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Best BICYCLES For Seniors OVER 60 | Bikes For Seniors

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. And today we're going to show you the 2022 best bicycle for seniors over 60. We've got our riders behind us, so stick around.

Okay. So before we show you the 2022 best bicycle for seniors over 60, let's meet our riders. So first up we have Mike. So Mike just tells us your age, height, and weight.

61. Six foot one. 195 pounds.

And just tell us a little bit about your biking frequency. And when you last biked.

A couple of weeks ago, I do it every now and again. Sometimes to and from the gym for a workout, maybe to the beach.

Cool. And you said maybe three to 10 miles on average on your rides.

Right. Yep. Yeah.

Okay, perfect. Thanks, Mike. Now moving on to Marilyn. Now, if you want to see Marilyn ride a bike for the first time in 20 years, that's going to be in another video, check out our YouTube channel, but let's meet Marilyn again. So hi Marilyn. So tell everyone your height, age, weight, and a little bit more about how you haven't ridden a bike.

Oh my gosh. Hi, I'm Marilyn. I'm five foot eight. I'm 70 years old and I weigh 140 pounds.

Got it. And 20 years, right? Before today.

Oh yes. A good 20 years.

So it's a lot of fun. Check out the other video. She also had never used hand breaks. She got right into it. So, if you want to see that go to our other video. Okay. Now we're onto Katherine. Katherine, same thing. Just age, height, weight, and a little bit about your writing habits, and experience.

Right. Hi, I'm 66 years old. I'm five-eight. About 120 pounds. And I think it's been about a year since I've ridden a bike. I like to ride bikes on vacation.

Got it.

So we go to this island where there are just like bikes everywhere. So, that's...

Cool. Sounds good. And again, she's also on our other video. You can see her riding for the first time in a year. So go check that out. Lastly, we got Eddie here, and same drill Eddie, age, height, weight, and last bike ride.

Yes, I'm Eddie. I'm 62. I'm 240 pounds. I'm five-ten. And the last time I ride a bike was yesterday to the post office. I live in Ventura, California. So it's a pretty active community. We have a lot of bikes around there. We ride our bikes to the beach, ride our bikes around the close park that's in our neighborhood and we have a couple of beach cruisers and a couple of e-bikes. So we're we're on bikes a lot.

Cool. So we're going to get everybody on the EVRYjourney, Sixthreezero EVRYjourney, step-through, and the non-step through. And even the guys or girls that have been riding avidly, I guarantee you we're going to show them something different and why the EVRYjourney is the best bike for seniors over 60. So stick around and let's get our first rider on the bike.

Okay. So first up is Eddie. We're going to show you why the EVRYjourney is the 2022 best bicycle for seniors over 60. Now Eddie's five-ten, 240, similar build to me. And we get a lot of questions for men. You know, 220 to 300. What's a good bike for me. So not only are we going to cover why it's good for over 60, but also for different varying heights, whether taller, shorter, huskier builds or skinnier builds. You know, everybody's type is different. So beauty of the EVRYjourney, number one is four custom adjustment points to really dial it into your body. So we'll go ahead and show you that here with Eddie. So Eddie, which bike do you want to go ahead and test ride.

Oh, see the blue helmet. I'll go with a blue bike.

Blue helmet, blue bike. All right, cool. Now, go ahead and sit down and then let's see how that feels and then we'll make the adjustments as necessary.

All right. Oh, because I had a knee operation not too long ago. So, if I can get the seat higher.

Yep. Okay. Let's go ahead and do it.

That would feel better.

So if you want to go ahead and do it yourself. So number one, why is this so good? Because it's so easy for seniors over 60 to adjust themselves. So as a quicker release seat, Eddie can go ahead and lift it up as high as he wants or as low as he wants totally up to him. You clamp it all the way down. There you go.

See a little higher for me.

A little higher. Yep. And fitting in sizing, for comfort and cruiser and hybrid. Like EVRYjourney. It's not rocket science. It's really a lot of feels.

Yeah. I like being on my tippy toes.


So that feels good.

That feels good.


The handlebars?

The handlebars can go a little higher.

Okay. So handlebars, you're just going to need a six-millimeter Allen key. There are two adjustment points in the front here. And go ahead. Let's see. Okay. Let's...

Yeah, that feels pretty good. Right there.

There is a line here.

Oh, that's good. That way...

You don't over raise it.

You can max it out. Yeah. And then a little tilt on the [purse. 00:05:10] Perfect.

Okay. Now, obviously, as we get older, making sure your body is comfortable in the right position for you that's important. So again, the number one, the benefit is the easy adjustability of this. I helped Eddie out on the handlebar, but he could have very easily done that himself. And then the quick release seat. Now he likes to bring his leg. So mounting and dismounting is another really easy thing with the EVRYjourney. Eddie did more of a leg swoop around the back, but you can do step through in the middle here if you should so choose. The other thing I'll mention is this has a forward pedaling design. So the pedals are actually moved forward six inches from where they are on a typical bike. Typically, they're directly below the seat. Now what this allows for, especially with Eddie having knee surgery, he said he likes to have the knee a little more extended.

So it's not really cramped up. The benefit of this is he can still have his feet close enough to the ground, but you're going to get that leg extension while riding because the pedals are actually shifted forward with the angle that we're using. So what this allows for is ample leg extension, but also safely getting your feet planted on the ground when riding and again, safety is an important factor. As we start to age, we don't want to crash or fall off the bike. Obviously, nobody wants to, but this is just making it, even more, safe with that setup. So if you want to go ahead and take a test ride, you can make that loop down there, and then I'll stop you right in front of the camera.


Yeah. Go for it.

Nice gearing. And I like that.

And Eddie's shifting gears. We can hear. So another benefit is the seven speeds. So if you're going uphill or hitting top speeds, again, you can adjust to your body and whatever feels right for you. Now look at Eddie when he is coming back as well. You're going to see him in a very ergonomic riding position. See his back is upright and his shoulders are relaxed. So we're taking the tension off your muscles. You can go ahead and stop right in front of the camera.

Yeah. I really like the gearing. Yeah.

Yeah. Easy to shift?

Yeah. Easy to shift.

So, that's...

Literally palm of your hand.

Yeah. That's going to make going uphill and things easy. And then if you are on the flat ground, you can hit top speed. So what do you think of the riding position and how did your knee feel?

Well, the right position. Yes. The fact that the pedals are in front of the seat rather than over the seat makes my knee feel better. Not so cramped up. I have a little more extension when I'm peddling, usually, on other bikes, I literally got to put my heel on the pedal. Here I can put the ball of my foot on the pedal like you're supposed to.

The heel basically shifts your leg a little more forward.


Gives you that more extension. Yeah, exactly.

So I love it. Yeah. And it just feels, it feels good.

That's great. Yeah.

Yeah. I love it.

Well, there you go. So not only is it great for over 60, seniors over 60, but also if you've had knee surgery and you still need that safety element being low to the ground, but get the leg extension while riding EVRYjourney is perfect for it. So thank you, Eddie. And let's move on to our next rider.

Okay. Now we're here with Katherine. And Katherine, I believe is five-eight, 120, and 66 years old.


Okay. So I'm going to show you... now, which color would you like to try?

How about this one?

Okay cool. So we're going to show you again how we can really custom adjust now to Katherine's body. And Katherine's on the taller side for women. And the beauty of the EVRYjourney is how we can adjust this bike from heights four and eleven all the way to six-two. So go ahead and step on and we'll see.

Oh, okay.

Looks a little low?

A little bit.

Yeah. Okay. You can go ahead. Why don't you go ahead and show them then I'll...


It's very easy to adjust.

So you pull that out and then you just raise the seat.


Kind of hold it where you want it. Here. Actually, bring that back this way. Now you just clamp that down. Yep.

I think that might be good.

And now watch. See how Katherine stepped through the frame. So a huge benefit is that easy mounting and dismounting, so you can get off the bike safely. Okay. How's that feel?

Feels good.


Does it look, does this look right?

I think I would do just a little bit of a tilt for you if I was, just a little bit up. Try that.

Okay. Yeah. I like that.

Okay. That high, or?

Yeah, that's great.

How about right there?


Okay. Try that. I just like to adjust. Now the beauty again, we have the four custom adjustment points, the tilt, the height, the seat angle, and the seat height. I like to try to get the arms in a very relaxed position. So there's no muscle tension and the back is totally upright. And so you look great and she's in a very ergonomic position. Again, which is great on your body. So you don't have those aches and pains from leaning forward after you go for a long ride and with the extra-wide saddle as well. You're not going to feel that rear-end pain that you sometimes get with those very small saddles. So go ahead and give it a ride and you can go down to the very end and come back. Yeah. Now see how comfortable she is. And you can see how tall and long her torso is. And we've got her in a really ergonomic, comfortable position. You can just stop right about here. What do you think?

I love it.

The other thing I didn't mention is how light the bike is. Can you show it on camera? Just how you could pick that up? Okay. So 66, now this is important because if you are a senior over 60 who has an RV or a car rack, and you're transporting it, you want something light that you can put onto the car rack, take out of a car and really be able to use if you're traveling with your bike. So you can see Katherine can lift it easily and she's not a pro bodybuilder or anything. So, still simply can get it up off the ground. And how did you feel about the riding position and the comfort? Did it feel comfortable to you?


So you really liked it.


And did you try shifting the gears at all?

I did, really easy.

That's great.

Really easy.

Cool. Well, there you have it from Katherine, then she loves it. Another reason why the EVRYjourney is the best bike for seniors over 60. Let's move on to our next rider.

Okay. Now we're here with Marilyn. Marilyn is 70, she's five foot eight, 140. So, we have another taller woman with us. And in a previous video, Marilyn just rode a bike for the first time in 20 years. And now she's here to be a part of this video and she loved the EVRYjourney. And we'll show you again, why she thinks it's so great. So which one do you want to do right now?

The green.

The green one. Right. Okay.

And let's see. So the beauty of this also for seniors over 60 is that a lot of people getting back into riding in retirement haven't been on a bicycle in years. And so the benefit of the EVRYjourney is how light it is, how easy to pedal, and how easy to get on and off. And I think Marilyn can attest to that. So you can go ahead and hop on.


So she just steps right through, easy to mount. Now, does everything feel well adjusted?

Yeah, I think, I think it's okay. I think so.

Let's just try something. Let me just make...


Let me loosen a couple of these and see if anything feels better or worse for you. Now. It's easy. We just do our six-millimeter. And let me see here. Okay. Now let's see. Does that feel any better lower or worse?

I think I liked it higher. Better.

Higher, okay, perfect. Okay. So right there?


Okay. We'll go ahead and just tighten that again. Oops, sorry. Okay. Okay. You're good right there.


And now on the tilt. Let's just try and loosen this and see, if you think a certain position may be better. Go ahead and grab the handlebars.

Wow. Oh, wow. I don't know. This is novel.

I think right there is good.

So many choices. Too many choices.

Well, and you know the more you ride, the more you're going to start to feel what you like better or worse.

Right. Right.

And then if you also experience pain, I mean, again, that's the beauty of this bike is it's so easy to just adjust it. Now, the other benefit you're going to see is Marilyn has her feet flat on the ground right now, the benefit of the EVRYjourney frame is with the forward pedaling. When you're stopped, you can have your feet flat, but when you're riding, you still get ample leg extension because the pedals are actually moved forward. Six inches from where they are in a typical bike frame. Typically the pedals are directly below the seat. So this makes it safer for when you stop, you can be comfortable and grounded and easily get your feet down. And we'll see Marilyn as she rides and stops how easy it is for her to get her feet down. So if you want to go ahead and go for a spin.


And make a lap down there, come back.

I just take off by myself, right? Okay. Here we go.

There you go.

I'm doing it.

Second bike ride in 20 years, go to our other video for the first bike ride in 20 years and look at her back. Posture perfectly arms relaxed, easy on the body. And just to mention that matching helmet is beautiful. Checked those out on the website too. And she's coming around for a loop. All right. And then just come and stop right here. And the ease, the hand breaks are really easy to ease into and come to a stop. Now watch her feet.

You trust me to stop and not run the camera over.

There you go.

Here we go.

Now, look at her feet flat on the ground. Easily stop. That's comfortable, right? I mean.

It's great. Yes.


Yeah. I love it.

So what'd you think, how does your body feel? How's the position feel?

It's terrific. I can't believe I haven't been on a bike in 20 years. This is crazy. I love it.

Does it feel easier now? The second ride versus the first ride?

Yeah. Just because I'm getting my feet wet. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Well, I'm glad to see you back on a bike. It looks good on you. So.


All right. Let's move on to our final rider.

Okay. Now we're here with Mike. Mike is six foot one, 195, and 61 years old. And he rides about weekly. Pretty avid rider does three to 10 mile rides when he goes. So Mike, which one do you want to try out?

All right. He's going to go with the matte black. He likes the black on black. I'll go ahead and wheel it up here for you.

I'll have to be back in black.

Back in black. There it is. Okay. So a couple of other benefits is the color palette. So we've got these four colors here, the fifth matte black, and we've also got some new colorways too. So there are about eight or nine colorways. So really you can pick the color that is right for your lifestyle. Now, Mike opted for the higher top tube, feels like he's more athletic. He can get the leg up. Also, being taller. This bigger frame is going to be better for his body type. So go ahead and step on.

And this is actually Mike rode this before, so it's pre-adjusted to his stature, but you can see, even at six one, we've got it dialed in nicely to his body, back is totally upright. And he's still going to get that leg extension when riding. So again, another benefit why this bike is great for seniors over 60 is it can accommodate varying degrees of height. So you can make sure that the bike is dialed into your body. We already did the four custom adjustment points for Mike and feels good. Yeah.


And let's get you a microphone here really quick.

Oh, sorry.

No, it's all good. All right. Okay. There you go. So go ahead and take it for a quick spin. And again, look at Mike's back. Totally upright, easy, got a car coming. See that light and nimble frame. You can easily steer around cars. That's just a joke, but Mike did great. And just, you can just see, look at his shoulders back. Look at that, head up. Go ahead and stop right here. Now you look really comfortable. Do you feel comfortable?


And how was it? Easy to pedal? What did you love most about the ride?

I liked lapping those cups out there.

And then in addition to that, how about the feel of the bike?

Yeah. No, it's excellent. It's like, wow.


Really good.

And this is the first time...

So comfortable, so comfortable. My other bike's not like this.

Yeah, yeah. Used to like leaning forward a little more.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, and that being a senior.

It's going to wear on your back.

It's going to wear on your back a little bit. Yeah.

Yeah. Cool. Glad you like it. So there you go. So we've shown you a varying height degree, Mike at six one. The EVRYjourney works great for him too. So let's go ahead and wrap it up.

All right. Well, there you have it. Our seniors over 60, just test road, the EVRYjourney bicycle by Sixthreezero. What we'd believe to be the 2022 best bicycle for seniors over 60. And why? Number one is the aluminum frame, which is very light, and easy to manipulate and lift. You can see Katherine lifting it with ease. Secondly, is that forward pedaling design with the pedals, move forward, six inches. You're going to be able to get your feet flat on the ground, and it's going to be very safe. Easy to stop. Can accommodate all types of rider types. In addition, four custom adjustment points are going to allow you to adjust this bike perfectly to your body.

So whether you want the seat higher or lower, height range is four eleven to six foot two, the four custom adjustment points will accommodate that. In addition to that, it has seven speeds. Great for flat ground or Hills on varying terrains. It's really going to give you the variance to use this bike wherever you may go. In addition to that, in the ergonomic riding position, you're going to sit upright, take all the tension off your muscles, and be really easy on your body. And if you saw. Eddie had knee replacement surgery, and we were able to adjust the bike perfectly for him so he can get the extension he needs in his knee. So it's not cramped, it's not painful. And you can get rehabbed and get your muscles moving again. Like they used to be. So thank you for sticking around and don't forget if you have any questions or comments, please put them below or reach out to us.

The or call us (310) 982-2877. In addition to that, visit our website Take our body fit quiz. If you're in the market for a bike, take our proprietary body fit quiz, and we will fit you to the perfect bike for your body and your life. In addition to that, we have a 365-day test ride policy. If you don't love your bike in 365 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And lastly, be a part of our communities. Download the app, and join our Facebook Pedalers group, either before you purchase, or after, before you purchase, you can talk to other riders, hear their experiences and see the kind of miles they're logging on their bikes. And after that, download the app, compete on the leaderboard, track your rides and make new friends. It's a ton of fun. So thank you for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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