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Best E Bikes for Girls

Electric bikes can offer teen girls the perfect form of transportation. Most places don't require licenses to operate an e-bike, though some states have minimum ages and helmet regulations. Even teens who have already earned a driver's license find e-bikes better for everyday use because of their many benefits.

For example, e-bikes provide power for longer and quicker trips and a chance to enjoy outdoor exercise. E-bikes cost much less than cars or motorcycles, standard outlets can charge the batteries, and electric bicycles cost less than cars and motorcycles. Best of all, teenagers with any experience riding traditional bikes can quickly adapt to an e-bike with some practice. 

The Top Five E-Bikes for Teen Girls 

Do your teenage girls already enjoy cycling? The quiet and eco-friendly electric motor on an electric bicycle adds to the cycling experience by increasing speed and range. Riders can use the motor to assist in pedaling, pedal without the motor, or rely entirely on the motor. 

Modern e-bikes also look stylish and offer comfort, ease, and best of all, plenty of fun. Some manufacturers even make three-wheeled e-bikes for people who never learned to balance on two wheels. E-bikes also cost less to maintain than cars and don't require a license in most places. 

E-bike enthusiasts can ride for miles between charges, and the batteries charge at standard outlets for pennies worth of power. To ensure that teenage girls in your life maximize their e-bike experience, start with a safe, comfortable, and safe model. To get started, consider these hand-picked choices of the best electric bikes for teen girls. 

Rhino Step-Thru: A Low Step-Thru Frame for Petite Teens 

The Rhino Step-Thru offers a mountain bike design, though it's also great for casual riding on city streets. The lower frame and top post make this e-cycle easy to mount and maneuver, especially for shorter riders. The Rhino Step-Thru comes in a choice of colors and looks a little more like a scooter than an e-bike, though it functions like an electric bike. Extra wide tires make this e-bike ideal for rougher terrain, but it handles very well on city streets. 

View the $1,999 Rhino Step-Thru e-bike at Zugo

Review: Actually, I bought my boyfriend one too. We are having fun. We are mapping out places to go and sight-see and enjoy! 

RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike: A Compact, Sporty E-Bike 

The manufacturer did not design the smaller frame of this lightweight, folding e-bike specifically for teens, but it offers a good choice for younger people who haven't yet reached their adult height. Also, plenty of full-sized adults like folding e-bikes because they're easy to store in a closet, corner, or car trunk. This e-bike also features wide tires and a step-through frame for excellent handling and navigation. It looks sporty, sort of like a hybrid mountain bike. 

Check out the $1,599 RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike at RadPowerBikes. 

Review: My second Rad bike. I like the size and portability. 

DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycle: Three Wheels and Room for Cargo 

Teen girls may have outgrown their children's trike many years ago. However, these days, three-wheeled bikes aren't just for little kids, especially when they come with a motor. Some people never learn to balance on two wheels, but they can still enjoy cycling on an adult e-trike. A step-through frame, classic style, and pastel blue paint job make this adult tricycle a top choice. Also, the space between the two rear tires offers an excellent place for a cargo basket, which e-cyclists can use for transporting school supplies, delivering pizzas, and much more. 

View the DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycle on Amazon for $1,399. 

Review: I LOVE my bike!!!!! Get lots of interest and compliments on it. Super fun to ride!!!!!

Is Your Teen Girl Ready to Move Up to an E-Bike?

As a parent, you might have some concerns about e-bikes. Electric bikes have grown considerably in popularity within the past decade. Even so, many people still haven't tried one yet. Learn more about buying considerations, regulations, and safety in this parent's guide for teens and e-bikes

In particular, make sure to buy an e-bike suited for the size and weight of the rider. The e-bikes listed above adjust for a range of weights and heights, but they won't work for everybody. Have your first-time e-bike rider practice navigating on their new electric bike in a parking lot before heading out on the street. Also, invest in a proper helmet and ensure it's always worn correctly when riding any bicycle, if it's motorized or not. 

With a bit of practice, most teens adjust to e-bikes very quickly. The motor's power makes pedaling easy, so teens tend to ride their e-bikes more than regular bicycles, and many find them cheaper and more convenient than cars.


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