Meet our BeachBikes Mechanic, Marco. He’s here to help. Anything you need with assembly, repairs or installations, he’s your guy.
Call or Email him, he’s always around.
(310) 803-9540


We've shot assembly videos and written step by step instructions to make assembling your new beach cruiser and accessories as easy as possible.
We are adding new assembly videos everyday, if you have a suggestion for an assembly video let us know.


Once your bike is assembled, take it out for a test ride. Make sure that your bike is working properly and shifting smoothly, If you have any problems or concerns, please contact our mechanic, Marco. If not, you are ready to ride. Want to find rides in your area? We will have our Ride Specialist help you find near by paths and rides for you to enjoy. Learn more about your Ride Specialist Contact Your Specialist:



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