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Your Complete Guide To Biking In Vermont

Updated On: June 19, 2023

If you enjoy biking and haven't yet visited Vermont, now is a wonderful time to explore it. The state is lovely year-round and is full of biking enthusiasts. Before you go, plan your trip carefully and learn about biking in Vermont

Is Vermont Good For Biking?

Vermont is a great biking state. The only season in which you probably shouldn't venture out on a bike is winter. They do tend to get a lot of snow there. The other three seasons are amazing, however. Summer is not too hot and spring and fall offer stunning vistas with hills and mountains covered with trees. It's a bike-friendly state and you will find all the accommodations and assistance you need for your bike trip.

Bike Routes To Ride This Summer

Vermont has bike trails for every level of rider. Need something flat and short? No problem. Want a mountain climb with a fast descent? There are plenty of those to be had. Some of Vermont's most popular bike routes include the following:

  • Bebe Spur Rail Trail
  • Ethan Allen Park Trails
  • South Burlington Recreation Path
  • West River Trail
  • Stowe Recreation Path

You can plan your trip to include a variety of trails to build your biking repertoire.

Paths & Rail Trails

One of the best-known paths in Vermont is the Burlington Bike Path, also known as the Island Line Rail Trail. Its 13.4 miles passes beaches, wildlife areas, and cute local stores. A mix of paved path and hard-packed gravel, this trail is ideal for road bikes, ebikes, and mountain bikes alike.

Another nice ride is the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail This 26.3-mile crushed-stone path starts at St. Albans near the Canadian border. You will end in Richmond after cruising by beautiful dairy farms, cornfields, and waterways.

Mountain and Fat Biking Trails

You'd expect there to be a lot of mountain biking networks in Vermont, and there are. But one of the best is Black Bear and Stormin' Norman. After a back-breaking ride up the fire road to the top, you will enjoy fast descents, fun drops, and a variety of features upon which to practice your fancy moves.

Best Bikes To Ride In Vermont

Vermont has a variety of terrain and bike trail options. You can take a good all-purpose bike, such as the EVRYjourney from Sixthreezero, and it will be able to handle most trails and paths just fine. If you know that you want to spend all your time climbing the hills and mountains, then be sure to take a mountain bike or fat-tire bike to have better traction and grip.

Ebikes are ideal for Vermont. You can take the longer out-and-back trails and use the pedal-assist mode for your return trip. If you are new to biking or just want to take it a little easier from time to time, check out your ebike options.

Vermont Biking Safety Precautions

In Vermont, bicycles are considered vehicles and are therefore subject to the same rules of the road. These include riding to the right, using hand signals, and obeying all traffic signs and lights. Bike helmets are not required, but are recommended. If you bike at night you must have a white light on the front of your bike and a red reflector on the rear.

Vermont EBike Laws

Under Vermont law, ebikes are governed just like regular bikes. This means ebike riders follow the same rules and regs as any other cyclist. They are welcome to use the same roadways, paths, and trails.

Plan your Vermont bike trip today. Get your bike tuned up and find the trails that will challenge and excite you. Happy riding!


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