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Electric Bike Etiquette for Teens: A Guide for Parents

June 28, 2022

Bikes are a mainstay of childhood, but today's technology puts a twist on an old favorite. Electric bicycles, like our 7-speed electric beach cruiser, combine the lightweight frame of a bike with the power of a motor, allowing for easier travel. They're the perfect mode of transportation for anyone on the go, including teenagers.

Should I Buy My Teen an Electric Bike?

If your teen is interested in cycling, a 500W electric bike is an excellent idea. They're easy to ride — in fact, it's just like riding a normal bicycle. Even younger teens can easily transition from a traditional bike to an electric model.

Additionally, e-bikes are relatively affordable compared to a car. If your teen wants a reliable form of transportation but isn't ready to drive, an electric bike may be just the thing.

What To Look for in a Teen's E-Bike

When considering e-bike models, the first thing to look at is the size. A bike that doesn't fit will be uncomfortable and even dangerous to ride, so this step is crucial. While you can estimate the correct size with measurements, the best approach is actually trying the bicycle. Riders should easily reach the pedal and only have a slight bend to the knee when standing with one foot engaged.

Next, you should look at how much weight the model can support. The heavier the rider, the faster the bike wears down, so older teens need heavier-duty bikes than kids just entering adolescence. You'll also need to take into account whether your teens will be carting around luggage. For example, if your kids ride their bikes to school, you'll have to calculate the weight of backpacks, musical instruments and sports gear.

Where Can My Teen Ride His/Her E-Bike?

You can ride an e-bike in most of the same places that you can ride a traditional bike, on one condition: It has to have a top speed of less than 20 miles per hour. Most electric bicycles fall well within this stipulation, but it's still essential to check just in case. Your municipality may allow a different top speed, so check that as well.

In addition to riding on the sidewalk or road, your teens may also be able to use their e-bikes on hiking trails. State and local parks usually have dedicated trails for bikes, and many allow electric models.

E-Bike State Laws

As electric bicycles have become more popular, states have passed legislation to ensure riders', motorists' and pedestrians' safety. Most states don't require registration like motorized vehicles, but they may stipulate where and when you can ride.

Teaching Your Teen E-Bike Safety

Electric bicycle safety is similar to traditional bike safety. Before your teens hit the road, make sure they know the following rules:

  • Indicate a turn with hand signals
  • Look out for vehicles, especially stopped cars with open doors
  • Put reflectors on your bike to increase visibility at night
  • Ride with traffic, never against

Benefits of Buying Your Teen an E-Bike

E-bikes have many benefits to offer:

  • Provide more power for riding up hills
  • Are more sustainable than cars
  • Create opportunities for exercise
  • Are incredibly reliable
  • Allow you to ride faster with less effort

Trusting Your Instincts as Your Child's Parent

It's challenging to let your children explore independently, but it's an integral part of growing up. At the same time, you should always trust your gut if something doesn't feel right. Being cautious and having your feeling turn out to be unfounded is better than the alternative.

Whether a classic or hybrid e-bike, these are a perfect gift for a teenager filled with wanderlust. You can take family outings to nearby parks or rest easy, knowing your teen has reliable transportation. No matter which model you pick, your teen will be equipped for adventure.


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