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There's a misconception that a beach cruiser is the type of bike only used for slow, relaxed, beach riding.  And then there's the story that beach cruisers aren't good for riding long distances, commuting, exercising or any type of riding over eight miles per hour.  These are myths.  Myth /mith/ noun. 1. a widely held but false belief or idea.  Don't believe the stories.  Ride fast, ride slow, ride short, ride far, the choice is yours.  We have bikes with gears or without gears, with handbrakes and or with coaster brakes.  Choose your gears, choose your brakes, ride the way you want.  The one truth you can hang your hat on is that our bikes are comfortable.  Comfort /ˈkəmfərt/ verb. 1.a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. Our bikes will get you there, wherever there is.  I mean you could buy a different type of bike, but it's all about the journey, might as well do it right.  Ride Easy.




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