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3 Ebikes Women Should Know About in 2023 | Womens Electric Bike

Alana here. Today, I'm going to show you the three electric bikes that every woman should know in 2023. Stick around. All right, let's talk about the three electric bikes that every woman should know in 2023. This is the Sixthreezero EvryJourney, an electric bike 500-watt motor. It's a great option for women, no matter what your riding style is, for several different reasons. First, let's talk about the frame. So this has a low step-through frame, and actually here, let me talk about the color. This is the cream, but it also comes in seven other colors, including navy and teal. So a lot of options. You can get anything to match your style. I have the periwinkle blue, but this is the cream. And getting back to the frame, it has a low step-through frame, which makes it really easy for mounting and dismounting. So if you're short like me, really easy to get on and off. You don't have to worry about swinging your leg around and back.

In addition to that, this bike is super ergonomic, really comfortable to ride, and that is because of the forward pedaling. So, typically, on a bicycle, the pedals are directly below the seat, but here we've moved them forward a little bit and what that does is, it allows you to keep your seat lower while still getting full leg extension. So no cramp to the legs while you're pedaling. And by keeping your seat lower, it's really easy to put your feet down on the ground when you come to a stop, which can be really helpful if you have bad balance, or if you're short like me. All right, moving on. I mentioned the seat. So the seat is adjustable, right now, it's pretty high, but it can go all the way down. Really quick and easy to adjust. For me, I'm usually right around here. And in addition to adjusting the height, you can also adjust the tilt, so you can get the perfect fit, and find out what's comfortable for you.

You can also adjust the handlebars. You can adjust the height of the handlebars and the tilt, so you can really find that fit that is going to make your ride more comfortable. No cranks in your wrists and shoulders, which means no pain after a long ride. Now, let's talk about the motor. This bike has a 500-watt motor, and that is going to give you a lot of power. There are three riding modes. The first riding mode is pedal assist. So what that means is as you're pedaling, the motor kicks in and gives you a boost. In this mode, you can reach up to 28 miles per hour depending on how much work you're doing, what gear you're in, and what level of pedal assist you're in. So it starts out one, that's a little bit of a boost. All the way up to five, that's where the motor's really giving you a lot of help.

In addition to that, you can also use the throttle. And in using the throttle, you don't have to do any work at all. You don't have to pedal, and using the throttle, you can reach up to 20 miles per hour. Of course, you don't have to hit 20 miles per hour, but that's what this bike is capable of. This also has seven gears, and, of course, you can turn the motor off. So with the motor off, it functions like a normal bike. It has seven gears, so you can still tackle those hills, and use it as a regular bike. So that covers the motor. The battery is back here. It takes about four to six hours to charge, depending on how depleted the battery is. The great thing about this too is that it locks into place.

EvryJourney comes with a key to lock your battery in, and when you need to charge it, you can slide the battery out, take it inside and plug it in. And that is really useful because you don't always want to bring your whole bike in to charge, especially if you're commuting with your bike. You can bike to work, remove the battery, and take it inside to charge, so you have a full battery for the ride home. All right, that covers the Every Journey, 500-watt electric bike. Like I mentioned earlier, it comes in eight different colors. So be sure to check out our website to see all the different options you have. And this is going to be a great option for any rider, with the widest variety of heights and sizes. This is going to work for most people. So a good option.

Now, let's take a look at the next electric trike that women should know.

And that is going to be the EvryJourney Electric Tricycle. All right, this is the EvryJourney Electric Tricycle. Maybe you can tell it's also an EvryJourney, like our last bike. That means it has the same frame style, but this one has three wheels. And, of course, this large basket in the back. So all of the functions and ergonomics are going to be essentially the same. But this bike has a 250-watt motor, so not quite as powerful as the 500-watt bike, but still really strong. You can reach up to 20 miles per hour in Pedal Assist, and this battery lasts about 10 to 50 miles, whereas the EvryJourney battery lasts around 20 to 60 miles, depending on your riding mode and your terrain. If you're riding uphill, or if you're riding on flat terrain, your battery life is going to last a lot longer.

All right, so it has the same adjustment points that I mentioned earlier. The two-seat adjustments, the two handlebar adjustments. But the great thing about the trike is that it's an excellent option if you have a bad balance because it's already upright. You don't have to worry about balancing at all. It's super easy to mount and dismount. You can use the pedal as a step-up to get onto the seat. One thing that I really like about this trike, too, is that I can have the seat as high as I want since I don't have to worry about putting my feet on the ground to balance. And I like having just that better view of the terrain in front of me. All right, in addition to that, we have this big basket in the back, and we've tested it out, and we've carried around 800 pounds in this basket.

Now, I'm not saying that you should necessarily take on an 800-pound load, but it is capable of that. But it's going to be a great option if you're using your electric bike to run errands or to go on trips, like beach trips or picnics. The basket is really going to come in handy, so that covers the electric trike. I didn't mention it, but this also has a removable battery. So you can take the battery out, and take it inside to charge. You don't have to worry about taking the whole trike in, so that's really convenient.

Okay, let's move on to Around the Block. All right, this is the third electric bike women should know in 2023. This is the Sixthreezero Around the Block, 500-watt electric bike. So this has the same type of motor as our EvryJourney. You're going to get the same speed range and battery life.

So up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist, and up to 20 miles per hour using the throttle. The great thing about this bike is that it's our classic cruiser, and actually this goes for all of our electric bikes. They're electric, but they don't necessarily look like electric bikes. So if you want something more low-key, something that could pass as a regular bike, and if you want more color options and style options, then any of these would be a great option. This one comes in six different colors. This is the teal. It also comes in baby blue, coffee and cream, lilac, and ginger. And there's one more that I can't remember right now, but they're all really cute color combos. Check them out on our website. And this one is also a great option for riders of any height and size. So I'm pretty short, but it's still really easy for me to ride.

You can see, easy to mount. The seat is a little high, but this one has the same adjustment points as the EvryJourneys. So you can adjust the seat height and tilt, and the handlebar height and tilt so that you can get the perfect fit for you. So this is going to be a great option if you are specifically looking for a cruiser style. This is our classic cruiser frame, but it is electric, and most people can't tell until you actually show them the battery and point out the motor. It can easily pass as a regular bike, and you can use it as one if you keep the motor off. So that covers the three electric bikes that every woman should know in 2023, the Sixthreezero EvryJourney, 500-watt electric bike, the Sixthreezero EvryJourney, electric trike, and the Around the Block, 500-watt electric bike.

If you have any questions about any of these specific models, be sure to leave them in the comments below. If you want to learn more about them, be sure to check out our YouTube page, because we have videos on each bike individually, along with a variety of different test rides. So check it out and be sure to check out our Facebook group, the Sixthreezero peddlers. It's a great community of real Sixthreezero owners, where people post photos, get product recommendations, and share achievements. So be sure to check it out. And also be sure to check us out on TikTok. We have a really fun series called E-trike Karaoke, featuring our E-trike. It's a lot of fun, and I'm the host, so check it out. Thank you so much for watching. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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