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Your Complete Guide to Finding the Best E-Bike for Your City Commute

November 1, 2021

Electric bikes can be good commuting alternatives for city dwellers. Find out more about the features that make seven speed e-bikes such as the Reach your Destination 500W and A/O Maya 500W ideal for most urban commutes. An e-bike with a 500 watt hour battery and electric motor can travel farther faster with pedal assistance or full electric power than a 250W e-bike. This guide will point you toward the best e-bike based on the distance of your commute and your riding style.

What to Look for When Choosing an Electric Bike

The battery and motor in an e-bike are important components for commuters. The watt hours of the battery and electric motor determine the range and top speed of an e-bike. E-bikes with 500W batteries and motors have a 20-mile full electric range and can travel as far as 40 miles with pedal assistance. Models with 250W batteries have a slightly shorter 15-mile range on full electric and can go up to 30 miles on pedal assist. 

Good frame design is also important if you plan to use an e-bike for commuting. The frame geometry should correspond to your height. Some e-bike models such as the BodyEase 500W have low step-through frames for maximum comfort and safety when mounting and dismounting. The Reach your Destination 500W also features an upright riding and vertical pedaling position.

Top 5 E-Bikes for Commuting

The Reach your Destination 500W is the top commuting bike for men and women. The A/O Maya 500W hybrid electric touring bike is another popular women’s e-bike for daily rides. Hybrid e-bikes can be good choices for commutes that can combine trails and paved routes. If you want to get away from automotive traffic for a stretch, consider the EVRYjourney 500W. This bike has a comfortable design and a range of up to 40 miles on pedal assist mode. 

If you plan to ride an e-bike in inclement weather or your commute leads you over slick terrain, the EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W is also available for men and women. If you want to be able to get on and off your e-bike more easily and enjoy even more comfort and cushioning while you ride, you should consider the BodyEase 500W for women or men. 

Are E-Bikes Good Exercise While Commuting?

E-bikes offer the same opportunities for physical exercise as manual bikes. You can ride without electric power, in pedal assist mode or on full electric power. You can get the best workout by traveling solely by pedal power. The battery and electric motor in an e-bike offer pedal assist and full electric options to facilitate your commute.

The main difference between e-bikes and manual bikes is that you can count on having pedal assistance or full electric power within the range specified for the battery in an e-bike model. Once you have pushed your limits, electric power makes it easier to complete your commute.

Most Efficient E-Bikes for Commuting

Many commuters prefer 500W e-bikes. These bikes have faster top speeds and longer ranges than models with 250W batteries and motors. The top speed of a 500W e-bike is about five miles per hour faster than a 250W e-bike and the range is about five miles further on full throttle power or up to 10 miles further on pedal assist.

A commuter e-bike that has a 500W battery and motor makes it possible to travel 30 miles or further on a single battery charge. The frame design and features of an e-bike should contribute toward your comfort and safety during regular rides to and from work, school or any other destination.


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