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4 Large & Wide Bike Seats YOU MUST SEE! Big Seats for Bicycles That are Extremely Comfortable

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you four large bike seats all heavier riders should know about. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you four large bike seats all heavier riders should know about. But before I do, hit subscribe below. Stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're doing, and of course, giveaways and of course, new product releases. All right, so today I have Stella with me. She's five foot seven, 250 pounds, and I have Ardem with me who's five foot 10, 300 pounds. And we are going to demonstrate some bike seats and show you some bike seats that are great for heavier riders. In my experience, I'm about 220 pounds, and a lot of bike seats are catered for very narrow, average, slim body types. Especially if you're in the road biking sector, a lot of the seats are going to be very narrow. Now, if you're a road cyclist and you need the aerodynamics, it's great and you can build up your sit bone tolerance to those seats over time.

But if you're a recreational rider and when you get on your seat you want comfort instantaneously, then you're looking for something a little wider, more cushioning, more support, something that's going to make your long e-bike or bike rides really, really enjoyable. So behind me, we've got four of the sixthreezero seats right here. We have our sort of standard oversized cruiser saddle. We have our curved wing cush saddle, and we have our supermax cush saddle here with and without a backrest. And we're going to get Stella and Ardem to try these out today, give their opinions about them and see which one they like for their body types. Just a quick synopsis here. I'll walk through each seat.

Our standard oversized sixthreezero cruiser saddle is nine and a half inches wide. A lot of seats you're looking around out there, like hybrid road saddles, they're going to be narrower. They're going to be anywhere from two, three, four inches wide. So this is already an oversized seat. And depending on how much support you want in the width, you can kind of move up the range here. We've got our narrowest to our medium to our large saddle there. And again, it depends on your body type, what you're looking for, and what you think will give you the most support. So this is a bucket seat. It's great and gives great support. A lot of people do like this seat, but I think in some instances, depending on your weight, the wider the seat will be better. And again, we'll demonstrate that in the video. So nine and a half inches wide here.

Now we're moving into our cush-curved winged saddle. So this one's a little bit different in that it curves up on the edges, which is great because it gives you side support. So instead of your body spilling over the edge of the seat, it has these wing supports. Now some body types may like that, and some may not like it depending on the width of your rear and your body, but it's nice to have it if you need that support. It also curves up a little bit in the front to give that support in the rear. So this is a curved all-around saddle. If you fit nicely in it, the support is great. And on the width front, this is 12 inches wide. So we're already moving up two and a half inches in width from seat one to seat two.

Now moving to the big kahuna here, the supermax cush. This is 14 and a half inches wide. This one is designed to be entirely flat. It lays flat, but it does have a little curve on the edging here. And at the end of the video, I will show you these seats side by side to give you an idea. It has a little bit of up curve on the edges to give you that support on the sides, just not as extreme as the curved winged saddle here. So if you have a wider rear and you still want a little support, but you don't want to come too much up on the edges, this is a really, really great option.

So you can see all in all from seat one to seat three here, we are moving up five inches. So we're going from nine and a half inches to 14 and a half inches. And lastly, here we have our backrest, which is nice with the back support as you're riding. You can kind of relax your back and lean into it and give you support. And we're going to have our riders demo all four of these and give you their opinions on them. All right, Ardem, why don't you go for it first?

Ardem: Sure.

Dustin: And I think what we should do is take a lap and then when you're done, let's park here so they can see what it looks like with you sitting on it from the back.

Ardem: Of course. Very comfortable ride.

Dustin: So how does it feel?

Ardem: It's very nice. I know this is just the standard, but it still feels very nice.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So if you take a look at him from the back here, you can see that he's got his legs coming out. His hips are wider than the seat. So you can see it may cut off his leg a little bit. And again, it's about finding the right seat for your body type. So I think we can move him up and find something that's going to give him a little bit more support. All right, let's go ahead and park that one.

Ardem: Okay.

Dustin: And then we'll get you on option number two here. Okay. Now this one's going to feel a little bit different.

Ardem: All right. It definitely feels different. I noticed the support on both sides.

Dustin: Do you feel that the shape is a little bit different?

Ardem: Definitely feel the different shape.

Dustin: Does it feel actually though it's cradling more, but is it-

Ardem: Definitely cradles and yeah, I mean it is comfortable.

Dustin: Yeah. Now you can see you can't see too much, but you can see how much wider it is, how it's giving them that support. It looks like it's cutting into his leg a little bit. The other thing with this seat is it does need to be tilted back a little bit to create that cradle effect. So it depends on how it feels on your leg. All right, let's move on to the third, three A, the first of the third installment. All right, let me lower this I think a little bit. Just a touchdown. All right, go for it. All right, so what are your thoughts on this one?

Ardem: You feel like you're in a chair in your living room. It's wide and comfortable. Lots of cushions to it.

Dustin: Yeah. So you can see from looking at it from the back now having compared the first two, that gets to almost the width of his entire body. And it's giving him support all the way to the edge here. So it's not cutting into the back of his butt, creating any pain. And he's still able to pedal just fine. So I guess your thought is that this would be the most comfortable for you?

Ardem: I would say this is the most comfortable.

Dustin: Okay, cool. All right, let's move on to the backrest then.

Ardem: Got it.

Dustin: So again, Ardem's 300 pounds, and we're going to have Stella get on in a second, she's 250. If you're maybe Ardem's height, but you're 250, you may like the narrower option because you don't need it to be so wide, right? It may not cut your leg off, it may cradle you. So it's really about kind of getting a sense of what you think will be good for your width. And based on the widths of the seats, you can measure your rear to get a sense of what you think will give you the width that you need. Ardem is off and riding there.

Ardem: Still have a nice cushion and support. It is nice to have the back.

Dustin: And the backrest, better, add something for you?

Ardem: I would definitely say, especially for longer rides, absolutely.

Dustin: Yeah?

Ardem: Yeah.

Dustin: So you can see he can kind of lean into that if he needs to. There you go. And it gives him that support. So it's going to take some tension off the mid and low back there. And the seat is the same as the other Supermax cush, so he's getting the same coverage. So there you go. All right, cool. Why don't you go ahead and park that and Stella, now you're up. Let me lower this just a little bit for you. All right. And if you can try to park with your back facing the camera as well.

Stella: Okay.

Dustin: So how do you feel about that seat?

Stella: This would not be my first choice because there's pressure on my lady parts. After all, it's slender narrow in the front and there's not enough for my bum to... I just need a little bit more.

Dustin: Fair enough.

Stella: So for a long ride, this would be uncomfortable.

Dustin: Okay. The other thing I want to say too about... I'm approaching seats from a standpoint of comfort, especially if you're jumping into biking or e-biking especially and you want to be in a seat for a long time. If you're not a seasoned rider, you can't just jump on and be comfortable. Now, efficiency is a whole other thing. That's why you have slimmer seats and more aerodynamic seats. But we're sizing for comfort. So if we take a look at this, don't forget, this is nine and a half inches wide. Stella just commented that she's not getting the support, and you can see how it looks to be digging into her. So we can give her something that's going to give her more support on the edges for her that will reduce that sort of digging-in sensation. All right. You can go ahead and get off and I'll park this one, make it easier for you, and then you can go ahead and get on your next seat. And is it all turned on? Yeah. Okay.

Stella: Go?

Dustin: So better or worse than the previous one?

Stella: This is much better.

Dustin: Now do you feel the different shape?

Stella: It feels like there's more cushion in this seat.

Dustin: More cushioning in that one?

Stella: Yeah, it feels like that.

Dustin: Can you feel how it feels like a different shape than the first seat?

Stella: Yeah, because I can feel the front part going upwards and I don't need pressure there.

Dustin: Fair enough.

Stella: But as far as the back part, it's better than the first one.

Dustin: Got it. Okay. So you can see it's a wider base and you can see it's giving her more coverage, so it's not cutting into her as much. The other thing she mentioned is it is a winged saddle, so it has sort of a bucket feel. If you fit into that nicely, it'll be very, very comfortable. Again, so it may not be right for Stella's body type, but it's still better than the previous one. And I think we'll do even better with her on the third one. So let's go ahead. You can get off. So this is our winged cush saddle. That's our 630 standard saddles. And now is our supermax cush saddle.

Stella: Oh.

Dustin: Oh, you need the seat lower?

Stella: A little bit.

Dustin: Oh, watch your hand by the... Yeah, there we go. Okay, I'll bring that down for you. Oh, yeah, watch the throttle with your... There you go.

Stella: Okay.

Dustin: The best?

Stella: This is much better. I feel like my whole butt's covered.

Dustin: All right, let's park here and we'll show them. So you can see, obviously, we've increased the width by five inches. You can see the coverage she's getting, the full support she's getting, and I mean, it looks a lot more comfortable. She's saying it's a lot more comfortable. And again, so your legs aren't being cut into you, you're getting that support and you're still able to ride and pedal, right? It feels good. Yeah. Cool. All right, so let's get Stella on the last one with the backrest. All right. Do you like having the backrest?

Stella: Yeah. If I'm going on a long ride, this would be great because I could do this, lean back.

Dustin: Exactly. So in the same seat, the supermax cush, we've just got the backrest, and you heard her, you can lean back, rest your back a little bit. Oh, you can pull up a little bit, pull up that way a little bit. So it allows you to rest your back muscles. You need to lean back a little bit, take a break. It's great. Keeps the lumbar supported and Stella seems to prefer it. So you can go ahead and get off. Cool. And I'll go ahead and park this. So now let's just show you guys all three of these next to each other. Okay. All right.

Okay. We've got our supermax cushed, our cushed winged saddle here. And last but not least, our oversized bucket saddle. So go ahead and show you on camera here. Now, if you just look at these two side by side, you can see the difference. And then if you were to put these two side by side, you can see it's almost about double the width there. And looking at these two, you can still see it's substantially bigger between the Supermax cush and the winged saddle. And you can also see how looking at it this way, you can see it does curve up on the edges a little bit. But if you look at this one next to it, it curves up even more. And if you kind of look at the side profiles, you can see this one sits a little flatter. And this one would be more like this on the bike. So it'd be like that. And it's kind of a bucket. I don't know if you can see that on camera. It has kind of a bucket shape right there.

And now both have the [inaudible 00:17:51] spring, so you're going to get great support underneath the spring that will give and bounce with you, which this one has as well. So this is kind of a bucket seat as well, sort of to create a cradle in the rear when you're sitting on it. So actually Stella, do you mind holding this seat? So we'll just hold all... Or actually we'll go like that. If you can hold it like this. Yeah. So if you can see all three of them next to each other, there you go. And obviously, you get the supermax cush with the... I can grab that. With the backrest.

So there you have it. Four seats you should know about if you're a heavier rider. If you have any questions about any four of these, comment below or email us at Or you can call us at (310) 982-2877. You can find these seats on our website, And before you purchase and you want to talk to existing riders or users of these seats, go to our Facebook Pedalers group and you can ask questions, and see how they like their seats before you purchase. All right, so thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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