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5 Things You Need For Fall Biking

It’s officially autumn--leaves are an array of colors, pumpkin spice is taking over, and the weather is cooling down--which means it’s a great time to ride a bike. With the crisp chill coming in, a few essentials are needed for biking in the fall. Consider crucial cold weather cycling gear before heading out on your next adventure. Here are five things you’ll want for fall biking.


A hot drink on a cold day is like a big hug--comforting and warming. When riding along a trail, fill a thermos with your favorite hot beverage, kept in a cup holder, to stay cozy. Not only will you keep your body temperature warm, you will also have a more profound experience taking in the scenery with the surge in sipping during pit stops. Plus, a thermos may serve as a momentary heating pad for your hands or face.

2. Fall Wardrobe

Stock up on necessary bicycle rain gear and versatile articles of clothing to ensure a comfortable ride. Even if you are not commuting long routes on mens city bikes , too cold or too wet of weather can ruin a riding experience. So, it’s a good idea to have a rain jacket, umbrella, beanie, gloves, and goggles stowed in storage on a back rack just in case they’re needed.

3. Blankets

Cooler weather tends to get people in the mood for more bonding and cuddling. As many women’s city bikes come with a basket, it’s ideal to keep a blanket onboard. If you have a blanket at-hand, you can set up picnics, watch birds migrate above the beach, and snuggle in between making leaf angels--or simply warm up during a ride.

4. LED Lights

Daylight will minimize through winter so it’s important to have a good set of lights. LED lights on the front, back, and tail of your bike will increase your safety, depending on the typical weather in your city. If you feel like being extra cautious due to overcast skies, a headlamp may also be a great addition to your riding gear.

5. Fenders

Fall can bring in heavy rains and even snow, causing your tires to be caked with mud. Adding clip-on fenders to your bicycle can prevent slush from impeding your riding experience. A little preventive care will make for less angry trips back home.

It only takes a few basic extras to improve your bike rides during the Fall. Reap the benefits of the season, as it often provides beautiful weather for riding.

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