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2024 E Bikes: Every Electric Bike Style Explained - Figure Out Which E Bike Type is Best For You

What are all the different styles of e-bikes in 2024? Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. Today, I'm going to show you the different styles of e-bikes that exist in 2024. All right the electric bikes are taking off in popularity. And nowadays you are seeing all sorts of different styles of e-bikes car cargo excuse me cargo e-bikes e-bikes that look like motorcycles e-bikes in all shapes and sizes. So, I got five different styles of e-bikes right here I'm going to show you, and then I'm going to talk to you about another style of e-bike that I don't have out here right now. So, first, let's get down here on the far left-hand side one really popular style of e-bike right now is a fat tire 20-inch foldable so you're seeing a lot of these now this is the sixthreezero zip and fold. Now, you're seeing this style of e-bike in lots of different variations. It's either a three-inch wide tire or a four-inch-wide tire and typically 20 inches in size.

Foldable, usually in the middle. And this is like an around-town type e-bike. These are zippy. This is 750 watts. You're seeing it in motor sizes typically 500 watts to 750 watts. And again, it's foldable. Now, this is our style with the step-through frame. This has a 15 amp hour battery. But you're seeing this configuration in different ways. Maybe like a higher tube up here. Maybe a straight bar tube. There are a few brands out there that make this very style with the foldable in the middle. Very common, and very popular. Now, what sets this one apart is the design, the look of it, and the coloration of it. Also, the lower step-through design. Some brands have a higher step-through design. This type of e-bike is great if you don't think you're going to do a lot of pedaling without the motor and you like having the pedal assist or you like using the throttle. This has a twist shift throttle right here and a seven-speed. A lot of brands out there only have a single-speed option typically with this. You can see it's got a big front chain wheel which is good for when you have a 750-watt so you can reach top speeds in your pedal assist and you're not what's called ghost pedaling, meaning you're pedaling, but you're not doing anything because the motor is doing all the acceleration. So you've got the five levels of pedal assist. You've got the throttle. Can hit 20 miles an hour just throttle. On this e-bike, you probably get to about 23 miles an hour in pedal assist. It can hit 28, but it's going to be challenging with the fatter tires.

So, this has become a very common, very popular type of e-bike in 2024. Again, you can find it in lots of different brands. Find the one that suits you. A lot of people like it, I think, because of the folding, too. You can Fold this up and put it in the back of your hatchback. We have a video of this where we put two of them side by side in the back of the car. Folds in half. It's nice. So if you want something that you can transport, you like something zippy, that feels kind of like a, not a motorcycle, but, you know, like a compact little bike that you can zip around on without pedaling. This is a lot of fun for that. Again, though, with the small wheels, it's not conducive to pedaling without the motor. You could use low levels of pedal assist to help you at all times. You're probably going to want to run the motor either in pedal-assist or throttle at all times with an e-bike like this. But it's a lot of fun, and zips around, especially with 750 watts. And they're really enjoyable to ride. And again, with the 4-inch or 3-inch wide tires, they're good for balance. Now the riding position. it's pretty comfortable as well. You've got adjustable everything up here. And typically, you know, on an e-bike like this, your range will be less than something with thinner tires. But if you have a bigger battery, then you can get, you know, you can get more range out of it. So with this size of tires, you want something like 14 amp hour bigger because you're going to drain the battery, especially if you have a 750-watt motor. So one of the more popular designs that exist is the fat tire 20-inch folding in the middle, easy to transport. Check it out if you want to bring your bike with you on rides. You do a lot of RVing, like something zippy, small, and compact, and you maybe don't want to do a lot of pedaling without. So we'll call that our foldable 20-inch fat tire one style. Now moving on, here's another 20-inch. And you're seeing some e-bikes like this. This is our simple step-through 20-inch. But you're also seeing 16 inches out there and 20 inches.

Other models are kind of similar to this. Now this one's not folding. You may also see styles like this folding as well. This is also transportable. A little bit lighter, a little bit smaller than what I just showed you and so if you want something less, more light, this is about 45 pounds without the battery. So easy to pick up, easy to put in the back of a car, easy to step through and get on. And again, same thing. Now you can pedal this one, but it is a type of e-bike where you're going to want to use the pedal assist or use the throttle. These are just great though if you're looking for something light, easy to steer. Easy to get on and off. You can see how low the seat is to the ground as well. So something to get around the neighborhood, to get around the town. And you might want to use the pedal assist. You have the front and rear disc brakes. Now this is a 10.4 amp hour battery, a little smaller. But again, this is a 500-watt rear hub motor versus a 750. So a little smaller battery. You're still going to get up to 50 miles of range. But this is another category. Again, the 16 inch wheel, the smaller tires are a little bit lighter. Same idea as this one, just a little bit, again, a little bit lighter, a little bit easier to transport, and better for a rider that doesn't want to have to steer a big tire because steering big tires is going to feel different than steering little tires. So again, want something small, compact, easy to get on and off, and you don't need the 750 watts of power, This style is something that exists out there as well in 2024. Okay, now moving on. Now our next e-bike is what we would call a recumbent-style e-bike. So recumbent bikes are really popular for riders that like to be low to the ground and they like to be able to get off and on very easily. With a recumbent bike, you've got the pedals moving forward, you've got a more relaxed riding position, and you can also get the seat very low to the ground. You can see you can get it down here. So if you want something that can be easy to get on and off like this, and you still get the leg extension because the pedals are moved forward, and you can bring the bars into your body.

So, recumbents are for the riders who maybe don't want to be so high up off the ground, and they like their feet being out in front of them. Has a different feel, a very comfortable, low step-through frame, and again, a very low seat height as well, so very easy to get on and off. This is a newer style of e-bike, not as popular, but a great option for, like I said, the riders that need to be low to the ground. So over 60 riders. The other thing this is good for is taller riders because you can raise the seat and get the seat very high. Okay. So you can get the seat into a higher position and now you can also accommodate taller riders. And the huge benefit is for, you know, if you're a rider who's over six feet tall and you still want to get good leg extension, you can see not only am I, I'm getting the leg extension because the pedals are moved forward. So the recumbents are a cool option for the whole, array of riders and provide something different than a typical upright riding e-bike. Now 500 watts of power and, a 10.4 amp hour battery, you're going to get up to 50 miles on a ride. Also can hit speeds of 20 miles an hour with just the throttle. Very comfortable and, a really good option if you want that low center of gravity and a forward pedaling design. All right. Now, moving on to a cruiser hybrid style. This is a step-through frame cruiser hybrid. So the step-through frame is key for riders who don't want to have to swing their leg around. This is only a 11-inch step-through height. You just put your foot through the frame, and you can slide right onto the seat. Very easy to get on and off. Now, 2.125-inch tires. This type of e-bike is great for riders who may still want to pedal without the motor or use the lower level of pedal assist because the tires are not too thick. So you're not going to have incredible drag. Mimics the shape and feel of a regular bicycle, but again, you have the motor. So if you like the feel of a regular bike and you also want an ergonomic upright riding position, great option.

And again, the getting off and the getting on is very easy, very safe. This is a 500-watt rear hub motor with a 10.4 amp hour battery. So you're going to have ample power to get up hills. Also, you can achieve speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. Sorry, the range of up to 50 miles. But again, something that mimics a regular bike. And I think when we talk about styles of e-bikes, that's something in 2024 you see a wide array. You've got e-bikes like here on the left. You know, there weren't a lot of regular bikes that existed before, but e-bikes now are looking like that because you have the motor. There's this cross between a motorcycle design and a bike. This is something, a style that mimics more of a bicycle. So if you still want to pedal, still want to ride, you want to get that leg extension. You want it to feel like a bike, right? On the end here, like the foldable zip and fold, it's more... motorcycle-ish with the bigger tires. A little harder to pedal. You're going to use the motor a little bit more. Now, on the 20-inch with the thinner tire, you can still pedal smaller wheels, but you're still going to want to use the pedal assist with the 20-inch wheels. With the 26-inch wheels, pedaling is easy, especially with or without the motor. And I'd just like to mention, all of these have five levels of pedal assist, and they all have the throttle option if you should choose to want that on any given ride. Okay, now the last one we have here today is of a similar style to the simple step-through, except this is a forward-pedaling design e-bike. Not as much as a recumbent, but you can see the pedals are still moved forward about five inches. What this does is it keeps the rider lower to the ground, gets your feet flat, still gets proper leg extension because the pedals are moved forward, and you sit in an ergonomic riding position. The back is upright, the arms are relaxed, and it's very comfortable and very easy to ride. So if you're looking for something comfortable, you still want it to look like a regular bicycle, this is something in that category. Now, this is the EvryJourney 500-watt step-thru. It's available in a lot of different colors.

Simple step-thru, the Relaxed Body, Simple Step-thru 20-inch, the zip and fold. So, these are the five styles I have here that I've run through, which are the fat tire foldable, the small 20-inch, 16-inch foldable style, the recumbent style, the step-through cruiser hybrid, and the forward pedaling cruiser. Now, I've left off a few styles that exist out there as well. One of the more popular ones we're seeing now is the moped-style that looks like a dirt bike and was very popular in the teenage years now those are also something not great for actually pedaling something you always want to use pedal assist on or using a throttle on and when you see a lot of teenagers riding those, in particular, they're not doing a lot of pedaling they're relying on the motor now of course mountain e-bikes are very popular for mountain bike riders there's a whole vast array of types. There are also road bike e-bikes. So if you're someone who wants to commute and you need a motor, you want something that can take you long distances and top speeds, you can get a road bike with a built-in bike battery in the frame. In addition to that, there are electric trikes. Now we're going to do a whole other video talking about different styles of electric trike. In addition to that, there are e-bikes and hybrid e-bikes. A whole slew of hybrid e-bikes. When I say hybrid e-bikes, they could be like this style, but with straight bar frames. And lastly, one other really popular style of e-bike is cargo e-bike. Cargo e-bikes usually have some sort of basket on the front or the rear. You can bring your kids with them.

Another really popular category of e-bikes in 2024. So I wanted to show you just some styles of e-bike that exist. If I left anything out or you have any thoughts, comment below. Please, always be open to hearing everything anyone has to say. You can also reach out to us at or call us, at 310-982-2877. In addition to that, we're going to let you test-ride your e-bike for 30 days. You don't love it the first 30 days. Send it back. No questions asked. No money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for up to a year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we'll take care of it in the hearts of labor. Lastly, join our Facebook group. It's called sixthreezero Pedalers. There are thousands of members in there. Talk to our existing riders before you purchase. See how they like their e-bikes before you jump in. Then when you have yours, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. So thanks for sticking around. It's your journey, your experience.


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