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15 Electric Bikes for Ladies You Must Try in 2023

Although women and men can ride any framed electric bicycle they want, there are some traditional terms in the cycling world that are still easy to understand. Ladies might choose the easy to mount and dismount step thru framed e-bikes, or they might buck traditions and go for a standard cross-bar frame, also called a "diamond frame."

Here, we want to focus more on step-through frames for ladies because they offer comfort, stability, and versatility, regarding clothing options like wearing skirts and dresses, without sacrificing your ability to get effective exercise or a speedy commute.

Let's take a deep dive to learn more about electric bikes for ladies in general and which ones are best for you to suit your lifestyle and goals.

What Are Electric Bikes?

If this is the first time you've thought about buying an electric bike, you might need more information about these exciting types of bikes. Like many people, you might think of mopeds and scooters, but electric bikes fit firmly into the bicycle category.

An electric bike, also called an e-bike, is essentially a standard bicycle, featuring several added electrical components, including a motor, battery, and some sort of controller. The motor gets its power from the mounted rechargeable battery on the bike. Together, they form an electrical system that gives you multiple cycling options for every ride you take. While there are many other features and considerations, these are the basic elements found on every e-bike.

One core factor in classifying a bike is that the motor can't be the sole energy source, meaning the motor must serve as assistance to you in powering the bike. You get a certain amount of power based on your level of effort pedaling and the level of support you have selected from your motor.

You will find bikes and e-bikes in various styles, including:

  • Commuter style
  • Beach cruiser style
  • Adult tricycle style
  • Touring style
  • Road style
  • Mountain bike style
  • Hybrid style
  • Moped style bike style
  • Cargo or delivery style
  • Fat tire style
  • Folding style

As you can see, there are many styles to consider. It comes down to what works best for you and your bicycle riding goals and needs. Unless you have some highly specialized aspirations, like mountain biking, speedy road cycling, or doing BMX maneuvers, you'll likely focus on options like beach cruisers, commuters, hybrids, adult trikes, or fat tires.

But we don't want to assume what you might want or need for your cycling adventures and commutes and will cover as much as possible that we think could be relevant to you. Who knows? You might choose something you hadn't expected once you learn more about each one.

What Do Each of These Bike Styles Offer You?

Each of these bike styles offers a unique riding experience and individual benefits.Some bikes are more specialized than others, while some have subtler differences. Let's dig into the bicycle styles we mentioned above.

Commuter Style

Commuter bikes are the quintessential city, cargo, cruiser, or urban bikes, and you might actually find them in some other styles listed that you might not expect, such as the road bike. It comes down to how you intend to use the bike or e-bike and the accessories and gear you choose to add to outfit it accordingly.

Think of it this way: if you plan to ride your e-bike to school or work as your primary transportation method, you can think of it or call it a commuter bike. However, some bicycle models suit this commuter biking better than others. And there are some styles that have precisely what you need, such as:

  • An easy step-thru frame that allows you to mount, dismount, and stop for various reasons easily.
  • Allow you to add a rear pannier mount and a front basket. The more storage space, the better, allowing you to carry what you need to work or school, pick up groceries, drop off dry cleaning, and much more.
  • A speedy enough motor to give you the boost you need when you have a schedule to keep and want to avoid walking into meetings sweaty and unkempt.
  • It can have a single speed or different speeds to work with for your manual bike riding sessions, depending on your riding preferences.

It's important to choose your commuter e-bike wisely to ensure you can enjoy optimal comfort, speed, and safety. If you buy something that doesn't suit your daily commuting needs, you might find you've made a costly mistake. That is, unless you work with a company that offers a 30-day, no-risk test ride, allowing you to return your e-bike if it doesn't suit your needs. But it's still a hassle to make the return, so it's better for you to know as much as possible about your future e-bike before taking the plunge.

Beach Cruiser Style

If you look at a photo of a beach cruiser bike, you might wonder what the difference is between it and a commuter bike. Here are some key differences between beach cruisers and commuters you can explore. But for now, let's focus on the beach cruiser. You'll probably pick up the differences for yourself once we start discussing its unique attributes and features.

A beach cruiser style bike is one that typically has a single speed, comfortable seats, larger tires, coaster brakes, simple steel frames, broad handlebars, and an upright seating position. And most of all, those bikes have a classic, expressive style. They look like they belong on the beach where you can leisurely ride and enjoy yourself for hours in beautiful weather and a lovely location along a pristine, sandy beach in your favorite flowing skirt or dress, since beach cruisers usually feature a lower step-through frame.

You can still exercise on these bikes, but riders usually emphasize pleasure riding over all else. But with an electric version, you can enjoy your leisure rides and arrive at your time-specific destinations on time too.

Finally, if you are a new or casual bike rider, beach cruisers are the perfect introduction to the e-bike world, since they are the ideal recreational bicycle style.

Adult Tricycle Style

Adult tricycles have made a big comeback over the last several years. As more people want to go out for a ride, not everyone is attached to the two-wheeled paradigm. These bicycle styles are especially helpful for older adult women working to improve balance and stability issues while still getting regular exercise and generally staying active.

An adult tricycle ticks all the boxes, and if you add a motor, all the better. Regardless of your age or physical condition, an adult e-trike has so many benefits to offer you, including:

  • You have more stability than a traditional, two-wheeled bicycle.
  • It would be difficult to lose balance on an adult e-trike, even if you pedal slower or use the motor at a slower speed. The balance is built into the design and supports you without slowing you down.
  • An adult tricycle stays upright when you dismount without any worry.
  • Mounting and dismounting are easy and comfortable, thanks to the step-through frame.
  • Your e-trike is always in balance, so you don't need to worry about shaky moments as you start to pedal.
  • An e-trike makes it easier to run errands because they often have a larger rear area for a cargo carrier, and you can also place a basket on the handlebards. You can get all your errands done with plenty of storage space, along with a secure and natural balance, and without overexerting yourself, thanks to the motor.

Touring Style

Touring style bikes and e-bikes are the next step up from commuter bikes. They can cover greater distances than standard commuter bikes, even when loaded down with gear and bags.

Essentially, touring style e-bikes are ideal for you if you live outside the city limits and commute or generally ride longer distances. So, if you are a committed cyclist who lives in the suburbs or somewhere even farther out in a rural area, and you want to continue commuting on two wheels, a touring bike might be your best option.

It's also a great option if you have more gear than your typical commuter, yet you still don't want to drive regularly.

Touring e-bikes feature a heavy-duty frame, and you'll notice the extra weight. However, designers work hard, focusing on the geometry to offer you a more comfortable riding position.

Road Style

Road bikes are the ideal choice for cyclists riding long distances and going for speed on their own power. However, they aren't always the best choice for commuting with cargo. But if you are a committed athlete or serious exercise enthusiast who wants to make it work, it is certainly an option you might consider. You just need to ensure a road bike can do everything you need and keep you safe while doing it.

If you need a road bike to work long distances while hauling your laptop and other gear, you might consider all the complexities of such a choice. Will you be able to safely attach a rear pannier rig and bags safely? Will you need to bring extra clothes?

But if none of those considerations are a factor, the exercise you'll get on your road bike is incomparable to most other styles. These bikes are designed for optimal speed and efficiency.

They aren't the top choice for new or casual riders who simply want to keep the car in the driveway and exercise on the way to and from work. Without fenders to keep mud from spreading up your back on a drizzly morning or a pannier to hold your belongings, it isn't the ideal choice for commuters.

Mountain Bike Style

Mountain bikes have design features intended for off-road bike riding. They often look like other bicycles, such as hybrids, but they are built to ride on rough and rocky terrain with more powerful suspension. That means they are often heavier with bigger tires, meaning they are not as efficient on paved paths and roadways.

Similar to road bikes, mountain bikes are highly specialized and not intended for daily commuters or recreational and casual riders. You probably won't find them a practical option for daily riding, even if you don't mind the idea of some off-road excursions from time to time.

Hybrid Style

A hybrid is a cross, or hybrid, between three different bikes: touring, mountain, and road bikes. Designers wanted to create something that encompassed the best and most desirable features of each one, allowing you to ride long distances, over rougher terrain, and at reasonably quick speeds.

These bikes work well as commuter bikes, especially considering the touring factor and the upright, comfort-focused position. But also keep in mind that they are considered fitness bikes, so you can enjoy speedy workouts on the bike path or open roads when you want to before veering off onto a lightly graveled path, thanks to the wider-than-road-bike tires.

Outside of beach cruisers, adult trikes, and commuters, hybrid bikes are friendliest for casual riders or those just getting into cycling.

Moped Style Bike Style

Now for something completely different. A moped style bike offers a unique frame that barely resembles a traditional bicycle. A moped style bike is naturally motorized and an e-bike, so, if having something that looks like a motorized vehicle is important to you, this might be the e-bikes style for you.

Moped style bikes often feature a larger seat in length, allowing you to bring along a passenger on the back if you'd like to.

The main downside to these bike styles is that they are much heavier than traditional bicycles; therefore, managing them and storing them can be more difficult. While you could put it in your car to take with you on vacation, it would be more challenging and take up more room in your vehicle.

Finally, you won't get much exercise at all with this bike style, since it is so heavy that the motor is the only option.

Cargo or Delivery Style

Cargo and delivery bikes are interesting and come in various styles, but their main focus is on having a substantial cargo capacity. They are ideal for carrying anything you can imagine, including school books, laptops, groceries, or even dogs and people. If you plan to replace your car with something cheaper and more sustainable, a cargo bike is the go-to choice.

You can find these bikes in traditional or e-bike versions and feature specialized, modular mounting systems to make it easier to customize your bike to haul your specific items easily.

Here are the two main cargo bike styles and layouts:

  • Dutch style box bikes feature an actual box fitted between the rider's handlebars and the bike's front axle.
  • Long Tail designed cargo bikes push the rear wheel further behind the bike, creating more space behind the rider to fit in cargo storage.

Fat Tire Style

If you live in a snowbelt, a fat tire bike might work perfectly for you. Also known as a fatbike or snow bike, a fat tire bike is an off-road bike with over-sized tires built for heavy snowfalls and other unstable terrain, such as sand, mud, and bogs. Fatbikes have frames with wide forks that make space for the wide rims and tires. While ideal for unusual terrain, you can still ride these bikes on pavement and other smooth surfaces. And you can find fatbikes in electric versions.

Folding Style

You might worry about where to park your bike while you're at work or at the gym. If so, a folding style bike might work best for you. That way, you can fold it and take it inside with you, no matter where you go. Folding bikes were designed to accommodate avid commuting bike riders who don't have easy access to secure bike parking facilities and for those who might live in an apartment that doesn't have room for a full-sized bicycle.

Owning a folding bike might feel like doing origami every time you arrive at home or your commuting destination, but you'll get the swing of things quickly if this bike style is your ultimate choice. By working with the lockable hinges, you'll eventually reduce your bicycle to a small fraction of its original size. While the bike itself isn't standard-sized in its fully engaged position, it is a significant change to see it folded completely. Consider how easily you can slide it into your bedroom closet or under your work desk.

How Do E-Bikes Work?

As a savvy consumer, you want to understand how your future bike works to get the most out of your investment.

Your electric bike will likely have a motor placed on the front or rear bicycle hub, or it might be positioned on the bike as a mid-drive motor, powered through the crankset. The hub-based motor pushes the wheel directly around from that point of placement. The mid-drive or axle-mounted motor works through the chain and gears to give you the extra pedaling assistance you need.

E-bikes feature a torque sensor to continually measure your effort and energy output and will adjust the motor's output accordingly to avoid putting you into overdrive or losing assistance when you need it. Essentially, the motor works in tandem, accommodating your needs based on your output. It won't take over for you, but you'll get the benefits of consistent delivery of power that will keep your ride smooth and avoid any forward lurching due to power surges.

That means you still get exercise, even when you are getting pedaling assistance.

At no point, do you just idly let your motor do all the work. You need to activate your muscles, press the pedals, and get some exercise. Therefore, if you have any worries or illusions that you aren't doing any work or burning any calories during your rides, you can release those now.

Now that we've talked about the motor, let's look at the battery, which is where you'll get the power you need. In some bikes, it is mounted outside of the bike's frame or hidden inside of it.

In many cases, you can remove your e-bike's batteries to recharge them, but for some bikes, you need to leave the battery attached, and find a way to charge it on the bike. You might need to bring your bike inside or find another safe spot with a power source to charge it for your next ride.

What Size Motor Does Your Ladies Electric Bike Need?

With more of an idea of what your electric bicycle can do, you probably need more information on the various motor power options and which one you need.

Basically, how much power do you need to get where you're going comfortably?

The power ranges from 250W up to an extreme of 2500W, which is unnecessary and possibly unsafe for most daily commuters who just want a little boost. Perhaps the most popular wattage people choose is 500W. It's the sweet spot, offering you a lot of support when you tackle bigger hills, but it isn't a waste of your money investing in something with more power than you'll ever need.

How Popular Are Electric Bikes?

As more people try to find ways to save money at the gas pump and lead a more sustainable lifestyle, e-bike popularity is on the rise.

As of August 2022, it was reported that more than 500,000 e-bikes sold in the U.S. in 2021 and were expected to increase sales by 13% by the end of 2022, becoming a $49.7 billion dollar industry, basically outselling their four-wheel counterparts.

By the end of 2027, Markets and Markets reports that the e-bike industry will reach $80.6 billion.

So, it's safe to say that electric bikes aren't going anywhere except into excited riders' possession.

And if you plan to buy an e-bike as a woman, you will join a growing number of women doing so. Right now, men outpace women in electric bicycle ownership and ridership at 59% to 41%, respectively, but women are catching up and enjoying the fun of it.

Why Choose an Electric Bike as a Female Bike Rider?

We all want to get more exercise, but going to the gym often becomes burdensome and time-consuming, making it difficult to fit it into our busy schedules. If you work, have children, and participate in hobbies, you know how challenging it is to find time to go to the busy gym and wait for popular machines. And you might not want to buy a road bike and go out for hours of riding that isn't attached to your daily schedule.

An electric bike gives you an opportunity to fit an organic and functional workout into your day. Many women are considering e-bikes as the ultimate alternative to designated gym-based or class-focused fitness sessions that take out chunks of time you need for other pursuits. These women also understand that achieving and maintaining good fitness allows them to continue taking care of the rest of their lives.

You can get the cardiovascular, muscular endurance, and lower body workout you need when you need it and have time to do it. Adjust the level of pedal assistance you need or want during every ride to get spurts of exercise without getting excessively sweaty or worn out before you reach the office or home.

The Benefits of Electric Bikes for Women Cyclists

Besides the basics of getting the perfect balance of exercise and assistance, there are more benefits to owning an electric bike, especially for women.

Here are some additional benefits to help you make your decision:

  • You can enjoy a faster commute to work and back home and out for errands if a workout isn't on the schedule. Simply kick into pedal assist mode, and head home quickly and efficiently.
  • You can add more cargo without having to pedal harder to make up for the extra weight on board. Pedal assistance will ease your burden, allowing you to carry your groceries, household goods, library books, or work or school supplies easily.
  • You can perform lower-impact exercise. While riding a traditional bicycle isn't technically high-impact, there are times when you have to pedal harder and strain your legs and knees in a way that isn't conducive to a good workout. It's taking an unnecessary toll as much as a high-impact aerobics class or 3-mile run might. When you can tap into your pedal assist mode, you can spare yourself trauma to your body while enjoying the cardiovascular benefits of pedaling.
  • You can spend social time with your friends rather than spend the whole time huffing and puffing. Sometimes you want to ride bikes without getting winded and becoming unable to speak. Your motorized bicycle lets you enjoy time with friends in the beautiful outdoors.

What Are You Looking for In Your E-Bike?

Are you trying to find a new and creative way to get more exercise? Are you more interested in sustainable transportation? In either case, or in any other case, an e-bike is a great answer.

But what features and specifications do you think will help you get the most out of your e-bike?

Here are some common considerations women might have when buying an e-bike, along with some answers that might help.

Q. What powers the e-bike?

A. Electric bikes most often use a combination of manual pedaling, pedal-assistance, also known as pedelec, and electric-only, or throttle, modes. This aspect of your electric bike is especially important if you have issues with your knees or prefer not to pedal sometimes. For such cases, you want to ensure that you buy an e-bike that can self-propel, using only the throttle and no human power.

Q. How much weight can e-bikes support, including the rider and any cargo?

A. As mentioned above, electric bicycles can help lighten your effort associated with the weight of anything and anyone on board. E-bikes have similar weight limits to their manual counterparts and can support a person and/or cargo weighing 300 pounds combined and total. However, while that number is put forth by the manufacturer, it might not be ideal for the bike. A heavier rider and excessive cargo loads will likely wear down your e-bike and its motor faster and might cause structural damage to the e-bike over time, especially in the wheels and spokes.

Q. Can an e-bike satisfy my goals and expectations?

A. It's important to determine your goals before making this important investment in your health and transportation. Ask yourself what is most important to you about owning an e-bike. Do you want to get fit or fitter? Do you want to ride to work in your work clothes, keeping them clean and tidy for the workday, then change into your fitness gear to ride home? Do you want to meet friends to go for long bike rides on the road with occasional excursions onto gravel paths? Are you trying to shake up your metabolism while struggling with bad knees? Are you getting older and finding that you lose balance and need something to offer you ample support?

All these questions can help you choose the best electric bicycle to exceed your goals and expectations, so ask these questions of yourself and others as you go through the shopping process.

Why Are Step-Through E-Bikes So Good for Ladies?

As we discussed at the beginning of the post, there are no rules regarding ladies' and men's bicycles. If you want to buy a diamond frame, we've known many women who have done so and loved their bicycles.

But you also don't give up anything in terms of the quality of your rides and exercise benefits by choosing a step-through-framed e-bike. We believe you'll enjoy your electric bike much more when you don't have to swing your leg up and over the back of the seat and hop up, but we like to keep everything easy and gentle to spare our hip flexors from that stress.

Let's look at additional reasons we recommend e-bikes for ladies...and men in many cases:

  • It's easier for stop-and-go riding sessions. Since e-bikes became so popular with commuters and delivery workers, it makes sense that they would choose step-through frames—female or male—to allow them to mount and dismount quickly to make timely deliveries. If you have a series of errands, or if you and your friends want to stop at shops during your bike ride, you won't have to exert yourself getting on and off your e-bike.
  • You can wear your favorite skirt or dress. Whether you are going to work or out for an e-bike date at a cafe, you can wear your favorite clothes. Add in the fact that you have a motor, and you'll arrive with your clothes in the same perfect condition they were in before you rode your e-bike over.
  • You don't need to strain yourself. Again, lifting your mounting leg up and over the seat can be taxing. Men are typically taller, so it isn't as much of a strain for them, necessarily. You will still get the exercise you need without stress.
  • Enjoy maximum balance and stability. With a low step thru bike, you can put your feet on the ground at stop signs and lights and at your destination to maintain your balance and stability. If you've ever ridden a cross-bar-framed bike, you know things get tricky at stop lights when you need to hop down and straddle the bar. A low step-through e-bike model lets you relax when you need to put on the brakes.

15 Electric Bikes Ladies You Must Try in 2023

Whether you have a visual aesthetic in mind or you want a certain level of power, there is an electric bike perfectly suited to your lifestyle and your desires.

Our team compiled the 15 most unique and appealing electric bikes ladies must try in 2023.

4. Aventon Pace 500.2 Step-Through Ebike

Since we love step-throughs, we wanted to include the Aventon Pace 500.2 Step-Through Ebike. This e-bike features a powerful 500W motor that will let you attack steep hills with confidence. Even better, the fully integrated battery means you won't lose all the juice on the hills, so you'll have plenty of battery power to get back home.

We also like its sleek, modern commuter style and simple but effective choice of colors in Ghost White or Celeste, which is a teal shade. Another benefit is that the Aventon Pace comes in sizes for those of you smaller in stature, fitting riders at 4'11" - 5'7" in the small category.

7. Snapcycle R1 750W Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

While we don't know that a fat tire electric bike is best for everyone, you might love the Snapcycle R1 750W if you live in an area with rougher terrain or frequent dense snowfalls. In order to tackle tough conditions, the Snapcycle features a 750W motor to support you and your gear as you trek through the elements.

One feature we appreciate for riders out there braving blizzard conditions is its temperature protection, enhancing the e-bike's overall durability and safety.

This massive motor gives you an approximate 45-mile range of battery charge when using pedal assist mode. If you want to use pure electric power, you still have 30 miles available to use to get you there quickly, safely, and without overexerting yourself.

Again, this e-bike isn't for everyone, but if you live outside of town and need to get around safely, you might be better off—or at least as safe—than those with all-wheel drive vehicles. And the fact is, with all the assisted power, it would be fine for times when the weather is great because, even if it's somewhat heavier, the assistance will help counter that for you.

It also features a low step-through, so you don't have to struggle to mount and dismount this e-bike.

8. RadRunner Plus 750W from Rad Power Bikes

The RadRunner Plus 750W toggles the line between moped and e-bike more delicately than perhaps any other entry on our list. The RadRunner offers ample cargo space, whether for groceries, pets, or small humans, making it easier for you to head out to quickly and safely complete your errands with plenty of battery power left when you return home.

And don't forget that it's stylish, powerful, and ready for speed and fun too. It's easier than ever to ask a friend to tag along, even if they don't have their own wheels. They can simply hop on the rear bench and hang on, letting you do the e-cycling.

9. Electra's Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

We like the Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru e-bike because it offers the simplicity and charm that we love in our own bikes. But we can't deny that we are partial to our offerings. But still, this is a terrific e-bike, offering fun, whimsy, and just enough power to get you safely through your workday and on to play time. Choose from a refreshing pallette of colors, including Tahiti Blue, Citron, Guava, Mango, and Lunar Grey on this step-through cruiser.

The rear hub motor lets you easily reach a top-assisted speed of 20 mph, so you won't sacrifice power for style.

10. Nakto 250W Classic Step-Thru Cruiser Electric Bike

The Nakto 250W Classic Step-Thru Cruiser is an entry from Nakto Nakto, a Dutch company with a firm sense of what goes into creating a comfortable electric cruiser that moves at your pace. The step-thru frame makes it a winner for anyone wanting a simple way to mount the e-bike and ride without any extra strain of fuss. Featuring a 250W motor, you will still get plenty of assistance when you need it.

Similar to our low step-thru e-bike, you can ride this one with an upright posture and relaxed shoulder, neck, and back. The spring-loaded saddle makes long rides bearable.

Enjoy the 6-speed Shimano gear set or the pedal assist or the thumb throttle, which essentially does the work for you.

11. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike

The Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 electric bike is the epitome of the urban commuter bicycle style with a dash of hybrid framework. This e-bike offers a smooth, fast, and nimble ride with a 250W motor, offering multimode pedal assist. You can use pedal assist for 50 miles up to 20 MPH.

12. Priority Current E-Bike

Touted as the most progressive e-bike on the market, the Priority Current comes with 500W power and five different pedal assist modes.The mid step-through is one area we're hesitant to sign off on, but this e-bike has so much going for it that we would recommend this one with caution if you have issues with your hip flexors or have other flexibility and stability issues.

The Current also features one of the higher price tags, so make sure it has everything you need and nothing you don't before considering this one too seriously.

14. Ribble CGR AL e Step-Through

The Ribble CGR AL e Step-Through 250W is the lightest e-bike on our list and features a classic road bike design. This women's e-bike offers three levels of electric pedal assistance. Ribble touts the e-bike's versatility, sharing that it is as smooth and safe on woodland trails as it is on a freshly paved roadway.

15. Orbea Optima E40 Step-Through E-Bike

Our final entry, the Orbea Optima E40, is another lightweight hybrid e-bike option that features a unique design that is simultaneously sleek and minimal. This stylish city e-bike has a 250W motor and a mighty rear hub to ensure that city rides are easy and breezy. The low step-through frame lets you feel as confident as this e-bike looks as you mount and dismount with style and grace.

Let Our SixThreeZero Team Help You Find Your Electric Bike for Ladies

The idea of buying an electric bike might be new for you. We understand you have a huge array of options available to you, and we want to help you make the best decision for years ahead of healthy commutes and happy long bike rides with friends.

Our team can help you determine the best bike style and work with you to get the perfect custom fit, so you'll feel fashionable and comfortable for every ride. We're also here to discuss shipping, assembly, our 30-day test ride period, and much more.

Contact our SixThreeZero team of e-bike enthusiasts to chat and learn everything you want to know about your future electric bicycle.


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