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7 Tips For New Bike Commuters

Whether you want to go car-free or just ride carefree, bicycling to work has many advantages. Not only does it save you money and help the environment, it’s also super healthy and can save you the hassle of being caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you’re thinking about ditching your car for an urban commuter bike, here are seven tips for new cyclist commuters: 

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

If you just bought a hybrid city bicycle, but haven’t pedaled in years, now is a good time to start. Find a driveway, park, or empty parking lot and practice biking around to regain your confidence and skills.

2. Get Organized

To save time and the headache of forgetting a spare tube, stash all of your gear and accessories in one location, such as a wicker basket by your front door.

3. Use Routes with Less Traffic

The last thing you want is to feel intimidated while biking to work due to heavy traffic and angry drivers. After you get your gear organized, plan a route to work that has less traffic, such as using back roads. You can download a free cycling app, such as Strava, to find recommended biking routes that have less traffic. 

4. Get the Right Bike

It’s important to invest in the right bike for your commute. You should feel comfortable and fit correctly on your new ride. Thankfully, sixthreezero offers an array of men & women city bikes that are handcrafted and built with you in mind.

5. Get the Right Accessories to Carry Your Belongings

The last thing you want after you’ve ridden to work is to show up in sweat-drenched clothing. Use a backpack to carry a change of clothing, your lunch, and any other equipment you might need. A bike saddle bag or pannier are also viable options to safely carry your stuff while biking.

6. Wear Breathable Clothing that Can Easily Be Seen

When commuting to work on a bike, you should don breathable apparel that won’t leave you covered in sweat. Moisture-wicking fabrics will keep sweat at bay while keeping you cool.

It’s also important to wear brightly colored clothing that will keep you visible. When biking home from work in the evening, wear reflective tape or invest in a bike light so that motorists easily see you.

7. Have Fun

Biking to work on a hybrid city bike should be enjoyable. Remember to relax, breathe, and have fun! 

If you’re in the market for commuter bikes, look no further than sixthreezero.

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