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Beach Cruiser Blue/Teal Bikes
Learn More About Beach Cruiser Blue/Teal Bikes

Beach Cruiser Blue/Teal Bikes

We understand that some people crave both form and function. This is why we have created comfortable bikes that boast both safety and style. If you’re in the market for teal bikes for sale, look no further than a fashionable teal single speed beach cruiser from sixthreezero. Our bikes are made to turn heads while getting you to where you need to be.

Fashionable Teal Bikes for Sale

Our single speed commuter bikes are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Built from the ground up with you in mind, our bikes offer timeless style and modern comfort.

Our stylish Ride in the Park city cruiser is the perfect way to efficiently navigate the urban jungle. With big, wide wheels, an ergonomic frame, and 7-speed gear system, this bike will glide over any type of terrain while you stay cool and collected.

The teal Explore Your Range bike lets you explore every part of your city or town while looking cute. This bike is built for speed and performance, including big, cushioned tires, custom brown grips and a matching deluxe saddle seat, and easy gear mechanisms.

If you’re looking for women’s single speed bikes or men's single speed bikes, look no further than our fabulous selection.

Join the Journey

If you want to learn more about cycling tips and tricks, or just meet like-minded people, join our Journey Club and check out our Teal EVRYJourney bikes!

Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe


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Body Fit is a unique fitting experience that determines if this bicycle will fit your body.
We developed our own proprietary algorithm that will factor in your height and weight to each fitting answer. Our algorithm is concerned with making sure you are fitted to a bike that will provide you maximum comfort. Our number one goal is your comfort.
BodyFit ME
After entering your height and weight.
Click the BodyFit ME button.
If you see this box appear it means the bike is a perfect fit for your body.
Not a Fit
If you see this box appear it means the bike is not a fit for your body.
If this bike is not a fit, your body measurements will be saved in our system, so you can browse to other product pages and they will automatically tell you if they fit.