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10 Tips For Staying Warm During Winter Bike Rides

While indoor training can be good for winter training, an avid cycler will still be enticed to go outside and hop on their bike, even during the cold winter months. The trick to being comfortable while cycling in the rain, sleet, or snow is to dress appropriately in the proper winter cycling gear. Use our cold weather cycling tips to make the most out of your winter bike riding experience, while staying warm and cozy the entire time.

1. Be Sure to Layer

The number one rule for staying comfortable while biking in the winter is to layer your core. Not only will this keep you warmer, but it will also make adjusting to temperature changes effortless. A good rule of thumb is to have a base layer that wicks away moisture, followed by a mid layer that retains heat, then an outer shell layer that is both water and wind resistant.

2. Always Bring a Spare

Always be equipped with a spare jacket. You may need it if the temperature drops suddenly or if the one you are currently wearing gets wet.

3. Wear a Comfortable Base Layer

Your base layer’s job is to keep you dry and sweat-free. This is critical during the winter season, when moisture on your skin makes you quick to catch a chill. Splurge on the best base layer possible with moisture wicking technologies.

4. Utilize Shoe CoversWearing tons of socks will make your shoes uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a quality shoe cover that is waterproof.

5. Don’t Forget Your HeadThirty percent of your total body heat is lost through your head. Use an aero helmet as they tend to retain heat better than ones with vents. Use a cycling cap as a base layer that is slim enough to properly fit under your helmet.

6. Take a BreakIf you’re expected to ride longer than three hours, plan a break mid ride. Stop at a restaurant or café to warm up. You can also take advantage of this pit stop to allow your damp clothing to air out and dry.

7. Shield Your EyesAlways wear eye protection while riding in the winter. Grit and grime can easily be kicked up from your wheels and into your eyes.

8. Be Sure to EatIt is critical to eat before a long ride. This is especially important during winter months, as you will need the fuel for the exercise.

9. Drink Plenty of FluidNot only should you eat properly, but also you should bring a water bottle along with you for the ride. Even in the winter you’re bound to get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough fluids.

10. GlovesDon’t forget to keep your hands warm! Sturdy gloves with grip will help you take command of your bike.

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