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BEST BIKE for Riding the First Time as an Adult BEGINNER

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. And today I'm going to show you the best bike for riding a bike for the first time as an adult. Stick around.

All right. So today I'm going to show you the best bikes for riding a bike for the first time as an adult. But before we jump in, hit that subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out and the first to know about all the content we're doing for giveaways of bikes, ebike accessories, and apparel. You'll want to hit subscribe to be in the know.

Okay. So, let's say you've never ridden a bike, or you're getting back into bike riding after 30 years. What's the best bike to jump right in and get back into bicycling? I've got two different bike models here that I believe to be the best two bikes for riding a bike for the first time as an adult. And there are a couple of features that I like about both of these bikes. Now, one, you've got a step-through design, and two, you've got easy mounting and dismounting, and three, on one of the models we've got forward pedaling design. And I will explain to you why I think that's good for your first bike as an adult. So, let me start off and show you.

This is our EVRYjourney step-thru design. We also call this. This is really gender-neutral can be men's or women's. This is our step-thru design. You'll find it on our website, labeled "women's". And here is the men's design or non-step over with the higher top tube. Now, these bikes. Now, if you're really nervous about bikes and getting back into it for the first time, never ridden, the best option would be the step over. Here's the other version as you get more confident. Same features other than the step-over height, and I'll explain to you why the step-over is really the best option for your first time riding a bike as an adult. Now, there are a couple of things. One, very easy step-thru and mounting. You can simply step through and slide back and you're on the bike. So mounting dismounting is super simple, easy, not dangerous, very easy to get on and off.

Now, stay with me. Grab my tape measure. The step-over height on the EVRYjourney, measure from this side, is 18 inches. So if you can lift your leg 18 inches and step through, you are good. This prevents you from having to do the rear leg swing, which is another option to mounting. But if you're just getting to bicycling for the first time as an adult, that's the easiest way to mount and dismount.

Now let me lower the seat all the way down. Okay. Now with the seat all the way down, we're going to measure to right about here, and the standover height is 30 inches. So this is actually a forward pedaling design bike. This is what makes it great for riding a bike for the first time. With a forward pedaling design bike, the seat's going to be lower to the ground because you're going to get leg extension because the pedals are moved forward. Let me show you. So, as I flip it around, you can see, on a traditional bicycle, the pedals would be located here. Now, in this case, we've created a more extreme seat tube angle, which actually brings the pedals four inches out in front of your hips. What this does is, like I said, allow the seat to be lower to the ground while you still get ample leg extension when riding.

Now, the benefit, let me show you. You can have your feet flat on the ground and get proper leg extension when riding. This makes mounting dismounting safer stopping safer because when you come to a stop, you can plant your feet and be very secure on the ground. So if you're a first-time rider or getting back into riding after 30, 20 years, you want to know that when you stop, balancing will be easy. On a traditional bike, because you don't have that forward pedaling, you're going to have to be up on the balls of your feet when you stop. So when you pedal, you get the proper leg extension. Now, that's going to make it harder to balance on the balls of your feet. And it is going to be slightly more dangerous if you're not comfortable on the bike. So, again, lower seat, forward pedaling. You can stop feet flat on the ground.

In addition, for a first-time rider, it's a more relaxed position, less tension on your muscles. So as you work up and build your strength, you can work into a more aggressive style, like a road bike, or a mountain bike. But to just get going, if your muscles, your shoulders, your back, your arms are not used to it, it's a lot of strain to be holding yourself forward and keeping the weight on your arms. You're going to be very sore. In this case, it keeps your back upright, keeps your arms relaxed. There's very little muscle tension. You're still working it, but you can get your body adjusted to the riding position and ease yourself into the kind of soreness that you're going to experience from riding a bike. That's a huge benefit, especially for a first-time rider. Now, I'll take just a quick circular lap here as a demo, and I'll show you. In addition on this bike, front, and rear hand brakes, very safe for stopping. You can focus on pulling the brakes, getting your feet flat, and then to get going on this bike, very simple.

Okay. So I'm just going to take a quick loop here and show you how safe... I'm already mounted. I got the seat raised. My feet are flat, complete control, and then you can just push off. And let's say you can't balance, you can easily get your feet right back down. So it's important to remember. And you can see how relaxed of a position I'm in. Let's do a little loop here. I don't have my helmet on just because I'm doing some very easy riding. Come to a stop. Pull my brakes. Feet down. So, EVRYjourney, forward pedaling design. Great option if you're riding a bike for the first time as an adult or getting back into riding after 20 years.

Now, I have another great option, which is our easy boarding bicycle. What makes this bike so easy, so good for first-time riding in a bike as an adult, is really because of how easy it is to get on and off. Now, this is a unisex frame, and you can see this is about as low as a step-thru that you can get in a 26-inch standard bike. The step-thru height is about 11 inches. So, this doesn't feature the forward pedaling design as much. Maybe like... Well, actually it does a little bit. Let's go ahead and measure. Not as much as the EVRYjourney, but definitely a little bit. Pedals are here. I'm going to say probably only about an inch forward, but that's still going to give you a little bit more leg extension, allowing the seat to be lower.

Now, the true beauty of this though, step-thru, you're on. So if you're really concerned with getting on and off the bike, never ridden a bike before, this is a great option, and you can slide back onto the seat. So you'd have to have this seat a little bit higher on the easy boarding than the EVRYjourney. But if the mounting and dismounting is something you're more concerned with, this is a better option.

The EVRYjourney, as we've said has about an 18-inch step-over height. But from a riding perspective, I think the EVRYjourney's more conducive to a first-time rider. This has a traditional frame. It's still good. And the beauty is, if you ever had to get off the bike and pull your leg out, there's nothing here to block you. So falling on this bike or aborting a ride on this bike would be super easy. The beauty about both of these bikes too is, I'm showing you here the fully aluminum versions, so they're very light. You can... This thing is easy to pick up. I don't have a scale here, but I want to say this is approximately 40 pounds, which is pretty light for a full-size bike. And the same thing, you can just... Do a little test ride here.

So you can see, I still have the ergonomic riding position. Still easy on my body. I'm not leaning forward. Very little tension in my muscles and easy on and off. I just did a quick dismount there, actually with the leg over, but I'm so used to that. So, these are the two best options if you're learning to ride a bike as an adult. The EVRYjourney step over, which also has the EVRYjourney high bar and the easy boarding step-thru frame. If you have any other questions or need any other help, please comment below or shoot us an email,, or call us at (310) 982-2877, and take the body fit quiz on our website. You're going to answer a couple of questions about your body, your life, and our proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect bike for you. In addition, we have a 365-day return policy.

If you don't love your bike within 365 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. Lastly, join our communities. Our Facebook Pedalers group is a great place to be a part of. If you're interested in a bike, you can ask other riders or read the posts about the information on the bikes they have, how they're riding it. It's a great place to get knowledge. In addition, download the app in advance of purchasing. You can see how other people are riding their bikes. How many miles to truly get a sense of the performance of these bike. And then of course, after you own your bike, both communities are great to be a part of, talk to other riders, get tips on your bike, maintenance tips, what accessories are best, and of course, track your rides on the app and compete on the leaderboard. It's a lot of fun. So thank you for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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