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10 Reasons Why Everyone Still Loves Electric Bikes

Today, it is clearer than ever before that electric bikes are here to stay. What some once dismissed as a passing trend is quickly becoming mainstream transportation. As the world becomes more health-conscious and environmentally aware, ebikes are likely to overtake many other popular modes of transportation. If you have ever wondered why electric bikes are so popular, read on.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Bike

Electric bikes use chargeable electric motors to assist riders. Most bikes feature partial "pedal-assist" functions and/or full electric control. Here are some of the main benefits of an electric motor over a conventional bike configuration.

Low Carbon Footprint 

The environmental benefits of electric bikes stem from the fact that, while they don't require gasoline like motorcycles or automobiles, they can allow you to travel far enough for a standard commute or weekend adventure. This has made e-bikes extremely popular among those who care about the environment. 

Increased Range

When you ride a standard bike, you can only travel as far as your legs can power you. With an electric motor, you can push yourself significantly further.


While biking is an excellent way for fit people to get around, it hasn't always appealed to the elderly or to other groups that have difficulty with intense physical activity. Electric power offers these groups significant relief.


Though e-bikes are more expensive than standard bikes, they often pay themselves off quickly by saving riders on gas and food expenses.

Options for Casual Riding

Sometimes, pushing yourself up that hill to see the summer sunset just isn't appealing. When you use pedal assist, you can focus on the scenery without exhausting your legs.


Since e-bikes rely on components that have remained unchanged for over a century, you won't have to call a service center for a breakdown like you would with a car.

Great for Deliveries

Electric bicycles and tricycles are ideal for delivering to urban areas, as they easily traverse narrow streets and won't tire you out.


The less you focus on pedaling uphill, the more you can focus on the road. This can give you crucial moments to get out of the way of traffic.

Fast and Efficient

The motor on a typical starter electric bike can allow you to reach speeds that rival those attained by serious bikers. This means that you can get where you want to go fast.

Great for Commuting

Nobody wants to walk into work covered in sweat. When you have a motor at your disposal, you can choose how much you want to exert yourself.

Why Electric Bikes' Popularity Continues to Soar

So, why the growing ebike popularity? The world is becoming a more responsible place. Through the rapid spread of information and technology, people are beginning to understand the importance of exercise, sustainability, and accessibility. For e-bike owners, an electric ride is a lifestyle choice.

How It Improves Your Ride

When you own an electric bike, you don't have to use assistance modes. If you want to ride for exercise, you can. If you want to take it easy, you can do that too. 

eBikes Can Be Used All Year Long

Sometimes, riders are concerned that winter weather will harm their electric battery. Fortunately, batteries perform perfectly well in all but the most frigid conditions. In extreme cold, you may notice a slight reduction in range.

How an eBike Really Affects the Environment

The environmental impact of a product includes its entire lifecycle. In the case of automobiles, the production of a given model often involves a carbon-intensive process that rivals even the carbon output of driving the vehicle for its entire lifespan. Everything about a product, from the extraction of basic resources to the shipping of parts, adds to a global carbon footprint. Even producing parts in a warehouse requires energy and manpower that inevitably contribute to global climate change. 

Because bicycles take significantly less time and require significantly fewer parts to assemble than automobiles, they are inherently better for the environment. Further, once a rider has obtained a quality electric bike, they are likely to own it for many years, resulting in a completely sustainable method of transportation. With each new rider, the world becomes safer from the most hazardous effects of climate change. 

Why Riding is Great for Everyday Necessities

Have you ever debated to yourself whether you should ride or drive to the convenience store for that pound of butter you forgot earlier? With an electric bike, the debate is settled. You can choose to exert yourself as much or as little as you want when doing basic chores. Most urban and suburban residents spend the majority of their time mere miles from their homes. This means that the majority of work, errands, and recreation can be done using only an e-bike for transportation.

How Electric Travel Can Open Your Social Options

The accessibility afforded by an electric motor doesn't just benefit individual riders. Often, groups of riders find it difficult to travel together because of a marked difference in physical ability. This is as common in married couples as it is with groups of casual friends. With the option to assist your ride with additional pedal power, you can catch up to anyone in your group with ease. Although this can sound like an insignificant advantage, it can open a world of possibilities for recreation and travel with your friends or significant other. 

If you have been considering purchasing an electric bike, there is no better time to buy. An e-bike is great for the environment and your energy level. Always research your local laws before choosing a motor and consider the features of a new ride that are most important to you.

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