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Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good for Long Distance?

Before you purchase a new bike, you may be wondering, “Are beach cruisers good for long distance?” Find out what your beach cruiser is capable of and how to shop for long-distance bikes today. See how sixthreezero cruisers and hybrid bikes compare with other types for your next journey.

What Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Best For?

Picture a leisurely ride along the beach or a trail that weaves in and out of the city. These are some of the best riding experiences for a beach cruiser. The comfortable design, tough tires and low-speed capabilities of a cruiser are unlikely to help you win a race or climb a mountain, but they offer a comfortable way to explore your neighborhood.

Are cruisers good for long distance? It depends on the type of trail and your timeline. You won’t be blazing new trails like a mountain biker or clipping along at top speeds like a city biker, but a beach cruiser does allow you to comfortably travel for long distances. This is particularly true if you’re rocking a sixthreezero hybrid cruiser, with fully electric or assisted power.

Another great reason to choose a beach cruiser for your new favorite bike is its flexibility. This style of bicycle is equally comfortable on the trail, on the open road or weaving through city traffic. The rugged frame ensures you can enjoy a long-lasting ride, while the comfortably wide handlebars keep you riding for long periods of time.

What To Consider When Riding Long Distance on a Cruiser Bike

As you gear up for a long-distance ride on your beach cruiser, it’s important to plan your route and consider a few features. A little trip planning ensures you have a safe and fun long-distance ride.

Start by planning your route. A beach cruiser typically has a top speed around 15 miles per hour. If you have an electric bike, you can crank it up to 24 to 28 miles per hour.

Of course, these speeds aren’t going to last forever. Pedal assist mode for most electric bikes lasts for about 40 miles. A longer journey will require you to pause to recharge or to continue on at a comfortable unassisted pace.

Be sure to check your tires and plan for a flat during your trip. A beach cruiser has thicker, more durable tires than a touring bike or city bike, but even these durable tires could become flat while on the road. Always carry a tube repair kit and be prepared to do a little bike maintenance when you’re on a long-distance ride.

Other Bike Types for Long Distance

Explore what bikes are good for long distance to find a specialized ride for your next journey. A beach cruiser is a flexible option that can be used over long distances, but these other styles may be better suited for your next adventure:

  • Commuter
  • Fat tire
  • Hybrid

A commuter is a comfortable rider that can help you pick up the pace as you glide across the pavement. Fat tire bikes may not be the best option for a smooth road and a sunny day, but they offer rough-road and winter-weather traction that can be helpful for some journeys.

A hybrid bike can make those challenging sections of a ride fly by with relative ease. Wait until you need a break from pedalling to active the assist or full electric mode.

Find a Quality Cruiser With Sixthreezero

Whether you’re cycling through the hills or headed down the highway, be sure you have the best bicycle for your riding style and body type. Learn more about beach cruisers and other bike types at sixthreezero before ordering a quality ride at a great price online.


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