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Awesome Ebike Helmet You Have to See! | Great Full Coverage Electric Bicycle Helmet for Safe Riding

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero, and today I just wanted to walk you through a little bit more details about the sixthreezero helmet. I've got the helmet right here. This is an awesome CPSC-approved helmet. CPSC is the Consumer Product Safety Commission, so we have had this tested and it has been approved. Inside the helmet, there's actually a sticker there. So, I just wanted to point out that this is going to be a great helmet to wear on an e-bike or regular bike ride. A couple of things I really wanted to show you specifically about this helmet. Now we have two sizes, the medium and the large, and we indicate the circumference of the head for each side. But the cool thing is in the back of the helmet here, we have this adjustable dial. And so, this is going to give you a little more variance in the helmet.

When you put it on, you can tell if you need to get it a little tighter. You can dial that in, get it tighter, and then you can do your strap here. Of course, the straps are adjustable. You want to make sure it's a snug fit. It doesn't move when it's on your head, and that really can be dialed in with this dial on the back here. You can find whatever the perfect tension is, and that's going to keep the helmet secure. Then, if you want to take it off, you can also just loosen it and quickly pull it off. Now, on the inside of the helmet, we've got padding here that's actually velcroed in. You've got it on the edges here for your forehead and the back of your head, and then padding in the top of the head here as well.

It fits very snugly and is very comfortable, and is easy to get on and off. And of course, you've got your protective foam on the inside here. It makes it comfortable and obviously safe. The other thing is you have a lot of air vents here. We try to accomplish an aerodynamic design, but also a full coverage design with something a little more fashionable. We have the brim on the front here. And when I say full coverage, a lot of helmets are just on the top of the head. Our helmet actually comes down in the back of the head, so a little bit farther down in the back of the head. Some helmets, again, are more on the top of the head, so in case you were to fall and hit your head, you've got the coverage back here, and then you've got side coverage as well.

You've got a very good amount of your head covered, which is great, obviously very safe. As I said, you have these air vents here, so you've got the two in the front, two in the top, two on each side. It's going to draw in the cool air. And you can see through here in the helmet, you've got the vents coming all the way through, so it's going to cool your head while you're riding. The air will be able to blow straight in the front here as you're riding, so your head is not going to sweat. You really need to do that if you're talking about going for a full-coverage helmet. And this is a great helmet for e-bikes because if you're riding an e-bike, you want as much coverage on your head as possible.

This is a hybrid sort of motorcycle helmet, meets bike helmet, or snowboarding helmet, but you're getting full protection again on your head so you can feel safe while riding. The other benefit is the color selection we have. We have cream, teal, navy, and black that color coordinate and match our bikes. This is the cream one. This is the teal one. Unfortunately, I don't have the navy one right here, but we also have the black one. And then, we have our mint green helmet, which matches our mint green. We have a light blue helmet, and a Cora helmet. You can check out all the colors on the website. All right, so that is the 630 bike helmet. Thank you for watching. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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