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Best E-Bikes Under $2,000 | Top Electric Bikes Under $2,000

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today, I'm going to show you the best electric bikes under $2,000 stick around.

Okay. So today I'm going to show you the best electric bikes under $2,000. But before we do, hit that subscribe button, stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero, all the content we're putting out and giveaways monthly and weekly for bikes, e-bikes and accessories. Okay. So if you're looking for an e-bike under $2,000, you want to get the most bang for your buck and I get it. So today we've got the Sixthreezero lineup of all of our e-bikes under $2,000, and I'm going to show you why these are the best electric bikes for the price. We're just going to go down the line. So also, each bike really depends on what you're looking for, but if you're looking to spend $2,000 and get a high-quality e-bike, let me show you what we got here. Now, starting on the right-hand side here, we have the Evryjourney electric e-bike. I'm going to wheel this one up.

This one currently is priced somewhere around 1900, under $2,000. This is the ultimate go-everywhere, multipurpose electric bike. The benefit of this bike is it has forward pedaling. Now, what that means is you can get ample leg extension while being close to the ground, but also... Sorry. Ample leg extension when riding, but when you stop, your feet can be flat on the ground like mine. Now, this bike is available in what we call a men's and a women's frame. And again, the benefit is feet can be flat on the ground, but when you're riding, you're going to be to get ample leg extension. So if you want to use your electric bike and you still think you want to do pedal-assist or pedaling. This is great for all-purpose. It's easy to pedal, comfortable on your body, ergonomic riding position. This is available in a 500 Watt motor.

So range is going to be 40 to 60 miles in pedal-assist 20 to 30 miles if you use full throttle. So this bike has a full-throttle, meaning you can push the throttle down, let the bike do all the work, or you can do pedal assist, let the bike assist you or you can just ride it like a normal bike. That's the beauty of the frame. And the comfort of this frame is if you want to ride it, it feels really good to ride. Comes with disk brakes. They're going to stop the bike on a dime. It's a great safety feature for all e-bikes. Most e-bikes come with disk brakes. But for $2,000, you're getting a great motor size and a super comfortable forward pedaling rider design. You don't see this on too many e-bikes out there.

In addition to that, the battery is easily removable. That's a huge benefit. So you just turn the key, the battery pops right out and you can bring this inside with you and charge it. If you commute it somewhere, you can leave the bike outside and take the battery in to charge. And there it's locked back in place. And just real quick, I'll be right back.

Okay. And so here's the women's version of the same bike. This one has more of a step-through frame. Now, again, men or women can ride either. We've also done a more streamlined screen to make it feel like more of a bike of... You want to come in for a close-up show, them a little bit more.

So you've got your control right here, your screen, your five pedal assist mode. You can click here one through five and then you've got your throttle. So it feels really clean and simple. Again, your 500 Watts of power. So with the 500 Watts, you're going to be able to do max speed, 20 miles an hour full throttle, and 28 in pedal assist. And that's really flying. So this is going to help you get up and downhills. I'm 220 pounds, which moves me just fine. And let me just take you on a quick demo, show you how it works.

So again, for under 2000 bucks, great value. Again, this is one is step through. So you could just step through and mount. I'm going to show you how to ride this one. So on this one, it's more of a leg swing over. I'm 5'10", and let's show you. So I can do full throttle to get going and I can switch to pedals. I have the throttle engaged, no pedaling, and I'm going 14, 18 miles an hour just there and I could hit 20 easily. And coming back and now I'll do pedal assist on the way back.

And I'm already up to 19 miles an hour. So if you're looking for comfort ergonomic e-bike, kind of an all-purpose around town ride with the kids ride with the family. It's got the thicker tires as well. So it's going to be great if you want to be balanced. And also it's going to absorb the shocks and no pain while you ride. So relaxed ergonomic position. You can see my body, my back's upright, the bar swoop into you. So your shoulders, wrists, elbows are all in a relaxed position. Evryjourney, one of the best electric bikes under two grand. Okay. Now moving into something with a thinner tire, still under $2,000 is our Ride In The Park. This one is what we would call more of a city electric bike.

Again, comes with two different frame styles, sort of the straight bar top tube, and the step-through top tube. Set that there for a second. Flip this around. Okay. Now, this is really great for cities even commuting, still going to be... The women's frame is going to have an up upright ride. The men's frame's going to be more of a lean forward frame. Aggressive riding, the thin tires are going to take you super fast. You're going to roll fast. The benefit of this is you can really zig and zag if you're congested with people or cars. It's a lot of fun.

Now, a different screen on these, a little bigger screen for the speed readout and the pedal assist, but still the same with the throttle and the pedal-assist right here and the easily removable battery still. So I'm a big believer in the easily removable battery on the back here. Again, turn the key, slide it out. And then the motor size still the same thing, 500 Watts, 40 to 60 miles of range when pedal assist and 20 to 30 miles of range for full throttle. So you want to come in for a quick closeup. I'll get my he helmet ready.

And again, with the disk brakes. And also on the step-through women's frame, pretty comfy, squishy seat. The men's has more of a sleek aerodynamic seat. And let me turn the screen on here so you can take a look. And again, you've got your throttle here and your pedal assists, your odometer, the pedal is this, speed, and your battery juice. Now, this one's a real these zippy bike. So if you want to get someplace fast, you like to go fast and you want that control because you're really in the pocket of the bike. Great option. Get the seat one more click here. All right, let me show you how this one works. Now theory's the same as before.

This one, we got to put it into five and I'll just show you. I'm just going to use the throttle to get going. 13, 15, 16, 17, 18. Okay. Engage the brakes, swing around, back into pedal assist and you can see it's just really... I've got real good control here. I can zip along as compared to our last one was more relaxed, kind of laid back, this one's got... You can do tight turns. I can come in through here in the cones and really like lean into it. So it's great for city riding if you have traffic to contest with. I like this bike a lot and for under 2000, definitely one of the electric bikes. All right. Let's park that. Move on.

Okay. Now, if you're looking to commute and you want an electric bike under $2,000, the Reach Your Destination is a great, great option. Now this one's a lot like the Ride In The Park and this is a one-frame bike. We do notate it as men's and women's, but the frame is the same between men and women. Now, everything's the same as the previous bike, the same motor size screen's the same, but you have a different riding position. That's a little bit better for commuting. It's again, tight steering up here. Oh, little too tall for me. You lower the seat down. But you can see you're slightly upright but lean forward. So it's good for commuting because if you want to be in a more aggressive position, but still comfortable, it's good. But the handlebars are still here and tight and you can turn and be super aggressive if you're on the road or doing things like that.

And a little bit more aerodynamic than sitting fully upright. So for commuting, that's going to be a benefit. The other benefit is it's an aluminum frame, very lightweight, and you have seven speeds like on a normal bike. So if you commute and you want to ride it as a normal bike on certain days, feel free. You can pop the battery off, leave it at home, put it in your backpack. It'll make a little more efficient if you're going to pedal to not have the battery. But same thing 500 Watts of power, 40 to a 60-mile range in pedal assist, 20 to 30 miles of range in full throttle. And I'm 220 pounds, 5'10". Let me show you again, how it performs for me. And I think what's amazing is you watch... Put it in level five. I can just push the throttle and it's got enough torque to get me going and literally don't have to do anything.

And I'm up to 14, 15, 16, 17. I like this bike too. Now, I'm going to kick it into pedal assist and just watch me get going here. And I'm up to 20 right there. And you can see the disk brakes easily stop us and I'll show you something else too. I'm going to put this into zero. Let me show you if I'm just riding normal, I can stand up. I can just do this like a normal bike and I'm still going 10, 11 miles an hour. Ooh, little winded there. All right, moving right along. Next in our best electric bikes under 2000, we've got our Body Ease. Now this one, great if you want to do exercise riding or casual riding and you still want to roll smoothly, but you may do some hard-packed trails and you're concerned about your body. The benefit of this, you have a front suspension, you can engage it or disengage, meaning you can lock it out. So the fork is stiff. It'll roll smoother or you engage it and the springs... Oops, and the springs will move up and down.

So it's going to absorb a lot of the shock when you're riding. It's still going to keep you in an upright position. So we have the one step through and this one is the non-step over with the higher tube. And we also have the suspension seat post. So watch this. I'll go ahead and hop on this one, swing my leg over. And when I sit down, the seat will compress with me. So it's going to move up and down as I hit bumps. So again, if you want to get casual exercise, but you're still concerned about your body. This is a good option because your riding position is still upright, but you got the tighter steering in the title handlebar so you can go faster, easy to control as opposed to more of the laid-back cruiser style.

But it's got the features of the suspension, which add comfort. And I'll show you here. Let me disengage it. And there you can see now how the fork goes up and down. Again, 500 Watt motor, great for hills, 40 to 60 miles of in pedal assist, 20 to 30 in full throttle. And of course, it can be ridden like a standard bike. The battery is easily removable. So let me show you. So I really like it because again, you've got the handlebars here, which is a little bit more, I wouldn't say aggressive, but it's just easy to manipulate, but you've got the comfort features like the suspension fork and the suspension seat post.

So let me show you how... Okay, I'm going to do full throttle straight off the gates here. And we're up to 16, 17, again, I'm 220, 5'10". And we come back around, now let's put it in pedal assist. And the beauty of this is you can still ride this aggressively. I'm up to 19 and now I'm stopping and stopping is no problem. So, that's a lot of fun. I highly recommend this one if again, you want comfort, but you still want to be able to exercise. Got to make sure to buckle my helmet next time. All right, moving down the line now.

Now, this is one of the best electric bikes under 2000 right here. If you're looking for something sleek, fully integrated, and barely noticeable that it's an e-bike. Now, if you look at the frame, you're going to think to yourself where are the electronics? Now, this is a 250 Watt motor, so a little less power, but the benefit is you're getting the battery inside the tube. It is a clean, simple design. You still have the rear hub motor, but with the battery in the middle, it's a really balanced ride. So if you're looking for something with a balanced weight in the middle, 250 Watts of power, because quite honestly for riders 150 and below, 250 Watts is going to be more than enough. And even for me, you'll see at 220, when I ride this 250 is still going to get me going, but you don't have to necessarily have the power, especially for safety. Accidents on e-bikes do happen.

So do what's comfortable for you. But 250 is still a decent amount of power and it still has the throttle and the pedal assist, both options. You've got the thicker tires. So if balance is an issue for you or you want the tires to absorb the shock, the thicker tires are good. And this is the forward pedaling design. Like The Evryjourney I said there. You can see I'm sitting, the bar swoop in, so they come to your body and you're super relaxed. And now, again, not as aggressive here, so it's more of a relaxed steering position. So if you want to go fast and make turns, I'd recommend something else. But this one is good for cruising, family, around town, to the park, short commutes, things like that. Great option. And the beauty is again the simplicity of the design.

And I don't think you're compromising performance at all. I actually really like this bike with the battery in the frame. Let me show you. So let me pump this up, come over here. So it's going to be a little bit less acceleration with the 250 Watt motor, but it's still going to get me going pretty decent. So do full throttle here. A little bit slower off the line, but not too bad. And I'm already up to 10, 13, 14, 15, 16. I mean not bad at all. And now I'll show you pedal assist and here we go. And I mean, there's no shortage of speed at all.

So if you really don't want to see wires, batteries, things hanging out, this one's a beauty. And for under two grand, a really great option. Comes in other colors and all the bikes I'm showing you come in other colors. So visit our website to check out all the options and what's available. Okay. Now moving on to our traditional beach cruiser. This is a great option. This is actually available in 500 Watt. We have a limited supply at 250 Watt and depending on when you see this, 250 Watt may not be available. But 500 Watt right here, if you're looking for something traditional beach cruiser, cruise around lakes, by the beach, neighborhood to have fun. This is our Around the Block electric beach cruiser. So you can see, swooping handlebars, traditional look, you're going to have the upright riding position so you can stay very ergonomic and the bars come into you.

And this is just really that electric cruiser that you want something traditional, but still gives you the electric power. You got the thick tires and this is available in a men's and a women's, different colors. You can check out the website to see them all. And again, more cruising, flat ground. You can do hills on this obviously, but with the wider swoop handlebar, it's more relaxed riding, right. You're not trying to win any races. There are better options to go faster and to get exercise. So this is a women's frame, which is a little smaller than the men's frame, but I can still ride this. And they're all adjustable basically to fit varying heights. That's actually a little too high for me, even. So 500 Watts of power is going to take you up to 20 miles an hour with the throttle, 28 miles an hour of pedal assist, 40 to 60 miles of range in pedal assist, 20 to 30 miles of range with full throttle. And this one has more of a discreet look on the display. And let's see, just turn up the pedal assist, hit the throttle and we're off

And we're cooking right now 16, 17 coming into the turn, coming around. Now I'm going to go into pedal assist, get into seventh gear and just easily, look at this easily, 19, 20 and the braking, I can brake. So all of our bikes use disk brakes. I think that's important to watch too. I'm going to spin around one more time and just show you the braking power of the disk brakes.

So I'm going to come around. All right, let's do this. Get the pedals to assist going. I'm going to go up to 20 and I'm not going to hit the brakes till the last minute here. So right here, I'm at 20 and I'm braking. So disk brakes across the entire line and provide ample, ample stopping power for, under two grand, it's a great option if you're looking for the traditional cruiser. Okay. Last but not least, under $2,000 as of today, whenever you see this video, I don't know if our electric tricycle. Now, this is a true find, there are not many electric trikes out there, period. In particular, under $2,000. This is a 250 Watt front hub motor. You're going to be able to hit about 14, 15 miles an hour full throttle up to 20 miles an hour pedal assist, but getting going up to 20 on the trike with pedal assist still will be challenging. You're going to have to work your legs to push that. But you've got at the basket here.

Your range is going to be somewhere about, I would say, 30 to 50 miles pedal assist and more like 15 to 25 with full throttle because you're just carrying a lot more weight depending on if you're towing things that are going to affect... I mean, putting things in the basket, that's going to affect the battery as well. But these are really cool and fun. If you just want to ride around communities or take your dog with you or you just like not having to think about balance, this is a really, really fun option. I love it honestly. So you just turn your power on here and the same thing got your pedal assist levels. And I can just use the throttle and same deal, disk brakes.

And this is a step-through. So the other beauty, right. You can just sit here. You don't have to worry about balancing and it's a step-through so you can pull your foot in and out. So again, this is a really unique find, especially for under $2,000 for tricycles. And we've got cool colors exposed to a plain color palette. So, that makes it fun as well. So, I'll show you right now. We start from a dead stop with full throttle and I'm at 4, 5, 9, 11, 12 13. I got to turn, so I got to brake to come into this turn. I don't want to come into that too fast.

All right, now let's do some pedal-assist for you. There we go. All right, let's see. Here we go, here we go. 14, 15, and I'm going to apply the brakes. So it takes a little more work to get the tricycle going but this is kind of the beauty of it. Hold that throttle down and just cruise. I really, really enjoy riding this as a good break from the two wheels. So, we went through a lot of bikes that is, or these are the best electric bikes under $2,000. Different riding purposes, different riders, a whole assortment. If you have any other questions or you're looking for an electric bike under 2000, please contact us at or call us at (310) 982-2877. Or if you have any other questions or comments put them below, we always respond.

And don't forget, go to our website, take our proprietary body fit quiz. Enter. You're going to answer some questions about your body and your life and our proprietary algorithm will fit you perfectly to the bike for you. In addition, excuse me, if we have a 30-day test ride on your bike policy for e-bikes. If don't love your bike in 30 days, send it back. No questions asked no money out of your pocket. Lastly, join our community. You can download our app or join our Facebook peddlers groups and talk to other Sixthreezero riders either before or after your purchase and make new friends. And on the app, you can track your rides and compete on the leaderboard. Come be a part of it, it's a lot of fun. All right, well, thanks for sticking around. I hope it's going to help you find an electric bike for under $2,000. If you have any other questions, concerns, contact us and don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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