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ATTENTION HEAVY RIDERS: MUST SEE Electric Tricycle ! Over 300lbs this is the Electric Trike for You

Hey, everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you an electric tricycle that's great for heavier riders. Stick around.

All right. Today we're going to show you and demonstrate our electric trike that's great for heavier riders. Before we do, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, giveaways, and, of course, new product releases.

All right. Right here we have our sixthreezero electric rickshaw tricycle, but this is just also a great multipurpose trike. We do have the seat on the back, but, again, this rides like a normal e-trike. We're going to demonstrate that today. I have Adam with me on my left and Jasper here on my right. Adam, how much do you weigh? Oh, wait, let me get my microphone out.

Adam: I weigh 340 pounds.

Dustin: And how tall are you?

Adam: About 5'10".

Dustin: Okay. Perfect. Jasper, how about you?

Jasper: I'm 5'9", 250.

Dustin: Okay. Perfect. So what I wanted to demonstrate is how our e-trike here, 750 watts, can perform with heavier riders. We have a lot of riders out there ... Questions ... I would say a majority of adults that contact us are over 200 pounds, and they want something that gives them enough power. We're going to demonstrate today not only each of them riding it individually but then we're going to show you, them riding it with one of them on the back as well.

Again, this is a 750-watt, let me go ahead and put my mic back on here, electric trike. The motor's in the front hub here. The other benefit is we have a 21 amp hour battery, so you're going to get 20 to 50 miles a range. You're also going to be able to hit top speeds at 20 miles an hour if you just use the throttle, and 28 miles an hour if you're in pedal assist as well.

Also, you have 24-inch, four-inch wide tires in the rear ... Or sorry, 20-inch in the rear and 24-inch in the front. It's set down lower in the back to give it a better center of gravity. That's going to prevent tipping, make it more nimble, easier to steer. It's also great when you have the passenger in the rear as well because you want that weighed down to make sure the bike has a low center of gravity.

We're going to demonstrate how easy it is to ride, and how fun it is to ride. The other benefit of the four-inch tires provides a cushy ride. You can go over bumpy terrain and things like that, so if you're riding by yourself, you want to go on some hard pack trails, no problem.

You also have the seatbelt in the back here for the safety of the back rider. Nice oversized seat here. Lots of questions about whether we can replace this seat. Yes, you can easily change this seat. Put a seat with a backrest that is available to you if you're interested in a trike. You have your display up here, all your pedal assist functions up here.

If you're looking for more info on this e-rickshaw trike, you can check it out on our channel. We've made a lot of videos about all the specs, and how it performs. Everything like that.

Lastly, it has three disc brakes, one on the front wheel, and two on the rear. So, stopping power is going to be ample. If you are a rider over 200, 250, or 300 pounds, we're going to show you how it stops great.

Yeah, and in addition to that, easy-to-use [inaudible 00:03:33] up here when you pull these. Again, we'll show you all that in the demonstration. Who wants to go first?

Adam: I'll do it.

Dustin: Okay. All right, Adam, so go ahead and hop on. Let me know about the seat as well.

Adam: All right.

Dustin: If that's too high, too low. Go ahead and grab the brake when you get on.

Adam: Yeah.

Dustin: There you go.

Adam: There we go.

Dustin: How's the seat?

Adam: It's pretty comfortable.

Dustin: Too high, too low? Okay?

Adam: Yeah, it feels okay.

Dustin: Okay, cool. All right, so if you want to go ahead, we'll turn it on right here. All right, so now you are in level five. Let's just turn it down a little bit.

Adam: Yeah.

Dustin: And if you can just go ... Yeah, make a little loop through the parking lot, and you can try the throttle as well.

Adam: Over there? Yeah.

Dustin: It's pretty nimble for having a seat in the back, isn't it?

Adam: Yeah. I mean, I was expecting a shorter turning radius, but this is ... It's pretty nimble.

Dustin: Yeah. What Adam said, if you couldn't hear, he said he is surprised by the turning radius and how easy it is to turn. You can do one more loop just by the red curb and come back over there too, yeah.

Adam: One more?

Dustin: Yeah. It's very responsive, isn't it?

Adam: I really assist when it comes to getting started.

Dustin: He said he likes that assist when it comes to getting started. You can see the motor, and the motor's responsiveness. Still gets him going. We only have him in level two right now.

Adam: And I'm just barely kissing the motor, too.

Dustin: Yeah.

Adam: And it's only two.

Dustin: So for your weight, you feel like it would give you the power you need.

Adam: Easily. Easily.

Dustin: Cool.

Adam: Yeah, definitely.

Dustin: All right, Jasper. Your turn. Jasper's 250 and Adam's 350, so we'll see. We can lower the seat or raise the seat.

Jasper: The seat's pretty good.

Dustin: Okay.

Jasper: Yeah.

Dustin: All right. Now, if you've never ridden a trike ... Jasper's, never been on an electric trike before, so when you come into the turns, just lay off the acceleration.

Jasper: Of course. [inaudible 00:06:16].

Adam: Yeah. I mean, that's always the hardest part of riding a bike or trike or whatever is getting started. That initial push. When you have that assist, it's just easy. It's so easy to get started.

Dustin: Yeah. You've ridden our other e-trikes before.

Adam: And e-bikes. Yes. Yeah, and it's-

Jasper: It's pretty fast without the [inaudible 00:06:45].

Adam: I would even say this one has more power, definitely.

Dustin: Well, it does. This has a bigger motor.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. It's definitely super easy.

Dustin: Then, the seat, you said ... Do you even really notice that there's a seat back there when you're driving it?

Adam: Not at all. I did not notice there was a seat back there. It was just as if I was on another tricycle. Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. Did you feel the same way too, it's easy to steer.

Jasper: Yeah, definitely. When you said rickshaw, I was like ... Those move pretty fast, but I was still skeptical because it's kind of like a bike still, but it doesn't feel like there's a seat back there at all. It picks up so fast even without the accelerator.

Dustin: Yeah.

Jasper: It's pretty crazy.

Dustin: Cool.

Jasper: Oh, wow.

Dustin: All right, well, let's go ahead and leave Jasper on now. Adam, can you go ahead and get on the back?

Adam: Let's do it.

Dustin: And now let's just be extra careful here.

Adam: Yep.

Jasper: Right. Brakes engaged.

Dustin: And just stay away from the cars here. Stay close to the left. Okay, so we've got a combined weight now of about 600 pounds between the two of you guys. I'll start.

Jasper: All strapped in, sir?

Adam: There we go.

Dustin: All right.

Adam: Safety first.

Dustin: You can also increase the pedal assist if you need more power. Get ready. You don't even need to stand up, honestly.

Jasper: Right, like just moves.

Adam: Yeah.

Dustin: And you're only in pedal assist, too.

Jasper: Even if you kind of get a little tired, you just push [inaudible 00:08:17].

Adam: Yeah.

Jasper: It brings it back around. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool.

Adam: [inaudible 00:08:24]. Yeah. Night and day from an unassisted.

Dustin: Let's rotate and see Adam driving.

Jasper: There wasn't even really a difference, though.

Adam: Right?

Dustin: Really? For the-

Jasper: Like, on it or not, as far as the ...

Dustin: How did it feel steering him on the back?

Jasper: The steering? It was the exact same.

Adam: Yeah.

Jasper: I mean, I expected, because there was someone back there, for it to drag a little, but not at all.

Dustin: Yeah.

Jasper: It's still the exact same.

Dustin: That's great. That's awesome. Good to hear.

Adam: Oh, wow.

Dustin: All right, Adam, go ahead and take him for a ride.

Adam: All right.

Jasper: [inaudible 00:08:57].

Adam: [inaudible 00:08:57].

Dustin: Yeah, they're only in level two right now. You can always increase the assist if you need more power.

Adam: I mean, honestly, I don't even need more. Like maybe if you're going uphill, you might need more, but like this, absolutely fine.

Dustin: He was just saying he doesn't need more power, maybe if we're going uphill, so you can feel the power's there if you need it. Again, 600 pounds right here, and they're only in level two. Pretty comfortable back there, isn't it?

Jasper: Really comfortable.

Adam: Yeah.

Jasper: It's a great ride. It's just a smooth straight ride. I really like it.

Adam: Again, no difference with or without a rider. Yeah.

Dustin: Still easy to steer?

Adam: Still easy to steer. Still easy to maneuver. Yeah.

Dustin: That's cool. Well, there you have it. We got our two riders over 200 pounds, Adam at three, about 350, and Jasper at 250 individually. They liked the ride, and together they liked the ride, too.

You can check out this bike on our website, If you have any other questions at all, you can comment below or email us at or call us at (310) 982-2877.

If you're in the market for an electric trike and you don't know what you want, you can go to our website, take our proprietary body fit quiz, and answer a few questions about your body and your life. We'll recommend the perfect e-trike, or e-bike for you.

Also, you have a 30-day test ride, your e-trike, and e-bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. You get a full one-year warranty on everything here. If anything goes wrong, we'll take care of it within a year.

Lastly, be a part of our community, our Facebook Pedalers group, and download our app. Great place to connect with existing riders before you purchase. Ask them questions, and see how they like their bike. Then after you have yours, make new friends, and track your rides on the app. It's a ton of fun. So, thank you for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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