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Why Women Should Buy an Electric Bike

If you are exploring the outdoors by bicycle as a woman, there are certain features you specifically need and want. For starters, having an electric bike means you can easily pick up the pace even when you feel like you are about to pass out from over exertion. However, there are several other reasons why electric bikes are beneficial to women riders. You also want to have some idea of the top rated e-bikes for women just to know what is out there in the marketplace.

Pros of Electric Bikes for Women

When it comes to determining if a new bike is right for your lifestyle, take a look at the pros and cons of electric bikes for women. The primary purpose of e-bikes is to increase flexibility in transportation both through convenience and cost. Storing an electric bike is as easy as picking it up and taking it inside your apartment—something you cannot do with a car or even a motorcycle in most places. This allows women to have a simple mode of transportation that costs little to nothing to maintain. Even just getting to the bus station or subway terminal can be made more efficient with the use of an e-bike.

Compare the cost of e-bike ownership and maintenance to that of a car. With $2,000 you can have a new sixthreezero electric bike for women that comes with excellent customer service. That same amount of money will only cover the down payment of a new car, leaving you to fork out thousands more for car ownership. Then you have to consider car insurance and gas, as well as parking fees and the costs of driving to your destination. You are going to go a lot further financially with a brand new e-bike for a woman, than you would with an automobile.

Cons of E-Bike Ownership as a Woman

Now let’s take a look at the downsides of owning an e-bike for women. When you have an electric bike you power it up with human energy and electric energy. Your cost of charging your bike will come with both time and electricity, something you have to consider. Fortunately, the considerations are tiny in comparison to the costs of vehicle fuel and time spent on car maintenance.

With an e-bike, you just plug it in and give it a wash every once in a while. If you have any tire repairs, you can choose to manage these quickly, even if you are inside of an apartment. There are also bike repair shops worldwide that are ready to assist you with the simple task of changing a bike tire if need be.

The other cons of electric bikes for women have nothing to do with the bike itself but rather the weather and climate. You need to live in a place where the outdoors is somewhat moderate in temperature in order to ride a bike most days. This is where having an e-bike is actually a benefit.

While bike riding can be tough in hot or humid conditions, you can get by a lot faster and more efficiently when you can start up your e-bike engine and get through the slog of it without pedaling. Just sit back and coast and let your new electric bike do all of the work, while you still enjoy the benefits of nature and some exercise. More importantly, with the right gear and accessories, including rain shields and fat tires, you can literally drive in the snow without a problem.

Why Women Use E-Bikes

This brings up the next point—are women riding e-bikes, and if so, why? Well, yes, and yes! Women are at an advantage when it comes to electric bikes. Along with costing far less money and time to purchase than a car, an e-bike can easily be replaced without much worry. This allows you to explore e-bike styles for women, along with the different e-bikes made for certain uses.

For example, there is the classic beach cruiser women’s electric bike that is designed in the same style as a retro or vintage 1950s bike. Adding accessories like baskets, cargo racks, and bottle holders is also popular among female e-bike riders as a way to take advantage of space on the bicycle.

Who among women is more likely to ride e-bikes? There are many purposes for having an e-bike as a woman:

  • Job commutes
  • Short trips around town
  • Explore nature and getting fresh air
  • Save money on parking, fuel, insurance and other vehicle expenses
  • Upgrade one’s existing bicycling game and experience
  • Exercise and get in better cardiovascular condition
  • Improved overall mental and physical health and wellness
  • Transportation that does not require a license
  • Ecological benefits of not burning fossil fuels for energy and eliminating fuel emissions
  • Connection with community

For bicycle enthusiasts interested in a new thrill on two wheels, electric bikes are also a new revelation in transportation. You can travel by bike for longer distances with the combination of human power and electric energy. Whenever your personal battery needs to recharge, simply let the bicycle do all of the work. This is wonderful for transportation in heavily inclined neighborhoods. In addition, you are safer in places with lots of traffic where speed and agility is needed to maneuver around vehicles suddenly braking.

How to Choose an E-Bike When Shopping

Buying an e-bike begins with shopping for a women’s style of bicycle. There are distinct e-bikes for men and women based on the physique of the rider. You can try out both a men’s and a women’s e-bike before making your final decision on a purchase. However, in general, the design of a women’s bike is built to accommodate the women’s personal frame. The same goes for a man’s bike.

For a more unisex style, consider the mountain e-bike for women. This bike features a laid back seat rather than the racing bikes made for riders to straddle up on top of the bike frame. You also have more mid-range tires on the MTBs for women that allow for both urban commuting and trail riding.

You also want to consider other factors based on a woman e-bike rider’s personality and lifestyle, such as:

  • Cost and budget
  • Look and design of the e-bike
  • Color scheme and custom paint, if applicable
  • Speed and power for performance
  • Range of electric battery power
  • Tech servicing and repairs, as well as cost of parts
  • Shipping and handling
  • Level of work needed for assembly

Finding e-bikes for women is becoming easier, partly because women are a prime consumer group for this type of equipment.

Top Features for Ladies Buying Electric Bikes

The types of e-bikes sold to ladies also determine what kind of features are out there. You can choose a commuter bike that helps you carry heavier hauls, such as bags of groceries. A recreational bike allows you to load up a paddle board or snorkeling gear for a quick trip to a local beach.

For women who commute partly by train or plane often enough that bike storage has to be considered, the folding e-bike is up for grabs. Here you have a bicycle that lets you compact it into half, so you can carry the bike or put it into a storage area easily. Weighing less than 50 pounds, these bikes are not as durable as a full-sized electric bike. However, they have a good purpose and solve many everyday needs for female bike owners.

Electric bikes can feature tires designed for gravel or dirt roads, which are well-suited for all-terrain and off-road riding. These include the popular fat tire e-bikes that can be ridden on snow-packed surfaces. Of course, the most common feature that draws women riders to e-bikes is electric power and how that works.

An electric bike is operated in a couple of ways, depending on the main mode of the bike. The basic entry level e-bike features pedal assist. This means that once you start pedaling the bicycle, the electric power will crank up and you have that as a backup supply. You can stop pedaling and the electric motor will pick up the pace for you. Go faster and farther than ever before using an e-bike.

Other features to consider when buying electric bikes for women include:

  • Overall style, i.e., mountain, road, or commuter
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Name brand gears, such as Shimano
  • Name brand motors, such as Bosch
  • Well-designed suspension
  • Overall weight of the bike, i.e., 30 pounds is lightweight
  • Battery power and range, i.e., a 500 watt battery fully charged lasts about 60 miles
  • Frame materials, i.e., carbon frames are popular yet expensive
  • Price (MSRP) ranging from around $1,500 to $9,999

As you make your decision on whether to buy an e-bike as a woman, see what the female bike riders are doing over in Norway. In this cold and often dark northern territory, you might think e-bikes would be unacceptable. However, that is the opposite, and in fact, women bicyclists are choosing the electric bike more often than their Norwegian male counterparts.

Scandinavian Women Love E-Bikes

Scandinavian countries, including Norway and Finland, are in strong competition for the most eco-friendly modes of transportation. In an effort to better understand the bike owner behaviors in these countries, officials in Norway conducted a social experiment on electric bikes and Norwegians. This is in response to government initiatives and the Institute of Transport Economics to encourage bike ownership and bicycling among Norwegians.

Norway is a country where there were about 10,000 electric bikes sold in 2014. For this particular social experiment, as reported by ScienceDaily, Norwegian officials provided local bike riders with an electric bike. They tracked the bike riders' use over a short period of time, and determined that women were more of a fan of the e-bike than men.

The Norwegian officials discovered that the women in the group rode bikes primarily for transportation, while the men rode for exercise and sport. As a result, women were using their e-bikes more often than men to manage local trips, such as for work or to sports practice. However, as a whole, during the experiment, both genders of bike riders completed 50 percent of their transportation on e-bike. This was a jump from 28 percent via regular bike.

Benefits for riders who use electric bikes for transportation include less sweating and the need to change clothes or shower upon arrival. This saves employees a great deal of time and money on being able to use e-bikes for commuting without stress. As a result, this leads to increased use and dependence on the e-bike.

So what did the researchers find out about who would be more likely to buy an e-bike? According to the findings, 33 percent of Norwegian women compared to 25 percent of men say they would definitely buy an electric bike.

Best Ladies Electric Bike 2021

As we round out this article on why women should buy an electric bike, consider one of the most popular e-bikes for ladies in 2021. The beach cruiser women’s e-bike offers a more relaxed frame design and cool color schemes. For women who want to visit the beach, of course, this is the bike to ride on. However, you can see this style of e-bike showing up at the grocery store, library, or even to work day in and day out.

Spotlight: Beach Cruiser Women’s Electric Bike by Sixthreezero

Sixthreezero is a great brand to go to for the beach cruiser style of women’s e-bike. This company makes several affordable electric bikes for ladies that fit the beach cruiser aesthetic. Check out the A/O Frida 500W, A/O Amelia 500W, and EVRYjourney 250W. Each one of these women's e-bikes are a bit unique in terms of the frame, but all carry that same classic beach cruiser look. Notice the use of the imitation leather handlebars and seat in a warm brown. These offset the bright color schemes with fun names like Lilac Ginger, Pine Melon, Cream Coffee, and Sky Marigold.

Whether you want to find a women’s electric bike for work or play, bikes like these beach cruisers are just the icing on the cake. There are plenty of bike brands and styles made especially for women out there on the market.


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