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2022 Top 5 Beach Cruisers

When the weather is nice, there aren't many better activities than bicycling. Even when the weather isn't all that great, plenty of hardcore cyclists love hitting the road or the bike path.

Whether you're a seasoned bike rider without a bike in the garage or you're just starting your cycling adventures, you probably need a new set of wheels. But you've probably noticed there is a huge selection of brands, lines and bicycle styles from which to choose, complicating the shopping process.

Let's look at possible goals and usage of your bike and some top bike styles, including the easy, breezy beach cruisers, to see what might work best for your goals and preferences.

What Are Your Bicycling Goals in 2022?

Everyone, from children to seniors, can get some benefits from riding bikes. Many people cite fitness goals as a top reason to ride a bicycle, but you might have your own reasons, including health and well-being. While you don't have to have any goals besides the sheer enjoyment, setting and defining any goals you do have will help you choose the best bike for your body and the ways you plan to use it.

Here are some top goals bicyclists list for taking on two pedaled wheels to the road.

  • Get fit and stay fit
  • Commute to and from work and biking to do errands
  • Meet old friends and make new friends doing something positive and healthy
  • Spend more time outdoors and in nature
  • Train for athletic events, like triathlons or bike tours

Outside of the last goal, you can rule out a road bike unless that's what you truly want. But for the other goals, you'll likely want something reliable, comfortable and that gives a mild to moderate workout. An array of bikes, including beach cruisers and commuters, will do the trick.

Why Are Beach Cruisers the Bikes to Buy in 2022?

Beach cruisers have become increasingly popular outside beach areas because their comfort and stability are universally sought after bike features for everyday riders. Plus, they're a fun throwback to a simpler time, featuring balloon tires, a choice of coaster brakes and wide handlebars. They're fun and intuitive to ride, compared to some modern bicycles relying on high-tech to get the job done. Sometimes it's nice to use sheer human power to propel the bike.

You might have seen them in your hometown at bar crawls, farmer's markets, local festivals and concerts, and food trucks. They might be considered the bicycle of choice for this generation's version of hipsters, but don't let it stop you if you aren't a hipster. Beach cruisers are perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable bike brimming with nostalgia and style. But don't let the classic style fool you. These bikes are highly customizable to your tastes and needs.

What's more, many bike manufacturers make hybrid beach cruisers featuring a modern flair, including modern conveniences like pedal assist, hand brakes and multiple gears.

Cruisers Were Made for the Beach and Much More

If you've explored beach cruisers at all, you might note that they feature various designs that fit within different regions, cultures and activities.

Here are some different types of beach cruisers out there:

  • Stretch cruisers are elongated versions of the original classic beach cruisers. They are somewhat akin to recumbent bikes, allowing riders to sit back farther and stretch their legs to reach the pedals. You might not find this bike to be the easiest to handle, making it more of a looks-focused offering than a practical purchase for most people.
  • Low cruiser bikes also fall under the looks-centered genre. These bikes allow the rider to sit close to the ground and lean back. They also frequently include banana seats, white wall tires and accentuated front and rear fenders.
  • Chopper cruisers are the bicycle version of chopper motorcycles. Again, focusing on style over performance, these bikes are eye-catching and fun, but they probably appeal to a specific audience in terms of actually investing in one.
  • Tricycles can also fall under the cruiser category. They do have three wheels, like classic trikes, and offer comfort and stability. If you plan to use your bike for local errands and not much more, this bike might work, but it isn't ideal for longer distances or arduous rides.

These are some fun alternatives to the standard cruisers that are more accessible and useful to daily riders.

The Top 5 Beach Cruisers of 2022

If you've started skimming online bike reviews and manufacturer websites, you might already feel dizzy looking at all the available beach cruiser bike options in 2022. You might not know what you want in your new bike, so let's look at some top brands and models to see what might work best for you to get out on the road as soon as possible.

1. Around the Block

Let's kick our list off with SixThreeZero's Around the Block beach cruisers. Around the Block is a true classic, adhering to the classic beach cruiser aesthetic. Women, men and seniors will get a kick out of this gorgeous cruiser. Presented as "the perfect starter bike," your adventures with your Around the Block don't need to end anytime soon. You might want to consider yourself a perennial starter and keep on riding this bike that comes in six upbeat colors, including teal blue, mint green, cream, light plum and coral.

Also considered "a bike for all journeys," these bikes are ideal for casual to up-tempo rides on various terrains. However, they aren't necessarily the top choice for high-speed rides along the trail. You can buy your Around the Block in single-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed or 21-speed, depending on the elevation you are most likely to face daily and how much support you need to reach the top.

Here are some specifics to keep in mind about Around the Block cruisers:

  • Fits any arm or leg length
  • Perfect for recreational use on paved surfaces and rare travels uphill
  • Comfortable for rides 8-15 miles or more
  • Intended for leisurely pace
  • Designed for comfort
  • Good for riders with back pain
  • Moves easily between 8 and 15 miles per hour

Customization options abound if you decide to go with the Around the Block. Start by deciding whether you'd like a men's or women's bike, determined by the crossbar placement. You can choose either you like. If a step-thru works best for you, go for it.

Here are some additional customizations and add-ons to consider:

  • Panniers and bags
  • Baskets
  • Helmets
  • Fenders
  • Bells
  • Locks
  • Lights
  • Cup holders
  • Phone holders
  • Child seats

This adventure bike is worth exploring, so make sure to get to know the Around the Block better.

2. EVRYjourney

EVRYjourney is a hybrid beach cruiser from SixThreeZero that you need to check out. While it's missing the nostalgia and delightful 50s retro feeling of Around the Block, you'll love everything it has. EVRYjourney takes all the charm of classic beach cruisers and turns them into more of a performance bike. They are still cruisers in every sense of the word, but they function on a whole different level that you'll love if you'd like more of a workout and more options in general.

The EVRYjourney was designed and built to nourish your sense of adventure every time you step on the pedals. You'll love the timeless style, modern comfort and durability for your fitness, enjoyment and function. They don't look different from the more classic cruisers, but the glossy chrome components and shiny frame let you know you've taken a modern turn.

This bike is built for speed; or rather, it's made with many speed options, including single-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed and 21-speed to help you tackle the most challenging hills if necessary.

The frame is one major difference between this bike and SixThreeZero's Around the Block. EVRYjourney is made of lightweight aluminum, making maneuverability much easier. Additionally, enjoy an upright, ergonomic riding position, forward pedaling, front and rear hand brakes and much more with this snappy bike.

3. Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike

For pure retro beach cruiser bike fun, you might check out the Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike. It looks like a bike you'd see on a beachside boardwalk with its steel frame and range of friendly color options, including eggshell, matcha, seafoam, sunflower, crystal blue, violet haze, blush and ocean turquoise. It's not all about looks. The Chatham Cruiser is comfortable and easy to ride for casual excursions. Easily mount this bike using the step-thru frame, ride on wide, cushioning tires, and use the simple coaster brake mechanism to stop.

Here are the primary specs for the Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike:

  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Wide 26-inch tires
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Comfort foam handlebar grips
  • Coaster brakes
  • Customizable to vintage overload with banana seats and more

4. Linus Dutchi 1

The California bike brand, Linus, offers a beach cruiser with a European twist with the Dutchi 1. Linus designed this bike with minimalism front and center. The bike features a sloping step-thru frame and thinner and sleeker inner tubes and tires than most beach cruiser competitors. The Dutchi 1 has an elegance that distinguishes it from the cruiser pack.

Often the bike of choice for riding through California's wine country, and they are widely available to rent in those areas, which turns out to be a great promotion for sales and a fun taste of Europe and convenience for visitors to their favorite vineyards.

The design is crucial with the Dutchi 1, which you can tell from its focus on the paint. Linus applies a protective second layer of transparent paint to each bike, claiming, "Two coats are better than one." They feel that you'll be happier if you love your bike and its beautiful painting. Linus also considered the annoying rust factor that frequently occurs on the flat portion of the headset on the handlebars and made theirs from aluminum. The hand-stitched, leather-wrapped handlebar grips are a unique touch. They not only add to the European style of the bike's appearance, but they also absorb sweat and soften over time. It beats standard vinyl wraps any day.

5. Huntington Beach Bicycle Company Cruiser

The Huntingon Beach Bicycle Company Cruiser is an "old-school" single-speed bike and perfect for local bar crawls. The owner attests to the bike's ability to stand up to a crawl, taking his cruiser out for social rides in Denver. Some of his favorite aspects of the bike include its functionality and classic, slightly rockabilly good looks. It has a different style of "retro" look than classic beach cruisers, but you know the single-speed style when you see it.

Many people feel like it's the perfect blend of sturdiness, affordability and style, feeling like an old bike but being brand new. Best of all, it's affordable and comfortable.

Let's look at some specs:

  • Single-speed coaster brake
  • Ergonomical pedal-forward cruiser frame
  • Gel comfort quiet-ride seat
  • Quick-release seat clamp
  • 26″ aluminum wheels
  • Smooth ride cruiser tires
  • Heavy-duty built-in kickstand

Are You Ready to Shop for Your Beach Cruiser?

Now that you have ideas about different types of beach cruisers and what each one can do for you, we hope you're ready to find the right bike for your needs. Remember SixThreeZero offers a 365-day test ride and custom fitting assistance, so let us know how we can help you find the right bike the first time.

If you have more questions about cruiser bikes or anything else, contact our customer service team to learn more, so you can start riding your beach cruiser as soon as possible.


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