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5 Different Types of Electric Trikes: Which Electric Tricycle is Right For You? Best ETrikes of 2024

Five different types of e-trikes and which one is right for you? Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry and today I'm going to show you five different types of e-trikes and hopefully explain to you which one is right for you. All right, if you are in the market for an electric tricycle and you're looking for something that can get you around town, possibly commuting to the store, or you just like casual rides around the neighborhood, I've got five different electric trikes here for you. And I'm going to walk you through each trike and explain to you what each one is good for. Now, let's go ahead and start at the end here with our smooth glide recumbent electric tricycle. Now, one of the newest e-trikes in the sixthreezero lineup. This is an amazing e-trike. For multiple use cases, hands down one of the most comfortable electric trikes you're ever gonna find. You've got this office chair-like seat with a high backrest. Now I put a back support pillow on here as well to add some comfort. This is a 500-watt front hub motor with a 15 amp hour battery so you can get up to speeds of 16 miles an hour and you can also get a range of up to 50 miles depending on the combination that you use of the pedal assist or the throttle. Now it's a twist throttle here. So the cool thing about this trike is that also can double as your mobility device. So you would put your power on right here and you have your throttle right here. So you twist that. Now also you can see I'm very comfortable. You can also slide the seat back for taller riders like so. Or slide it forward like that like I had it. Now that's a little too cramped for me, so I'm gonna bring it back just a touch, right about there. Perfect. Get my back pillow, oh yeah. Now, up here, the cool thing is this is very adjustable. So no tools are necessary, and you can adjust these handlebars in and out, back and up. I like them like really low. There we go. And close to my body like this. So I'm gonna go ahead and clamp this down. A little too high there. Let's bring them. There's a little lever there.

Okay, right there is where I like it. Perfect. Now you've got the front and rear disc brakes here as well. The handlebars do fold down. If you want to transport it and reduce the height a little bit. Now you do have the back seat on here which is going to make it challenging to fit inside a car. But a big SUV or a pickup truck, you could transport it. Or if you have a rear hitch rack, that's an option as well. So this is a recumbent, you're pedaling forward, you're sitting down. Now the other cool thing about this trike is really easy to get on and off because of how high the seat is. Twist your body like this, stand up. You've got your parking brakes here, too. You can engage, which makes it easy to get on and off so it doesn't roll away. Now your battery power is down here. Turn that on. We've done some other videos. This is a great trike if you're looking for something as your mobility device, but still want to be able to pedal and get exercise. If you want something easy on your body and relaxed and comfortable, this is the answer. So I turn my power on right here, and I'm gonna do just a little loop around here riding. So like I said, you can either pedal, I gotta disengage my brake, so I can twist my throttle here. There we go, like so. Now the cool thing about this for mobility purposes is it has a reverse. So if you want this to double as something you can use to get around with, but also get exercise, it's a great option. And now I can pedal like so. And my pedal assist kicks in. Just loop around back here. Now, if you want to see other videos of me riding this, you can also check that out on our channel. I'll just go ahead and do a little jaunt down here. There we go. If you're looking for absolutely the most comfortable e-bike, e-trike, hands down, this has got to be it. Also, the stability of this, because of the length of the frame, it's got a very long frame, keeps it very stable in the back, which I know is a big concern. So if you have a fear of tipping, this one and possibly the fat tire are going to be two of your best options. But this one has the geometry where you don't have to worry about tipping at all.

You can see right there, my wheels never budge off the ground. So, it's a lot of fun, and easy to ride. I've got videos of me taking on hills with this, navigating handicap ramps with it to show you the versatility of the steering, and also how you can use this throttle to navigate in and out of tight spaces easily. So I'm going to go ahead and just park this back in the front here, and we'll move on to our next trike. And I'm going to demonstrate to you how I can use my reverse. All right. Pull up right here. OK. Perfect. From here, I'll engage my parking brake and turn my motor off. And there we go. All right, so really a good all-purpose trike if you're looking for maximum comfort or something also can double as your mobility scooter, this is great. If you wanna go off-road or on trails, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this unless you're going to go on very hard-packed trails. All right, moving on to our reverse e-trike. Now this is something, if you are looking for a sporty, trike that has nimble steering and steers like a two-wheel bike, this is the answer. This is cool and a lot of fun. Now, the difference is, is you do have to steer because it's got tilt on the two front wheels, the rider does have to steer and keep the handlebar straight. Now you can see it does stay balanced, without the kickstand, but if you tip it, it does want to fall over. So, something to keep in mind. Now, this is a 750-watt rear hub motor, so powerful, 10.4 amp hour battery, so you can get up to 50 miles on a single charge, and also you can hit 16 miles an hour. Got a seven-speed derailleur here, so you can pedal it without the motor, and you've got those seven speeds, seven options, seven gear options for going up hills, which is a nice feature. You've got front and rear disc brakes and a rear rack as well. Now this also folds, so you can fold it, that frame folds in half, the handlebars go down and fold, and if you wanna check this out on our website, we have a video of me folding it and putting it in the back of a car, so if you wanna see more specifics on that. So this is designed for the rider that wants three wheels, wants the added balance, but wants something sporty that turns and feels like a two-wheel bike.

o you're gonna power on up here, and I'll do a quick demonstration. And again, I've got lots of other videos that you can take a look at. All right, now the handlebars aren't exactly where I like them, but that's okay. All right, so got my throttle here and pedal assist. Again I'm not wearing my helmet just because just in a confined space here. But you can see, you can make tight turns. And again, this steers a lot like a three-wheel, or sorry, like a two-wheel bike. And if I want to turn the motor off completely, I can do that, and now I can just pedal. Rides real easy. I'm in seventh here. Let's go ahead and shift down. There we go. Now I can put my throttle back on. You can see how sharp of a turn I can make there. So again, this is really for the sporty riders. Three-wheel rider. And it's a little bit different. It rides a little differently. You gotta get used to the two front wheels. You really gotta start to trust it. And then once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot of fun. It's very zippy. And again, if you need that added balance, but you want something that feels like a two-wheel bike and runs sporty, this is it all right now moving on to our Easy Transit Folding E-trike. Now this is also a 750-watt. Now this is more of a conventional three-wheel e-trike. This has got 16-inch wheels. So very low center of gravity is easy to mount and dismount. This fits riders 4’11” up to six foot five because we've got this double adjustable seat post here. This is also foldable so you can fold it up and put it in the back of a car. You've got these front and rear baskets, which are nice. Now the other cool thing on this one is you also have the reverse function on this one. So same thing You can hit the reverse so this is sort of a little bit like the Simple glide but it's more of an upright ride but it's got the features of still being able to be a mobility device, but it's got the power to get you around town.

750-watt motor, you can get up hills with this. You can get up to 16 miles an hour. You also have a seven-speed derailleur. So if you're looking for something compact, small, but still powerful that you can ride around town on, this is a great, great option. And you can see videos I've made on this one where I'm riding all over the town on it as well. And again, you have the throttle. So let's do a quick demonstration here. And this one's nimble and balanced as well. Again, the low, the small wheels keep a nice low center of gravity. And it makes it easy to turn. You can see how easily I get in and out of the cones here. And then pedal assist kicks on. Let's go ahead and pull that up. Got a little hill there, so there we go. So this is for somebody that wants a, brakes are powerful. For somebody that wants a traditional trike but wants to be able to get on and off of it easily, it's got adjustable, double seat post adjustable there. You've got this rear basket, which is nice. You can open and close that, put stuff in there. You've got your front basket as well. And you've got your thumb throttle and your pedal assist also. So a good mobility device also can be in around town. You can also pedal without the motor. It's a lot of fun. It's zippy. Good way to commute and get groceries and things like that. All right, so let's go ahead and park this one back here. You know what? Let's see if I can parallel park for the sake of the video here. All right. First time attempting parallel parking a tricycle. This is going to be challenging, but I think I can do it. Flip that back to drive. All right back to reverse. Well, it's gonna be, you know why well, I don't think I left myself big enough space. But that's all right. Let's see. Yeah, I didn't that's okay. Almost did it. All right, turn that off. Put my parking brake on all right now. The EvryJourney 250 watts. So now this is a smaller motor. This is a good cruising trike. Maybe you're coming from a traditional trike, but you've decided you need a little bit of assistance.

The EvryJourney is awesome for that. Also really comfortable upright riding position. Now the seat's not properly adjusted for me, but you can have your back upright, really comfortable with the bars coming into your body, low step-through frame. The other cool thing is all the accessories that are available. This bag fits in the basket. You can get matching bags for the frame. Now this is a 250-watt front hub motor. So it's a smaller motor than some of the other ones, which is why it's good for cruising. Also, if you don't want to be overpowered by the acceleration, a 250 is a great option. So if you're going to be doing mostly flat ground riding, longer distances, and let's say that you like to keep pedal assist in lower levels and still get exercise, or if you want to pedal without the motor, this is a great option, because you've got the 26-inch wheels it's going to roll smooth, roll easy, you can cover a lot of ground. It's a great upgrade from a traditional trike to give you that assistance. You've got a basket in the back, so if you want to ride around a community, or by the beach, or commuting as well, it's a great option for that, I've said that a few times. But it's just fun, it's easy, you can accessorize it, and again, not too powerful, but powerful enough to give you that assistance and just make your rides that much easier. So, like I said if you're finding that it's becoming too challenging on a traditional trike, but you like the look of that in the setup, this is a nice upgrade to give you some assistance, but not scare you and become too overpowering so 250-watt front hub motor. You can get to 15 miles an hour at top speed. And you can still get up to 50 miles a range to a 10.4 amp hour battery. So it's a lot of fun. And the throttle alone will still get you up to 15 miles an hour as well. So really, really fun, cool option. Comes in four different colors as well. And you can see all those on our website.

All right, now last but not least, is our fat tire Rickshaw. Now we also have another fat tire option and fat tires are great for many reasons. So these are four-inch tires. So very balanced, lot of rubber hitting the road. Also 20-inch fat tires in the back and 24 in the front. So it's set lower in the rear, creating a better center of gravity lower to the ground. Now the cool thing is you can also take the seat off and replace it with a basket if you wanna do that. This has a 21 amp hour battery and a 750-watt front hub motor. So this is very, very powerful. You can get up to speeds of 16, to 17 miles an hour in pedal assist or throttle. And if you want something beefier, you feel like you want the fat tires to stay balanced, a fat tire e-trike is a good option like the Rickshaw or our simple step-through. Fat tire as well. Now the cool thing too is that you can carry passengers on the back here. It's comfortable. We've got lots of videos showing us bringing two adults on the back, and also up to three children on the back. But it's still compact and easy to ride. This is a lot of fun. And we've got a seatbelt back here. You can install this optional harness as well, a three-point harness if you have kids that you want to buckle in. That's a great option as well. Very comfortable riding position. You have the thumb throttle up here. So if you don't want to pedal at all, you don't have to. And like I said, 21 amp hour battery. So you're still going to get that up to 50 miles a range because you're going to have a heavier bike. You're going to drain the battery quicker, which is why it's good to have that larger battery on there. So big fat tires, very balanced, very stable, a lot of fun. If you want to carry passengers, or if you want to do trail riding, off-road riding, something like this is your best bet because of these big tires, these big wide tires. It's going to take on trails and off-roading a lot easier. Now, if you want to see any more specifics on any one of these trikes, check out our YouTube channel. We'll take you to the website, and give you more details, and more videos, so you can look up everything about each one of them.

If you have any other questions, reach out to us at or call us, at 310-982-2877. Also, we have a 30-day test ride on your e-trike policy. If you don't love your e-trike in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we warranty everything for the first year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we take care of its parts and labor. Now, lastly, two great ways to be a part of our community. You can join our Facebook group or download our app. Our Facebook group has thousands of members in it. You can connect with existing riders before you purchase. Then when you have your e-trike, post in the group, and make friends. It's a lot of fun. Then use the app to track your rides and compete on the leaderboard. It's a lot of fun. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, to share your journey or experience. Enjoy the ride.


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