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10 Scenic Bike Rides In New York City

Despite the mass amount of buildings and concrete the Big Apples entails, New Yorkers love to spend their time outside. And, what better way to explore the urban jungle than to do it on a bike! Cycling in New York is a great way for tourists and residents alike to not only travel around, but to view New York, and boy, does New York offer some great pedaling paths. If you’re searching for the best bike routes NYC offers, check out our compilation of the 10 most scenic bike rides NYC boasts.

1. Hudson River Greenway

Covering over 10 miles from the Battery Park City area to the George Washington Bridge, this long strip of silky smooth paved paths is a cruiser’s dream come true. The Hudson River Greenway offers gorgeous views of the Hudson River, Fort Tryon Park, and the New York skyline.

2. Carroll Gardens Path to Coney Island

This path, lined with lush trees, starts at the Cobble Hill-Carroll Gardens and runs all the way down to Coney Island. It was the United States’ very first bike path, built in 1894, and spans through Brooklyn for more than five miles.

3. Governors Island

Governors Island offers no cars, thus making it one of the best biking areas in New York. Despite the loop not covering the entire island, it still guides you through grandiose historic mansions, old army barracks, and stunning views of Lower Manhattan and the NY Harbor.

4. Highbridge Park Mountain Bike Trail

If you’re searching for something a bit more rugged, check out this three-mile trail located at the northern tip of Manhattan. Explore the dirt jump park, free ride trail, and skills loop, all of which boasts techy drops and steep inclines for folks looking for a challenge.

5. Central Park Full Loop

This 6.1-mile loop offers three different bike paths through NY’s lush Central Park. Cyclists can enjoy a leisurely ride through pretty views of the park’s 843 acres of greenery, water, historic statues, and more.

6. Bronx River Path

This woodsy ride extends from NY’s northern borders and into Westchester County. The path features a one-mile loop located by Oak Street and a four-mile cruise from Bronxville to Scarsdale.

7. Pulaski Path to Williamsburg Bridge

Explore North Brooklyn all the way to Long Island and then the Lower East Side as you cruise this path.

8. Rockaways Ride

This leisurely stretch starts at the B/Q stop near Sheepshead Bay and continues for seven miles along quiet residential streets until it stops at the Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge.

9. Wards Island Bike Path

Located between Manhattan and Queens, Ward’s Island is a 255-acre island park that features fun paths for bikers. You can take in breathtaking views of the NYC skyline and sky scrape scenery.

10. Brooklyn Waterfront Greenery

An ideal summer ride, this six-mile path hugs the edge of Brooklyn and offers one of the best views of the entire city.

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