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WOW! Senior Couple Shows Off Their EBikes on their Daily Ride Route: This E Bike Ride is Crazy!

Updated On: September 15, 2023

Buzz: My name is Buzz and I'm 72 years old and this is my wife, Ann. She is 66 years old. Look at that, huh? Not bad. Hey, we just got these cool new e-bikes from Sixthreezero. Mine is a simple step through, exactly what it says. Look at how simply I can just step through that and hop up on the seat. It's amazing. You go ahead.

Ann: Mine is EZ transit, which is amazing because I can just fold this down, and we can put it in the car. We can put it in the hatchback and we can easily get to where we're going.

Buzz: And mine just simply goes on a bike rack behind the car. It's that easy. And we can put both in the same car. We're ready to go. All right.

Ann: I like mine because it has a maximum speed of 16 miles an hour, so it's safe to be out on the road, and it makes it enjoyable because I don't have to be worried that I'm going to go too fast, and I can either do the pedal assist here or I can do the full electric mode. And I can go for 40 miles before I need to charge it. Right? So we can be out all day long

Buzz: Exactly right. You can go 40, I can go 50 so I can get away from you. Okay. Anyway, this is as simple as this gets. It's there. I can go to level two, which is going to make me go even faster. I can go to levels three, four, and five and I can be riding like a 12-year-old out there on the bike trails on my e-bike. But I'm not going to do that. I rarely go above two. It gives me plenty of power to both use the pedals and then just maximize my going up the hill by putting my machine on the throttle. Everything is operated by a simple thumb. This is how easy this is. The throttle is right there. The speed is monitored right here on this. And my throttle is right there. It's all thumbs. So when you say you're all thumbs, I'm all thumbs.

Ann: You're all thumbs. That is true.

Buzz: All right, ready? Do you want to go around the park?

Ann: Yes.

Buzz: We're going to take a simple ride here. We're just going to go for a quick ride around the park and we'll check back with you in a minute. See you in a minute. Here we go. Woo-hoo. Woo. Here we are. Hey, that was fun, huh?

Ann: It was really fun.

Buzz: That was great. And you know what? This was just the warm up, because now we just rode around this pretty simple park, we're going to take it to some higher levels. Are you ready to take on the beach?

Ann: Yes, I am.

Buzz: Let's do it. Okay, here we are. We are down at the beach. We unloaded the bikes and we were ready to go for a beach ride. Are you ready, Ann?

Ann: Yes.

Buzz: I am too. All right, here we go guys. See you on the other side.

All right. We are ready to take on the PCH bike trail. We normally go like, I don't know what, five, 10 miles down here?

Ann: At least. Yeah.

Buzz: Just kind of that. So we're about ready to go. We'll catch you on the backside. See you. Okay. So here we are. We are at Doheny State Beach. It's our last stop of the day. We love to ride. The grass is fun to ride on here. There are some cool little hills to zip over, and then there's the path. And then there's this really cute little restaurant we like to stop by over here and just have a refreshment, right?

Ann: Yes.

Buzz: Are you ready to go?

Ann: I'm ready for my refreshment.

Buzz: Okay. I am ready to go. You're ready for the refreshment.

Ann: I'm ready for my refreshment.

Buzz: She's always ready for the refreshment. Hit it.


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