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Are You a Senior Scared of Riding an Electric Bike? 3 Tips to Help You Overcome EBike Fear

Are you a senior scared of riding an electric bike? Stick around for the three tips I have. Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I've nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today, we're going to talk about if you're a senior scared to ride an e-bike, I've got three tips for you. Now, before we get into it, don't forget. Hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at SixThreeZero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, giveaways we do, and of course, new product releases. And on that note right here we have our Simple Step-Thru 500-watt e-bike, and our Zip n' Fold, 750-watt folding e-bike, two great e-bikes for senior e-bike riders. Check these out linked in the description below, and also in the corner of the video there. All right. I've been doing lots of test rides with riders over the ages of 55, and 60, senior riders that are getting into e-bikes for the first time.

We've just recently arranged a bunch of rides here in San Clemente to allow inexperienced e-bike riders to safely try them for the first time in a controlled environment. And there are a lot of people that have commented that they bought an e-bike a year ago, and they've been scared to use it, or scared to get on it. Many of them have commented that they have a partner who has an e-bike, the partner bought them an e-bike, and now they're scared to ride. And the whole idea was that they could go out and take e-bike rides together. Now it's not an uncommon feeling or thought to be a little bit scared about getting on an electric bike, especially when you're over the age of 60, because if you fall, or something happens, the likelihood of breaking a bone is much greater than when you're obviously in your twenties, or thirties, and when you're a little bit younger.

So the fears are valid. It's a good thing to keep you safe and make better decisions. Now with that said, I believe in e-bikes. I love electric bikes for the senior demographic, and I see them every day. It's inspiring to people, getting them out riding more than they've ever ridden, getting people out exercising that maybe have been inside, not getting as much activity as they should have. An e-bike gets them out, starts them riding again, and gives them that opportunity to get the exercise they need. Now, I've got three tips that I believe anybody scared of riding an e-bike should know about, three things that can help you make the right choice, and three things that also can help you feel safer when you do decide to get onto an e-bike. Okay, so tip number one, go to a controlled environment, and practice on an electric bike.

Now this is exactly what we're doing here. We're arranging these rides in a park. It's not crowded. It's got pathways with ample space where people can safely start to move, get up on the e-bike, practice, and go through the motions. We also have a nice big parking lot here, and we do a lot of test rides here as well. So just like if you were to go skiing for the first time, you wouldn't jump out to do a double black diamond. You would start on a bunny hill, and work your way up, get out to an open parking lot. Now if you don't own an e-bike, and you want to try to get comfortable in advance of purchasing, rent them. There are some good rental shops out there depending on where you live. Hopefully, you could find one. At SixThreeZero, we also offer a 30-day Test Ride Your E-bike policy, and you can send it back at no cost out of your pocket for up to 30 days.

So that can give you a window to practice as well. So the key is to just respect the e-bike, respect the power, give yourself the time to practice, take it slow, and get yourself used to the power and the output. Go real slow. Figure out how the Pedal Assist feels, how the throttle feels, just so you're to the point where you're ready to be on the open road. Right? It's very similar to learning to ride a car, except I think a lot of times, we get overconfident in some things when we get older. And some people tend to get on an e-bike, boom, they're off and running, and maybe they neglected to think about some things they should think about. So take your time.

Don't be embarrassed that you may take your time, and move a little slower. Even if you have a partner that's up and zipping around in no time, and that you still have a little bit of fear, that's okay. Work at your speed, and make sure you feel comfortable on an electric bike before you start tackling more crowded pathways, bigger hills, and things like that. I think it's, really, really important to just respect the power of an e-bike. Now, with the proper training, and getting yourself more comfortable, I think you can slowly start to build your confidence, and you'll feel your fear dissipate. We start to create these big thoughts of fear in our heads, and they start to overcome us. The reality is, if you watch on our YouTube channel, we have a lot of first-time e-bike riders experiencing e-bikes for the first time. There's this anticipation and anxiety about how it is going to feel when the motor first kicks in on the pedal assist.

It feels just like a bicycle but with a little bit of added assistance. And so if you've ridden a two-wheel bicycle before, it's not going to feel any different, and again, you're going to be able to control the power output. You have controls on your handlebar to dictate how little or how much assistance you want when you're riding the e-bike. So number one tip, if you're scared of riding an e-bike, practice in an open space, even get out on some grass, and practice on grass. If you're concerned about falling, you can ride on the grass on an e-bike. Either of these two e-bikes is more than capable of being ridden on grass, so it could soften the blow in the worst-case scenario of you falling, which I really don't think is going to happen if you just take your time, and move slowly.

Okay, number two tip, if you're scared of e-bikes, it's important to know that there are different-sized motors of e-bikes. Now, we do a lot of first-time e-bike rides with seniors over the age of 60 and 9 times out of 10, they ride an e-bike with 500 watts of power like this e-bike. This is a 750-watt, lot more power, and a lot more zip. Now, both of them are going to cap out at 20 miles an hour with the throttle, and 28 in Pedal Assist. The difference is really in the torque and the acceleration. 750-watt is going to be much quicker once you engage that motor than the 500-watt. It's also going to give you a little bit more power uphill. So if you're 250 pounds and over, and you're taking on very steep hills, you may want to opt for the 750 watts.

If you're going to do mostly flat ground with some minor hills, the 500-watt is going to be your best bet. But with that said, there are also 250-watt e-bikes, and I bring this up because a lot of seniors that get on for the first time, feel the power of a 500-watt, and only in level one. Keep in mind there are five levels of Pedal Assist. Only when they have it in level one, they all take a lap, and say, "Wow, I'm surprised how powerful level one is." And so I bring this up because if you have a partner that bought you an e-bike, or you're shopping for an e-bike, and you're scared, opt on the side of caution. Go with 500 watts or less. You can even do less than 250 watts.

We do have a version. We have two e-bikes. Our Around The Block and our EVRYjourney, also come in 250-watt options. I don't have those here, but if you're someone who just wants a little bit of help, but still wants to ride and pedal under your power, err on the side of caution. Go with something less powerful. The less powerful, the more likely it is that you'll be able to control it in all situations. With 750 watts, that is very, very powerful. If you fully accelerate, this e-bike's going to take off. And if you watch some of our videos, you can see people who have ridden this one versus this one, and they can feel the difference. And I will tell you. Just because you can have a bigger motor, it's not the right choice, right? I think a lot of people want to opt for the faster motor, but it's not for everyone. If you have any fear around it, any anxiety, or thoughts around the powerfulness of it, get something smaller.

Even if your partner wants a 750-watt, that doesn't mean you can't get a 250-watt or a 500-watt. The reality is, is the top speed on both is going to be the same. It's really in the acceleration. Now, another thing I want to point out as well in coordination with that, and it's my final tip actually, is the throttle. And a lot of times when I do the e-bike test rides, the throttle is the one thing that takes the most getting used to for our senior riders. Now I have two tips in regards to a throttle. Our e-bikes come with a throttle. This one's a twist throttle, so you twist right here to engage the throttle. This one is a thumb throttle right here, so you push it with your thumb. Now, I have two tips on the front of the throttle, and the twist throttle, because I think it's one of the most important things, which is don't engage the throttle if you don't feel comfortable using the throttle. Stick to the Pedal Assist.

You don't have to use the throttle at all. It's there if you would like to, but you don't have to go anywhere near it if you so choose. That's important to remember. The other piece of that is you have two options. You have one that's controlled with your thumb and one that's controlled by twisting here. So you can figure out what is most comfortable for you, what you have the most control over, and what you think will be best for your physical condition. Sometimes people with wrist arthritis, it's a little bit harder maybe to twist, but you may have some carpal tunnel too, so it may be harder to push, totally up to you and what's best for your body. But, if you have any fear, I see the throttle causing the most confusion initially. Now, I will say that as people get up and ride, they start to love the throttle.

You just have to make sure that you're careful with how you use it, you're aware of the throttle, and you understand the output you need to give it. A lot of times people get on, and they see the throttle here, and their first instinct is just push, push, push. The throttle acts as a gas pedal. The more you push it, the faster the bike goes. So you want to start to work it gradually in and get a feel for how much you're pushing it, and how much output you get. The same is true on the twist-throttle here. However much you twist, little or a lot is how much output you get. So when you get on your e-bike, don't just initially go for it full bam. You don't have to fully push it to engage it. It engages as you touch it and gradually move it forward.

So, so far, my three tips, number one, get out and practice. Number two, choose the right motor size. Err on the side of caution. Start with something smaller, and three, the throttle causes a lot of the issues I see initially, so be careful of it. My other tip with the throttle is anytime you are mounting or dismounting your e-bike when you're getting on your e-bike, leave the power off, and before you get off, turn the power off. That way, when you're with your e-bike standing here, there's nothing that can happen. I can push and twist all day. Nothing engages. There are no issues at all.

All right, now lastly, my fourth bonus tip, if you're scared of riding an e-bike to get you out and riding, find an e-bike that is easy to mount and dismount. That's another thing I see with seniors riding is that getting on and off is one of the most challenging points of the ride. The Simple Step-Thru has the lowest step-through height of any e-bike on the market. This is 11 inches, and you can simply step through the frame. I see a lot of senior riders. They go with something a little bit higher, and they still want to bring and sweep their legs around to mount and dismount. Don't do that. Get something safer, and easy to mount. The Zip n' Fold is a step-through as well. It's a little bit higher, but you've got a lot of nice open space here that makes it easy for you to step on and off. And I think this is going to make the ride quite a bit safer for you, much more comfortable, and easier when you stop to get off.

I see a lot of riders who have the most struggle in the beginning and the ending of the ride, which involves the mounting and the dismounting, but once they're up and riding, they feel great. So find something that is easy for you to get on and off. Make sure that you are aware of your athletic ability, and choose the right frame that is going to suit you best, and you will feel more safe, and more comfortable. So part of your anxiety, if you have an e-bike, and you haven't ridden, it could be around, maybe the bike is just not right for you. Just remember, there are lots of different frames and lots of different handlebars, and you can help mitigate that fear. I think if you get a product that will make you feel safe. Maybe you're staring at an e-bike, or looking at e-bikes, and you're thinking to yourself, "Gosh, those just don't look safe to me. They're too big. They're too bulky. It's too heavy."

And every e-bike has a different design philosophy. Simple Step-Thru is about simplicity, and ease. You can tell it looks like a regular bike. The motor is in the rear hub, low step-through, not super bulky. It's got 2.125-inch tires. Zip n' Fold is a little bit bulkier, has thicker tires, but has a smaller frame. Step-Thru, easy to mount and dismount. But again, you can help mitigate your fear, and not be as scared I believe if you choose the product that just doesn't intimidate you, right? It's like driving a car or choosing a car. Maybe a big four-by-four with huge oversized wheels looks intimidating to you to drive, but maybe a nice four-door sedan, you think, "Okay, I can handle that. I can make turns on it," right? It's like driving a U-Haul. It's always a little bit intimidating. That instills fear in us.

So you don't have to be scared of all e-bikes. You can find the right one for you. So that's my three tips plus my one bonus tip if you're scared of riding an e-bike. If you have any other questions at all, please put them in the comment section, shoot us an email at, or call us at (310) 982-2877. And if you live locally in Southern California, and you want to come by, do a test ride, and get some instruction on how to get up and ride on an e-bike, I'd be more than happy to help you with that. You can email us, or put that in the comments section. And don't forget. You can find the Zip n' Fold and the Simple Step-Thru on our website linked in the description below. Great options for senior riders, especially if you're a little bit scared of jumping into e-bike riding. And we offer a 30-day Test Ride Your E-bike policy.

If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. We're also going to warranty everything on the e-bike for up to a year. So anything goes wrong in that first year, we'll take care of it, no questions asked. Lastly, we have a Facebook Pedalers group and an app. Our Facebook Pedalers group has thousands of members. Jump in there. Ask them questions. See how they like their e-bikes before you purchase. Then once you have one, post it in the group. Make friends, and download the app to track your rides. It's tons of fun. So thanks for sticking around. And don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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