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15 Electric Bikes for Women You Need Now

Why Women Need Electric Bicycles

In places where adults don't cycle much, studies have found that women feel even less inclined to ride bicycles than men. The research means that women are also less able to enjoy the benefits of cycling. After all, riding a bike lets folks enjoy outdoor exercise, a fun and social activity, and inexpensive, convenient transportation.

Since cycling seems like an equal-opportunity and beneficial activity, the researchers dug deeper to learn why women shied away from it. The survey respondents often mentioned a lack of time or concerns about their current level of physical fitness. Many women also needed to bring other people along. Sometimes, they needed to carry purchases and supplies, which they couldn't easily do on a traditional bicycle.

Thus, the study's researchers proposed that electric bikes can alleviate these concerns and equalize access to bicycles for women. For instance:

  • E-bike riders can charge electric bike motors at standard outlets for pennies.
  • The combination of pedals and a motor makes these vehicles perfect for longer, faster trips, even for people who haven't exercised much lately.
  • Owners can also mount child seats on most e-bikes. Some electric bicycles even have an extra seat for older children or adults.
  • Three-wheeled electric trikes offer all the benefits of e-bikes to people who can't or don't want to balance on two wheels.

This study looked at areas where few people cycle. Still, some lessons can apply to everybody. Even though the popularity of electric bikes has surged in the last few years, they're not as familiar to most as traditional bikes. Women who have hesitated to take up cycling as a hobby might change their minds when they learn more about electric bikes.

How to Start Comparing Women's Electric Bikes

Nobody can choose the single best e-bike for every female cyclist. The perfect e-bike for one woman may not suit another. Also, everybody has different budgets, expectations, and physical abilities. For example:

  • Many women hope to use their cycle to get more fresh air and exercise.
  • Others may consider fitness a side benefit but hope to obtain economical, eco-friendly, and convenient transportation.
  • With the news about unpredictable gasoline prices, lots of folks would like to save money on fuel without spending tens of thousands of dollars on an EV car or installing a special charging outlet at home.
  • Almost everybody would like a chance to have more fun, and e-bike riders unanimously agree that they enjoy riding their powered bike.

Thus, shopping for a new e-bike should start with thinking about how you intend to use it. Do you plan to use an electric bike to commute, run errands, ride around the neighborhood, or even go camping? Could an e-bike even replace your car or public transportation?

Naturally, once you get your e-bike, you might use it for much more than you originally planned. Start comparing models by visualizing how you might begin using your new electric cycle. That way, you can pick out a model with satisfying features that suit you.

Features of the Best Electric Bikes for Women

E-bikes have surged in popularity recently. According to ABC News, more than half a million Americans bought an e-bike in 2021, and the industry feels optimistic about attracting more buyers. You may feel surprised to learn that electric bikes represent the fastest-growing market for electric vehicles.

E-bike distributors told ABC reporters that younger and older people have become their customers lately. Younger adults buy e-bikes for affordable transportation to work or school. Older folks buy them because the motor makes an e-bike easier to pedal than a traditional bike while still offering a chance to exercise.

Top manufacturers have introduced dozens of new models in response to an increased demand for motorized bikes. These e-bikes can vary considerably in style, features, and price. Even so, many people have yet to have a chance to learn about various options. Thus, this list provides a brief look at 15 of the best e-bikes for women to help inform shopping.

We compared these key features of high-quality e-bikes to make selections:

  • Comfort and accessibility: Racing bikes might provide the fastest speeds and greatest efficiency. Most people want a reasonably efficient, perky bike. However, few cyclists ever call racing bikes comfortable. When riders find their bikes comfortable and accessible, they're more likely to use them frequently. Thus, most women prefer bikes with features that make them easy to ride and reduce aches and pains.
  • Carrying capacity: Most e-bikes can accommodate baskets, racks, or bags. Some even have space for a child carrier or adult passenger seat. All manufacturers will suggest a maximum carrying capacity. When considering various models, shoppers should consider their weight and the weight of whatever or whoever else they may bring along.
  • Power and range: Most e-bikes can travel faster than average cyclists can pedal solely under their own power. Thus, typical e-bike riders aren't that concerned about top speeds. Most importantly, consider the range, gears, and maximum weight the motor and battery can handle. Besides speed, some riders may want a more powerful motor to take on hills or windy days.
  • Style: Like traditional bikes, e-bikes come in many styles, from retro to futuristic. Companies also offer electric beach cruisers, commuter bikes, cargo bikes, and more. Wider tires can increase stability. Also, manufacturers may make frames out of aluminum or steel with various color choices. Aluminum alloys may weigh less and prove highly durable, but some cyclists prefer steel for its rigidity.

Note that battery range, speed, and power depend on how e-cyclists use their bikes. For instance, riding in pedal-assist mode spares the battery, while relying solely on the motor will drain the battery faster. Capacity and speed will also depend upon the terrain and wind conditions.

For example, e-bikes may perform better on primarily flat ground than on hills. Women also come in different shapes or sizes, and heavier loads put more strain on the motor. Thus, performance can vary a little between one rider and the next. Finally, check out the manufacturer's suggested height limits. Most e-bikes adjust to fit riders within a range. Some models even come in multiple sizes to accommodate women of various heights and weights.

The Top 15 E-Bikes for Women

It's time to use what you learned to compare the features of several popular e-bikes. Spend a few minutes learning about these top women's models to help inform your comparison shopping.

The Best All-Around Comfort E-Bike: E-Bike #1

The Best for Value and Performance: E-Bike #2

The Best Low Step-Thru Frame: E-Bike #3

Great for Beginners: E-Bike #4

Beaumont Electric City Bike: $799

The "modern retro" style, discrete battery, and ease of use explain why many resorts choose this bike model for guests. In addition, the 350W battery charges relatively quickly. This bike offers a maximum speed of 20MPH, seven gears, and a battery that can run up to 37 miles per charge.

The City Bike lets riders sit upright for maximum visibility and has a comfortable seat and grips. The e-bike can carry up to 250 pounds on a durable steel frame.

Pros and Cons

The e-bikes listed above have 500W motors, which can offer better performance than the City Bike's 350W motor. Cyclists who expect to ride up many hills or weigh more than average might enjoy better performance from a more powerful motor. Still, the City Bike offers an excellent choice for many beginning e-bike riders.

Best Semi-Foldable Electric Bike: E-Bike #5

Comfort 2 Electric Bike: $1,899

The Comfort 2 Electric Bike offers many amenities women look for, including a low step-thru frame, fenders, and a rear rack. Integrated front and rear lights provide a great bonus. Buyers won't need to purchase lights separately or supply an additional power source. The e-bike also sports an attractive modern look that stands out compared to many other comfort bikes with classic or retro designs.

The Comfort2's 250W motor can run up to 50 miles on a charge, and cyclists can control power with a thumb throttle. The steel frame has a capacity of 250 pounds. Foldable handlebars and pedals make this model easy to store in tight spaces and offer an outstanding feature. The seven-speed gearing provides excellent pedaling performance.

Pros and Cons

Foldable features make this e-bike easier to store in tight spaces. Also, consider the e-bike's 250W motor primarily for cyclists of average weight on mostly level ground. Tire pressure sensors offer a nice benefit because they change color when it's time to pump air. This e-bike costs a little more than some other models, but it comes with premium features bundled in.

Best Lightweight, Semi-Foldable E-Bike: E-Bike #6

City Electric Bike: $1,799

This lightweight e-bike has many features in common with the Comfort 2 listed directly above. These features include foldable handlebars and pedals for easy storage, integrated lights, tire pressure sensors, and a 250W motor.

The Comfort 2 has a steel frame, but the City Electric Bike has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that shaves about 10 pounds from the overall weight. Even with its lighter frame, the City Electric Bike offers a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and costs $100 less.

Pros and Cons

As the name implies, the City Electric Bike provides a good solution for commuters who don't plan to carry heavy loads. The 250W motor should offer plenty of power for most women of average weight on relatively level ground. Foldable pedals and handlebars combine with a step-through frame and ease of use to make this e-bike accessible for many cyclists.

Best Mobile Integration: E-Bike #7

Aventon Pace 500: $1,399

The Aventon Pace 500 offers an aluminum alloy frame, a 500W motor, a weight limit of 300 pounds, and integrated lights. This e-bike sports an eye-catching modern design with a low step-thru frame for easy mounting, and the frame comes in two size choices.

This e-bike stands out because it can integrate with smartphones via a free app. Some examples of app features include tracking progress, setting goals, and connecting with a community of Aventon users. This integration can help cyclists meet fitness goals and stay more engaged with their cycling routines.

Pros and Cons

Mobile integration should attract many e-bikers, plus it can help them stay engaged. The battery may take up to five hours to charge but can run up to 48 miles on a charge.

Best E-Bike With a 400-Pound Capacity: E-Bike #8

Aventon Aventure: $1,499

Women of average weight will find plenty of choices, but heavier women might need a more durable frame. Lots of women buy e-bikes because they hope to improve their fitness. Thus, heavier women should know that manufacturers make e-bikes specifically tailored to carry people who weigh more than average.

Most people prefer an over-engineered e-bike instead of an under-engineered one. This e-bike also comes in small, medium, and large sizes to suit people of various heights perfectly. The Aventon Aventure offers a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

The battery can last up to 45 miles between charges, and the bicycle has eight gears for maximum efficiency and performance. Even with its capacity, the Aventon has a lightweight aluminum frame. Fat tires also provide excellent stability and shock absorption on various surfaces.

Pros and Cons

The manufacturer offers a choice between an e-bike with a step-thru frame and a mid-step model with a top post about halfway up the seatpost. The step-thru model offers maximum accessibility, but the higher top post may provide more rigidity, which might be a good choice for heavier people, especially on rougher terrain.

Best E-Bike for Range and Performance: E-Bike #9

Hiboy P7: $999

One outstanding feature of the Hiboy P7 includes a 500W motor that can last up to 68 miles per charge in power-assist mode. This e-bike comes with a step-thru or mid-step frame, nine gears, and professional suspension on both the rear and front tires.

The steel frame weighs 65, so it's heavy, but it can carry up to 265 pounds. Wide tires and lockable suspension make this e-bike a good choice for a stable, safe e-bike.

Pros and Cons

This bike has a relatively heavy frame, so it's not very portable for carrying upstairs or stashing in a car. At the same time, it's rugged and versatile for cyclists who want to vary their ride.

Best High-Powered E-Bike for Petite Women: E-Bike #10

Super73-Z1: $1,495

This compact e-bike looks like an old-style scooter but functions like an e-bike. This model comes with a powerful 900W motor and a simple-to-use thumb throttle. The bench seat rests relatively low to the ground, making it easy to mount for shorter people. Some people might not like the fact that this bike only has one gear for pedaling.

The steel frame can handle loads up to 250 pounds. The e-bike does not come with fenders or a rear rack, though it's possible to attach accessories to the frame.

Pros and Cons

More petite women may appreciate the lower frame and short but fat tires. This bike's peppy with 500W in normal mode and 900W in peak mode. However, running in peak mode will deplete the battery faster, and the manufacturer expects a range of only 15 miles between charges.

Best Versatile Utility Bike: E-Bike #11

Radrunner 2: $1,499

With hundreds of available accessory combinations, the Radrunner 2 often gets praised as a jack of all trades. For instance, the long, durable rear rack on this moped-style e-bike can hold an adult passenger seat or a cargo basket. Optional center consoles and front racks can hold even more gear.

The 750W motor can carry up to 300 pounds, and the manufacturer promised up to 45 miles per charge. This bike boasts an aluminum frame and only comes in a one-gear model for pedaling.

Pros and Cons

Even the manufacturer described this frame as moped-style, so it's not the most stylish beauty on the market. It makes up for looking plain with its utility and versatility. Having only one gear may not offer the most efficient pedaling experience, but the 750 might provide enough compensation for many e-bikers.

Best Budget Folding Bike: E-Bike #12

Vivi Folding Electric Bike: $549

This true folding e-bike offers a convenient option for many cyclists. The compact size makes it easy to store or carry on a bus or train. Small tires, a short frame, and an adjustable seat make this e-bike a good option for petite cyclists. The 350W motor can offer a maximum range of up to 65 miles in pedal-assist mode, but it only has one gear for pedaling. Vivi makes the frame out of aviation-grade aluminum.

Pros and Cons

The 350W motor and small, wide tires make this folding e-bike a decent option for paved surfaces and mostly level ground. The ability to fold the e-bike into a small package should come in handy for folks with little storage and small cars. It won't offer the pep of e-bikes with larger motors, bigger tires, and more gears. Thus, consider the Vivi Folding Electric Bike for short trips on paved surfaces.

The Best Cargo Bike: E-Bike # 13

Bunch Original Cargo Bike: $4,285

This bike represents the most expensive choice on the list. At the same time, women who need to carry something or somebody along may find that the utility of having the option to carry cargo or even a couple of small children may provide them with excellent value.

The large cargo carrier rests between two front wheels. The box-shaped carrier can transport up to 300 pounds and has seats (with seatbelts) that fit four small children.

The manufacturer suggests a total carrying capacity of no more than 350 pounds. The 500W motor boasts a range of up to 35 miles. This model also optimizes pedaling with a seven-speed derailleur. The cargo basket fits between the two front wheels of this three-wheeled bike.

Pros and Cons

This model costs more than the other options listed. However, some folks may find it helps them save money by reducing fuel costs and helping them stay fit. Riding a three-wheeled bike takes some getting used to for people who are used to turning corners and maneuvering on two wheels. On the other hand, people who never learned to ride on two wheels may have an easier time balancing an adult tricycle than a two-wheeled bike.

Best E-Bike for Balance Issues: #14

Evelo Compass: $4,299

Some folks never learn to balance on two wheels. Others have learned to balance but take medication or suffer from infirmities that may affect their ability to balance. Several manufacturers make three-wheeled bikes for these folks, often called adult tricycles. The Evelo Compass offers an excellent example of a three-wheeled e-bike.

The Compass comes with a 500W motor, a high-quality battery, and extra space if the cyclist wants to plug in a spare battery. One battery can last up to 40 miles on a charge. Unlike most e-trikes, the Compass also has two-wheeled drive, so it doesn't cause traction problems caused by only powering one out of three wheels.

A step-thru frame and a sturdy, stable base improve this e-bike's comfort and safety. Three gears help with pedaling performance. The manufacturer recommends the base model for loads under 350 pounds, but they can customize the e-bike for heavier riders.

Pros and Cons

People who want an adult e-trike may find few better choices with as many options. However, they might look for other high-quality models with lower price tags. The steel frame weighs over 61 pounds, so this e-bike may not offer a good choice for people who lack storage or want something portable.

Best for Older or Infirm Cyclists: E-Bike #15

Anywhere Trike Rugged Edition: $2,899

Many older women aren't ready for a mobility scooter but might not feel comfortable on a typical e-bike either. Some folks describe this premium three-wheeled e-bike as a hybrid between an e-bike and a mobility aid. Don't worry. It looks more like an e-bike and comes with a peppy 500W motor.

However, the well-balanced design, step-thru frame, and fat tires make this model extremely stable. In addition, the padded seat has a backrest, and the model includes integrated front and rear lights. Expect about 30 miles on a charge. The aluminum-alloy frame can support up to 400 pounds.

Pros and Cons

Compared to other e-bikes, Anywhere Bikes designed this e-trike for comfort and not for speed. This electric trike can travel up to 14MPH. Still, that's faster than traditional cycling or walking, and it offers a chance to enjoy stability and outdoor exercise. The fat tires can plow through sand or snow, so it's great for fun adventures and everyday errands. Consider this e-trike a safe and secure choice for people who would not feel confident navigating on a typical electric bike.

How Can Women Benefit From E-Bikes?

Maybe you're still a die-hard motorless bike rider or haven't swung your leg into a bike seat for decades. In that case, you might wonder if the benefits of a woman's e-bike will make it worth the investment. If you need to make your case, even if it's just for yourself, consider several reasons women should consider buying an e-bike. The advantages of e-bikes include many concerns that women have, such as caring for others, staying fit, preserving the natural environment, and sticking to a budget.

Uncrowded Trips on Your Schedule

You may live near public transportation systems. Busses and trains often offer an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to driving your car. At the same time, many transportation hubs get crowded. In addition, public transportation forces riders to stick to their schedules and sometimes, cope with delays. Roll your e-bike out of your home and take off when you choose.

Faster Than Walking or Traditional Bikes

Most e-bikes can travel from 14 to over 20 miles per hour. Typical cyclists on nonmotorized bikes don't keep up that pace, and nobody walks that fast. For instance, it may take an hour to walk to a store three miles away, but you could make the trip in about 10 minutes on your e-bike. Besides, your e-bike motor and basket will carry the groceries home, so you don't need to.

Able to Carry Passengers

Admittedly, most e-bikes only have room for smaller children in optional child-friendly seats. However, some models offer passenger seats and can even carry two average-sized adults. You don't need to worry about leaving children unsupervised or leaving your friends out.

Suitable for Delivery Work or Commuting

E-bikes have proven themselves highly utilitarian. Many urban delivery people find that electric bikes offer them the perfect solution. Adults and teens use them to commute to work or school. E-bikes may cost more than traditional bicycles, but they're faster and less tiring. Electric bikes certainly cost less to own and maintain than gas-powered vehicles or EV cars.

Affordable to Maintain

Typical maintenance costs may not top the price of replacing running shoes yearly and will certainly work out cheaper than car maintenance. For instance:

  • The routine upkeep of electric bicycles mirrors the care needed for traditional ones. For instance, tires, wheels, brakes, and chains need periodic service.
  • Batteries may last from two to five years, and it's a good idea to have diagnostics run on the motor and battery each year.
  • With reasonable care, e-bikes average a lifespan of 10 years.

With that said, make sure that the e-bike comes with a solid warranty. Even the best manufacturers occasionally have shipping or production issues. Typically, a robust guarantee from the e-bike seller or manufacturer can resolve minor problems and weed out lemons. Look for online sellers and manufacturers that will work with local bike shops for warranty work or offer free, convenient shipping.

Inexpensive to Run

Lately, plenty of drivers have complained about unpredictable gas prices. Charging the battery takes a few cents' worth of electricity. Even better, e-bike batteries can charge with standard electric outlets or portable quick chargers. E-bike owners don't need to upgrade wiring or install special chargers.

Eco-Friendly to Ride

Nowadays, most women care about the environment they will leave behind for their children and grandchildren. An e-bike's electric motor produces no emissions. Thus, it won't contribute to global warming or pollution. These motors also run quietly and don't contribute to noise pollution.

Accessible to Use

Most women learned to ride a bike while they were still young girls. Back then, some remember feeling much more limber and energetic than they do today. Modern, high-quality e-bike manufacturers design frames and accessories with comfort in mind. Also, the e-bike's electric motor provides a boost, so even older or infirm cyclists can enjoy longer trips.

Healthy and Fun to Travel With

Some fitness buffs say that it's impossible to gain without pain. Cyclists know they don't need to feel pain to gain the benefits of outdoor exercise. At the same time, assistance from the motor helps riders enjoy longer and more frequent bike rides. Unsurprisingly, numerous studies have demonstrated that e-bike riders enjoy just as much exercise as traditional bike riders. The workout doesn't feel like hard work on an e-bike. Even out-of-shape cyclists can rediscover the joy of riding, and outdoor exercise can also help improve moods. An electric bike can offer a prescription to help riders look and feel better.

E-Bikes Are More Affordable Than You Think

E-bikes will cost more than a comparable bicycle without a motor. At the same time, the greater utility of an e-bike offers more value to many people. A few reasons that buying an e-bike can represent an economical choice include:

  • Many decent e-bikes cost less than a down payment for a car. Electric bicycles usually don't require a special license or insurance.
  • Unlike most motor vehicles, electric bikes should be relatively inexpensive to maintain and are more comparable to traditional bikes for standard services, like truing wheels and replacing tires.
  • E-bike riders may need to replace their battery and tires every few years, but they also must perform that same service for their cars, motorcycles, and other motorized conveyances.
  • E-bike batteries can charge dozens of times for the price of one gallon of gasoline. Just as priceless to many, they don't generate emissions or make noise, so they're eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Most people value their health as priceless, and e-bikes help them get and stay physically fit. In addition, pedaling helps spare the battery or provides an emergency backup in case a battery needs a charge.

Even though e-cycling can offer economical transportation, many women can't spare several hundred to a few thousand dollars all at once. That's fine because almost all retail sellers offer financing plans which will turn the e-bike's cost into a series of affordable monthly payments.

Like many others, you may find your investment offers you positive returns very quickly. You might spare your budget because of gas savings, physical fitness, socializing opportunities, or convenience. Most of all, you can't put a price on your positive outlook, healthy body, or natural environment.

Which E-Bike Should You Buy?

Right now, women have plenty of excellent e-bike choices. Various models come with an almost endless variety of features, styles, and price tags. Choose a beach cruiser, commuter bike, or even a three-wheeler. Take the time to check each model's motor, carrying capacity, and suggested height ranges.

Popular women's electric bikes offer step-thru or mid-step frames, an ergonomic design, quiet motors, and powerful batteries. You can also find models that cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars. You can also apply for reasonable financing if you can't pay for the bike all at once.

Hopefully, you've begun considering the advantages of owning your e-bike. In the long run, an e-bike can save you money with relatively low costs and maintenance. Meanwhile, you'll get a chance to improve your health, enjoy sensible transportation, and help the environment. You might remember the joys of cycling and imagine how much more fun riding a bike could be with an extra boost from a quiet, discrete motor.

After considering your e-cycling goals, compare models, and get ready to have fun. Take time to visualize yourself gliding along the boardwalk, down the street, or through a park. You could join a bike club, pedal the kids to school, cycle to work or enjoy more independence. Just remember to add a proper helmet to your shopping list.


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