exercise. An electric 3-wheel bike eliminates that issue.

Bikers can ride out farther and exercise longer with the help of a motor and battery. There is no fear of wind or hills, either. The pedal-assist function adds extra power as you push through these common concerns associated with biking at any age.

Things To Consider When Buying an Electric Three-Wheel Bike

It is the features that should stand out to those over 60 looking to purchase a three-wheel electric bike. First, consider the functioning of the trike. The size of the motor isn’t as important as how far the trike can go on a single charge.

Also, what does it offer the rider? For example, what is the storage capacity? How heavy is the frame? 

Finally, what are the motorized features, and do they fit with what you need to use the trike successfully. An electric bike, by definition, will have pedal assist, but how many modes of it does the trike offer? You’ll want choices when it comes to this power option. You won’t always need strong power. Ideally, the bike will offer at least three choices so that you can pick the amount of push best for the situation. You might want low pedal assist just to ride the bike. Medium-power for when you are on a hill and a high level of push for when you get tired.

You might also want the option to not pedal at all. This is a bonus feature because it is easy to ride out further than planned and struggle to get back home. One bad experience might be all it takes to keep you from riding again.

Why Choose Sixthreezero? 

Probably the biggest consideration is the brand of three-wheel electric bike you choose. You want to work with a company that has a solid reputation. Sixthreezero bikes consistently get five-star reviews from riders because we offer a solid product and strong customer service. Bikes are all we do, and we have been doing them well since 2005.

We built our first bike, it was a traditional cruiser, in a garage in California. Today, we work out of a warehouse and offer everything from cruisers to our fabulous electric three-wheel adult trike. We stand with our buyers by providing them with an affordable bike with the features they need. If you buy our EVRYjourney electric trike, you’ll have 90 days to tell us you love it. That is a test ride you won’t get from most brands.

We make our products for those riders with a sense of fashion, too. The EVRYjourney comes in four trendy colors, so you’ll feel and look good as your ride. In addition, people who have reviewed this adult trike talk about its ease of use. One reviewer says it’s been 20 years since she rode a bike, but she was able to climb right on the EVRYjourney electric trike and start having fun.

Our custom fit option will also ensure you get a bike that fits your size. Simply give us a little information about yourself, and we will help you find the right bike for your needs.

Ease of use, trendy style, and ergonomic design all add up to an adult trike that anyone over or under the age of 60 will enjoy. Now, add a 250W front-wheel drive motor, and suddenly this bike is as much about transportation as it is recreation.

Three-wheel bikes are popular right now. But, if you are considering one to make your golden years more active, then why not get an electric bike that offers you even more. Find out more about our EVRYjourney three-wheel electric bike and the other products we offer by visiting our website today.


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