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2022 Beach Cruiser Bike Buying Guide

Updated On: January 25, 2023

If you want to enjoy some comfortable, relaxed bike riding near the beach (or anywhere, really), you should consider picking up a beach cruiser. This popular style of bike has remained a top choice for cycling enthusiasts for many years. However, not every cruiser is made the same. The following information will help you to find the perfect model for you.

Choose The Right Beach Cruiser For You

First and foremost, it is important to understand exactly what a beach cruiser bike is. Cruisers have thick tires, wide seats, long handlebars, upright riding positions and comfortable, coaster brakes. If you imagine the beach lifestyle distilled into a bicycle, that is what a cruiser is like.

The design of a beach cruiser tends to make it ideal for slow riding while in an upright position. It isn’t usually ideal for traveling long distances or zipping around town. However, this bike style is perfect for taking your time to enjoy the outdoors. These bikes are hugely popular in many coastal communities.

The most important consideration when buying a cruiser (or any bike) is the size of the frame. If you have a bike that is too large or too small for you, you are doing to have a bad time. Fortunately, many beach cruisers are adjustable to make finding the right fit a little easier.

You should also find a saddle that works for you. Most people tend to prefer wider, more seat-like saddles on cruisers. Some designs even have springs under the seat for extra comfort.

Many cruisers come with rear racks. This can be useful if you ever want to bring something around with you. For example, you could carry a bag of gear for the beach.

There are electric beach cruisers. These will help you get around easily with the addition of a motor to assist your pedaling.

A lot of cruisers are fixed-gear bikes, meaning that there is only one speed. However, you can upgrade most Sixthreezero bikes with a derailleur with multiple gears.

Beach Cruiser For Men

Finding the right men's beach cruiser bike is fairly easy. If you are shopping on Sixthreezero, you can simply browse the cruiser bikes page and filter by men’s bikes. Just search around for a bike that fits your aesthetic and size needs. Don’t forget to check out the product pages to learn about special features such as more comfortable seats.

The EVRYjourney is one of the most popular cruiser-style bikes from Sixthreezero. For a more retro look (which can be perfect for beach communities), consider the AroundtheBlock. Alternatively, check out the RelaxedBody for an even more relaxed riding style.

Beach Cruiser For Women

Similarly, you can find plenty of women's beach cruiser bike models. Again, use the filter on Sixthreezero to quickly find models that are ideal for women. Some female riders prefer “step-through” style frames that are easier for people who wear skirts. This is also great if you like to ride while wearing a cover-up at the beach.

Don’t forget to check out the unisex bikes for even more options. These tend to be in between the size of men’s and women’s bikes and can be ridden comfortably by almost all riders.

Order Your New Beach Cruiser Bike

Explore the full selection of beach cruiser bikes for sale at Sixthreezero. Our website makes it super easy to find a bike that suits your size, design and feature needs. Plus, you can customize many bikes to better suit your preferences. You can also use the fit tool on our site to find and customize a bike that will work for your unique requirements. Get started shopping for your new beach cruiser bike today.


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