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Awesome EBike Rickshaw! Transport Adults, Kids & Individuals with Disabilities on Passenger Tricycle

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero and today I'm going to introduce you to our newest product, our EVRYjourney electric Tricycle, a rickshaw for passengers. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to introduce you to our new EVRYjourney, an electric Tricycle, Rickshaw for passengers. You can see the seat right here. Before we get into this awesome new product, don't forget, to hit subscribe below. Stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, all the giveaways we do, and of course our new product releases. So this product has been long time in the making for a while. We've been wanting to make a tricycle to allow passengers to come along for the ride and now we have done it. Our EVRYjourney electric Tricycle passenger rickshaw. Let me go ahead and walk you through this product.

Okay, so let's get right into it. As you can see we've used our traditional swooping frame. We wanted it still to be easy to get on and off for most riders. Very simple. You can step on the pedal, pull the brakes, mount, and dismount, and then you're on. And also one thing I'll just point out is it's a very comfortable ride. It's got our traditional upright ergonomic riding position. The bars curve in, you see, I don't have to lean forward at all. Keep your body upright, really easy to steer, and super comfortable. Now let's move back. We got our typical oversized seat, also very comfortable as well. And of course, we have a quick release right here to move the seat up and down and our suspension seat post, you're going to have a lot of weight on this tricycle. The suspension seat post is nice because it's going to move up and down over bumps. You can see as I put a little pressure on it. So again, just making it more comfortable as you ride, you go up and down, things like that.

All right, let's make our way back to the back of the tricycle. Here is our seat. At the end here we're going to show you some more demonstrations of how many riders this can fit. I've taken this out with my children. I have a six, a four, and a two-year-old. All three can fit here. And you can see we have a seatbelt and in some of the photos we have in the white background, there's no seatbelt, but just so you know, there is a seatbelt and this can fit around. Again, I will say three small children probably up to the age of 10, or two adults that I would say are small to average size adults or one larger adult and maybe one larger adult, one small child, and you can use the seatbelt. I'll just go ahead and show you a quick demonstration.

I can fit back here, no problem. Let's not roll away here and I can pull the seatbelt and the seatbelt's adjustable so I can go ahead and loosen it and click in and you can see I am 5'10, about 220, and I've got enough room right here for one additional child that could fit there. All right, so I'm going to go ahead and hop off and it's pretty comfortable. Yes, you're a little bit close to the seat here, but not too bad. The benefit of that is what we wanted to try to create was something a little more compact. Other rickshaws exist that you've probably seen in cities where people get towed around. The problem with that for at-home consumer use is it's going to be way too big in this size. It's not that much bigger than a standard tricycle.

I can keep this in my garage at home and it's not bad. It's almost just like a trike. There's a little bit of an extension right here, but again, it's not going to take up something where you've got this huge compartment in the back here. You can see the footrest right here, which is great. You can put your feet down and rest your feet during your rides. You've got four-inch tires in the front and the rear. Now here's the interesting thing that makes for complete stability and safety of this electric rickshaw trike. 

These are 20 inches in the rear and 24 inches in the front, and what that does is it sets the rear end a little bit lower than the front, creating a lower center of gravity in the back, making it easier to balance and safer on turns, and just overall more of a stable ride. You can see when I ride this thing and you have passengers, it's stable, it's safe, doesn't feel like you're going to tip over.

So it's good to have that lower center of gravity in the back here. Also with these, they're going to be a nice cushy ride, and should you want to go on trails or something, you can do that. These are more rugged tires. These are going to grip the pavement. Again, you don't want to slide around. You don't want something that's going to be dangerous. Okay, now moving BA and we have the fenders obviously on the front and the rear. Just going to add a nice aesthetic and also prevent splash-up, and things like that. Okay, under the seat here in our production model, we are going to have a basket. So there's going to be mesh in here. Right now it's just open, but there will be mesh under which you can store items under there and they won't fall through, so that'll be great to take things on your ride.

Now let's get into the other benefit of disc brakes. We've got disc brakes in the front and the rear, and we've got a disc brake on both wheels here in the rear and on the front too. So you're going to have great stopping power. Honestly, when you pull these, the bike is going to stop, no problem. It's not going to go anywhere. Again, when we built this and designed it, we had to make sure this could be safe enough to bring passengers so you could balance safely, stop safely, the whole nine yards. Okay, let's talk about the electronics and the range and everything like that. This is a 21 amp hour battery with Samsung cells. When we talk about the range, I'm going to say up to 50 miles of range. It possibly could be more depending on if you use the pedal assist, if you use the throttle, or however you operate it, the reason the range is going to vary so much on a rickshaw trike like this is going to be because of the passenger load.

If you're riding a single passenger, you quite honestly with this size battery, a 21 amp hour battery, you could get ranges up to 70 miles, 80 miles if you're just in pedal assist. Now, if you're just using throttle could be less. Keep in mind you've got three tires touching the ground here and these are four-inch wide tires, so it's going to be more drag on the battery. It's going to drain the battery faster than if you had less rubber hitting the road. Now again, up to a 500-pound capacity on this, we recommend up to 300 pounds on the seat here. If you're riding around at 500 pounds, the battery's going to drain quicker than if you're riding around at 200 pounds. So it's very hard for me to pinpoint an exact range. That's why we say up to 50 miles, but I've personally ridden this thing 50 miles and I've still had a bar left on the battery.

And it also depends on whether are you using the flat ground. Are you riding on major hills? Being on big hills with a heavy load is going to drain the battery faster. So you'll have to get familiar with your riding habits where you're riding to get a feel for how long will the battery last. But this is a huge battery. We put a huge battery on it because you want to take this trike out for some rides with a family member, a friend, your kids, or whatever it may be, and you want that battery to last. Now let's move up here to the motor, which is in the front hub. This is a big 750-watt bong motor. Bong has become well known in the e-bike motor space. You can see how large that thing is in the wheel. Having a front hub motor is great on these bikes for a couple of reasons.

One is, should the motor ever go out? If you own this for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, the motor goes out, replacing it's going to be very easy. We would just send you a new front wheel, disconnect one cable, plug it in, put the wheel on, and you're off and running. So the long-term ownership and replacement are going to be very simple and easy. And also this thing is super powerful. I'm going to demonstrate it for you in a minute. I've had three passengers on the back plus me, and I've been able to hit 20 miles an hour with the throttle only. Now, I don't recommend, obviously traveling at high speeds. The safety of your passenger is most important, but this motor is going to give you the power you need. You've got a light here in the front. You've also got your display right here. Go ahead and turn this on and show you.

You've got your battery, you've got it all charged up. You've got your level of pedal assist here. You've got your distance, your speed, and apparently, we've got our temperature outside as well. It's also going to tell you your output when you're using the motor. And then if you come over here, this is your throttle. So you've got a pedal assist option and a throttle option on this electric trike. So you can push this down, let me go ahead and heads up and you can see it's going to move or you can do it in pedal assist or you can choose to not use the motor at all. So you can decide on the pedal assist, throttle, or whatever you want to do. The throttle works great on flat ground. It's easy to use. You can use the throttle to get going, which is nice because sometimes with this getting started from a dead stop is going to be a little bit challenging.

So pushing the throttle is going to be a super helpful way to get going very easily. And we've decided to go with brown accents. So our brown bench seat, our brown seat here for the rider, and our brown grips. And then you've got your two breaks up here. The other benefit is you also have a seven-speed [inaudible 00:10:13]. So the benefit of this is in pedal assist, if you're coming up hills, you have the gear ratio so you can go into first gear. Also, if you want to go faster, put it into seventh gear. So it's going to give you that range when you're in pedal assist to decide what gear is best for you, and it just makes for a better riding experience riding this thing on a street. I'll go ahead and show you quickly without using the motor, it doesn't feel that difficult.

So let me just show you right now. Now obviously I don't have passengers, but right now I'm not using any assistance and I'll demonstrate in a minute here with a passenger how you could also not use the motor.

Okay, one last feature is also the front fork, which is a suspension fork. This is also great because you can choose if you want to lock it out, lock it out means that you just basically eliminate the suspension element or you can have the suspension and this can move up and down. The beauty of that is honestly just creating a smoother cushier ride for not only you but your passengers. So the bike will absorb some of the bumps and terrain and you won't feel the vibrations where if you have the four o'clock tower, you'll be able to go a little faster, roll a little smoother, but you're going to feel vibrations throughout the frame a little bit more. So let me go ahead and just do a quick demo of me riding by myself and then we'll get some passengers on here for you. So if you want to just come a little closer.

We have a little bell here too. So you're just going to push this and we saw, you saw how powered on, and I'm just going to show you right now throttle. So I'm just going to go ahead and hit the throttle. And you can see this thing takes off and the turning is easy, so it's nimble. Now, the key to driving any trike is just knowing that you can do a zero-turning radius. Now I'll just show you pedal assist, which I mean it's going to do the same thing. Let you start pedaling, and in comes the motor and the break. And you can see I'm actually on a slight hill right here. So coming up here, I'm coming a little bit uphill, click in, there it goes, pedal assists, and I'm cruising up the hill.

Okay, now let me go ahead and demonstrate with a single adult passenger. Okay, we've got Alana with us, Alana's five-one, about 110-ish pounds. We're going to demonstrate her on the back with me at 220, so we're at about 330 total pounds. We'll show you how easily the Rickshaw Tricycle handles it. And then after that, we're going to add another adult passenger. So if you want to go ahead and get on, she can just demonstrate she's got her seatbelt.

Got it nice and tight? Okay.

Speaker 2:

Yep, feels good.

Speaker 1:

Now my turn, and I'll just go ahead and use the throttle. You can see this thing is very powerful and with Alana on it, the motor doesn't even really struggle at all.

And here we come, coming back. How's the ride?

Speaker 2:

It's great and smooth.

Speaker 1:

Now let's do it one more time. I'm going to go ahead and let me just show you. I'm going to turn the motor off. Now, no promises here, but we'll see how this performs without the motor. And this is what I mean, you can see even without the motor, I can get her going pretty easily. Now, this is downhill, so let's try the uphill. Now this may be a little bit more difficult, but you can see I still can do it, but let me just go ahead and kick on that pedal assist. Ah, there we go. Much easier. And we're back. Okay, now let's throw one additional adult rider on the back and demonstrate that.

Okay, so now we have Nate, who's normally behind the camera, and Alana, so I would consider these our small to average-size adults and they can both get on there if Alana might just slide over a little bit more for him. There we go. Okay, there we go. Now let's just go ahead and do the throttle again. How do you guys feel?

Speaker 2:

Very good.

Speaker 1:

Let's see the side angle, they're on there and I'm just using the throttle, and no problem for the EVRYjourney electric tricycle. And the beauty is still, we're going to have a great turning range.

And let's get off this hill. Now obviously we're moving a little slower than we did with just Alana and Nate, you weigh about 160.

Speaker 3:


Speaker 1:

So we've got about 270 plus me, so right about 490 right now and we're still doing okay. Okay, and let me know just demonstrate in no, let me turn the pedal assist off. Okay, so I can still get us downhill.

Okay, now I'm turning no pedal assist right now. A little harder getting up the hill. So let's go ahead and put this on. And there we go. Now we're cruising 490 pounds, easily can do it. How's the ride?

Speaker 2:


Speaker 1:

And we'll come to a stop. Okay, now we've got me and my wife Kara on here. I'm 220, Kara is 5'9. We are in the medium to large adult category and Alana's going to drive us. We're going to show you how it operates. All right, this is our first adventure on this. Are we good?

Speaker 2:

I think so. This is my first time.

Speaker 1:

Let's keep that a nice easy pace.

Good steering.

Speaker 5:

When does the fourth break here? What's the maximum?

Speaker 1:

Are you doing full throttle? Yeah. Yeah, it's going well. We're going uphill. Not bad. Easy peasy.

Speaker 5:

Is this how the kids feel like they're going to fall off? Probably not.

Speaker 1:

Well, so all this audio is being recorded right now. Okay. We're going to go for pedal assist now.

Good to go. All right, we're cruising. Two full-grown adults. There you have it. Okay, cool. We're just going to do a little ride along here with Alana on the back and going to show you how this baby performs. Let's do this. Honestly, even without a rider, it's comfortable. Do you feel safe back there?

Speaker 2:

Yeah, totally.

Speaker 1:

Okay. I don't know if you can shoot this hill, but this is a pretty massive hill and we're going to come back up this hill with Alana, and just also like the brakes work good.

All right, coming down. No problem. All right, this is going to be a beast coming back up, but we can do it. I just want to show you guys a couple of things too. People might have questions about whether can this fit in a bike lane. Can it go on a sidewalk? Let me go ahead and show you right now. We'll go ahead and answer those questions. So here's the bike lane, and you can see no problem, we're in the bike lane, right? And it's not that much wider than a normal tricycle. Okay, we're going to turn left here. And I also going to show you sidewalk riding too. Go ahead and take this a little slower, but here's a normal sidewalk and we can fit on that as well. So if you're not comfortable going on the street, you can go on the sidewalk. Even right up here, we've got trees and bushes to contend with and we can do it with no problem. So it's really easy and easy to drive and nimble, honestly. So we'll come down here and now we'll just turn around and we're going to tackle that hill.

All right? Okay, so we've got 300 and about 30 pounds on here right now, getting the bike lane. Now we're going to need to pedal to get up this hill. We're not going to be able to just do throttle because of the load size. Okay, we're going to wait for the cars here. It's fun back there, isn't it?

Speaker 2:

Yeah, it is. I love it.

Speaker 1:

Okay, let's do this. All right, now I'll just do the throttle a little bit. I think we get a little steeper here. I'm going to have to start pedaling. Here we go. Well just imagine we've got the weight of the bike, the tires plus me and Alana, and I don't know if you can shoot the hill. This is a pretty big hill, pretty steep anyways, and honestly, not too bad. Now I got it in first gear, which makes it easier to pedal. We're getting to the steepest section right here. So this is the home stretch right here. I actually can go one gear lower, there we go. Now obviously we're slowing down a little bit at the steepest part, but we're still making it. And let's just be clear, I'm not making it up this hill without of motor, so it's making this pretty easy. And there we have it. We did it. Still have a full battery too.

So there we go. Our electric tricycle rickshaw for passengers. We have some other footage that we can put up right now. I put some children on here as well. You can see from that it's easy to load them and cruise around. Now obviously even with my three kids, the weight is going to be less than the two adults that we just carried. So again, no problem for children. You can buckle them in, there'll be a safe ride for them. And if you have any other questions at all about this e-trike, please comment below or email us the or call us at (310) 982-2877. And if you're in the market for an electric trike for passengers, visit our website If you don't know what bike you're in the market for, take our proprietary body fit quiz only takes less than two minutes, answer a few questions about your body and your life, and our proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect e-bike or bike for you.

In addition to that, we have a 30-day test ride your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket, and we're going to warranty this for one year. So if you have any issues at all, we'll take care of everything within the first year battery, motor, you name it so you don't have to worry about it because we know this is a more expensive product. We're here to take care of you. And we also have a full customer service team that's always available to answer your questions about any elements of this bike or any other bike should you own.

In addition to that, join our community. You can join our Facebook pedalers group or download our app. Great places to talk to the existing six 30 riders, hear about their experiences, how they like their bikes, and also see how many miles they're logging on the app. In addition to that, after you have your bike, it's a great place to join. The app is a great place to track your rides and make friends. It's a lot of fun. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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