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Best BEACH CRUISER For Seniors Over 60

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. And today we're going to show you the best beach cruiser for seniors over 60. We have our riders behind us. So stick around.

So today, we're going to show you the best beach cruiser for seniors over 60. But before we do, hit that subscribe button below. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, products, and of course, giveaways for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. Okay, so we have our senior over 60 riders here, and we are going to show you the EVRYjourney beach cruiser touring hybrid. It's a multipurpose bike, but it also fits into the beach cruiser family. And we are going to show you why it is so great for senior riders over 60. But before we do, let's meet our riders and get to know a little bit more about their height, weight, and their riding habits. Starting right here. Tell everyone your name and your height, and weight.

Hi, I'm Eddie. I am 62 years old. I weigh 240 pounds. I am 5' 10", and I live in Ventura, California, where we ride our bikes a lot in that community and we're close to the beach. So we are always looking for the best beach cruiser. I've yet to find it, but I think I'm getting close.

And Eddie just had knee surgery about a year and a half ago. We'll show you why this beach cruiser, the EVRYjourney beach cruiser, is also great for that. Moving on here. Tell everyone about yourself.

Hi, I'm Catherine. I'm 66 years old. I'm 5' 8", 120 pounds. I haven't ridden in about a year. I usually ride a really heavy beach bike on Okracoke Island every summer.

Cool. All right. Thank you. And moving on here. Tell everyone about yourself.

Hi, I'm Marilyn. I'm 70 years old. I'm 5'8". I'm 140 pounds, and I haven't ridden a bike in 20 plus years.

And we will show you why this beach cruiser is so good to get back into riding, even if you haven't ridden in 20 years. And last but not least, tell everyone about yourself.

I'm Mike. I'm 61, I'm 6'1". I'm 195 pounds. I live over by Venice Beach, California, where we do a lot of biking and surfing. And this looks like a good bike to attach my surfboard cart to.

That it is. Cool. Okay. So as you can see, we have different riders, different body types, and different use cases. So the number one thing that makes this bike the best beach cruiser for seniors over 60 is the four custom adjustment points. I'm going to grab my tools here really quick. On a beach cruiser, you're, obviously, mostly looking for comfort. And the beauty of the EVRYjourney beach cruiser and what makes it the best beach cruiser for seniors over 60 is the four custom adjustment points. I'm going to show them to you right here on this bike.

Now you have two adjustment points on your handlebars. And I will say on all the bikes that our riders are on right now, we've already custom adjusted them to fit their bodies. So you can see when they, you guys are welcome to step onto the bike and show them what you look like with your on. Four custom adjustment points. One is right here at the handlebars. You're going to use a six-millimeter Allen key, and that's going to allow you to adjust the tilt of the bike and tilt of the handlebar. So this is important to finding the correct position to get your elbows, your shoulders, and your back in the most comfortable spot possible.

On the top here, you have another bolt where you can adjust the height. And you can... Whoop, just pulled it right out. No problem. So you can adjust the height of the handlebars here. You can make it lower. You can pull it up. I'll go ahead and tighten that right there. Now moving on to the seat, you also have this easy, quick release where you can raise and lower the seat very simply. Just pull the clamp back, and the seat can go all the way down. A good thing about this beach cruiser is it can accommodate heights of 4'11" to 6'2" for women, and about 5'4" to 6'4" for the men's frame.

Now you can raise the seat here. So the fact that you can accommodate so many heights comfortably on this bike makes it one of the best beach cruisers. Now, in addition to that, you can also adjust the tilt of the seat. So you can put your wrench here and you can loosen right here. And this is a 14-millimeter wrench, and this is going to allow you to tilt your seat forward or tilt it back and you can find the position that's right for you. And then you can come in here and just crank that down and you're going to get that all the way tightened.

So the four custom adjustment points allow you to get this dialed in perfectly to your body. And as you can see behind us, again, we have two women riders who are 5'8". Eddie's 5'10", and Mike's 6'1". And we've been able to adjust it perfectly to their bodies with these four custom adjustment points.

In addition, this bike features a forward pedaling design. If you can see, the pedals are actually here. On a typical frame, the pedals are going to be right below the seat. They're moved forward about six inches. What this does is it allows the rider to get their feet flat on the ground when stopped so you can safely stop. You can see Marilyn right there is a perfect example, feet are flat on the ground, everyone else also. So when you stop, it's very safe, because you can quickly get your feet down and we're going to show you that when they go for a little test ride. But when you're riding, you're still going to get ample leg extension because with that forward pedaling, you're going to get the leg extension you need without having to raise the seat.

You can also keep the seat very low to the ground because you're going to get the leg extension with the forward pedaling so it makes it easier to mount and dismount this bike. Which brings me to my next point is the step-through frame. We have two frames available, non-step through and step through. You can see, that Mike is on the non-step through. If you're taller or your feel you're more athletic, you can go for the non-step through the frame. It's a bigger frame, comfortable for taller individuals. But with a simple step through, you can easily mount and dismount the bike. Actually, would you guys all mind just quickly getting off the bike and then getting on the bike and showing them how you pull your leg through?

And don't forget Eddie had knee surgery and there he goes. He puts his leg right in. Now Mike is mounting from the rear swooping his leg over. But again, that's a great feature. The other thing I'll mention is the style. We have five colors right here. And in terms of beach cruisers, hard to find such a vast palette of colors. We also have four additional colors on our website you can check out under the EVRYjourney new colors. So brings the color total actually with some additional men's colors, there are about 10 different colorways you can choose from with this bike.

So four custom adjustment points, the forward pedaling design. In addition, the ergonomic riding position. You can see everybody has a perfect back upright, and shoulders are relaxed. The benefit, you are not going to have pain when riding. Your body will not feel that pain of typical tension in the muscles, the tension in the lower back. In addition, we have an oversized bucket saddle. That also is going to help reduce or eliminate the pain in your rear after riding. That can be a big problem if you go for longer rides. If you really want to push your body, you just don't want to ride five, or 10 miles and be sore for the next week or two weeks. So with the ergonomic position and the oversized saddle, you're not going to experience that pain. It really is truly beautiful.

The other thing is how light this bike is. This is an aluminum frame. Two huge benefits. One, the bike is going to roll smooth, roll easily, and be very efficient. It's going to feel like it's gliding. Secondly, it's easy to lift. If you need to get it on and off of a car rack or put it into an RV or bring it up some stairs, it's very easy. Do you guys mind hopping off really quick and just showing how you can lift the bike up? Now you don't have to bring it above your head, but as much as you're possible. There you go. And Marilyn's going to get it too. There she goes. See, it really is that light. It's going to weigh about 43 pounds. And if you need to get it onto a car rack, you can know with the aluminum frame it's not too heavy. Anybody can do it.

In addition to that, front and rear hand brakes are going to make it really safe for stopping with the caliper brakes and you have the seven speeds. It is also available in a three-speed, seven-speed, seven-speed internal, external derailleur, and 21-speed. But the gears are going to give you that ability to ride varying lengths. So if you want to do hills, or flat ground, having the speeds is going to be a huge benefit. Single speeds are great for simplicity, but if you want to add some miles or go up hills, this is super versatile. Again, another reason that makes this the best beach cruiser for seniors over 60. Also, if you need to maybe take some tension off your muscles and your legs, put it in first gear. It'll be super easy to pedal, which makes it a delight to ride. And honestly, it really, really glides.

Last thing I'll say is with the inflated tires or sorry, the 2.125-inch more balloon ish, mid-range balloon tire, it's going to absorb a lot of the vibration. It's not going to vibrate through your body because the balloon tires will absorb it, just making a more overall comfortable ride. So if you go over some bumps and things like that, it will feel great on your body.

All right, with that said, is everyone ready to go for a test ride?


Now watch them when they ride, the most important thing is how comfortable they are, and how easy it is to get going. And don't forget Marilyn hasn't ridden in 20 years and Eddie had knee surgery. The riding position, the simple ability to control the bike, and its lightness of it makes it great for all those use cases. So have at it, whoever wants to go first.

Now, look at their body riding, very comfortable, upright ergonomic, best beach cruiser for seniors over 60. And don't forget, get your matching helmet to your bike. Another huge benefit. You can fully match with bags. The other thing I'll say is the EVRYjourney is fully customizable. You can have bags match the frame, your helmet matches the frame. So if you really want to make it your own, check out our customizer and customize it, easily customizable. How's the ride?

Beautiful. The seat's the best actually.

You can see the full upright. Look at Mike, very relaxed, comfortable. And here comes Marilyn with her shoulders back. All right. How'd everyone like the ride?


Here comes... I don't think Marilyn wants to get off, actually.

She's taking a longer ride.

All right, there you have it. The EVRYjourney touring hybrid cruiser bike from sixthreezero is the best beach cruiser for seniors over 60. If you have any other additional questions, please comment below or email us, at or call us, at (310) 982-2877. Also, you can find these bikes on our website, Also, if you want to take our proprietary body fit quiz, you're going to answer a few questions about your body and your life and our proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect bike for your body and life. In addition, we have a 365-day test ride your bike policy. If you don't love your bike within 365 days, send it back. No questions asked. No money out of your pocket at all. Lastly, be a part of our community.

You can download the app or join our Facebook pedalers group. It's a great place to join before you have a bike and after. Before you have the bike, you can hear experiences from real riders. Also, see the miles people are logging on the app on the actual bikes. And after you buy a bike, share photos, track your rides on the app, compete on the app on the leaderboard for the weekly contest, giveaways of bikes, e-bikes, and accessories, and make a lot of new friends. So thank you to our senior over 60 riders for joining us. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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