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Why Surfers Use Electric Bikes for Their Commute

September 21, 2022

There are many reasons surfers love opting for an electric bike for their ocean commutes. Ebikes have, in the past, had a reputation of being only for the affluent who are too lazy to ride a traditional pedal-powered bike. However, they are gaining popularity with everyone, and for good reason. Ebikes are an eco-friendly form of transportation with the added benefit of enabling you to go further distances on more challenging terrain than you could on a standard bike. Additionally, you can easily take your surfboard and gear with you. Is an eBike right for you?

How To Keep Your Ebike Safe While Surfing

While eBikes are coming down in price all the time, they can still be a significant investment. Therefore, ensuring its safety from theft or vandalism is essential while you're out riding the waves. Here are some tips.

  • Keep a record of the serial number

Write down your eBike's serial number and keep it with your other important records. If your bike is stolen, this information can help in the search.

  • Purchase a quality lock

There are many styles of bike locks on the market, so it's important to know what suits your needs. Better quality typically costs more, but the lock's materials make all the difference. U-locks are the most durable due to their shape and thick, reinforced steel.

  • Invest in a smart lock

A smart lock can be invaluable in keeping your eBike safe. You control these locks with your smartphone, enabling you to monitor the bike's location and send notifications if it moves. Some also have alarms similar to car alarms.

  • Select your location carefully

Be selective about the location where you leave your bike. If possible, park in a well-lit area.

  • Lock it to something sturdy

Next, it's essential to lock your bike to a bike rack or something solid that's attached to the ground. After all, a lock is worthless if it's connected to something unstable.

  • Lock it tight and low to the ground

The lock should be positioned low on the bike frame and pass through multiple bike components, including the frame and wheels. Some additions or accessories may also be pricier than others, so make sure you secure them well or, better yet, carry them with you.

How To Have a More Sustainable Surf Commute

Using an eBike for your surf commute can go far to help the environment. In fact, even short commutes of even three miles are significantly better for the environment on en eBike because the gas mileage of cars is much less fuel efficient on short trips than on long. Now, an eBike can take you not only longer distances than a standard bike but also help you traverse once tricky, if not impossible, landscapes such as steep hills.

Benefits of Ebiking to the Beach Over Driving

There are many reasons to opt for your eBike over your car whenever possible. Here are just a few.

  • It's a sustainable form of transportation.
  • It's much less expensive than gasoline.
  • You don't have to scour for a parking spot or pay for one.
  • You can avoid traffic jams.

Why Are Ebikes Good for the Environment?

When you take a gas-powered vehicle, your commute to the ocean can hurt the sea. Ebikes are an excellent option for protecting the environment and getting you where you want to go. Instead of taking your gas-powered car to your destination, you can avoid burning fossil fuels, which are harmful to the environment and the ocean. The burning of fossil fuels causes oceans to absorb CO2, which in turn causes them to acidify. This causes numerous problems such as warming the sea, killing kelp forests, bleaching coral reefs, stopping ocean circulation, disrupting the ocean food chain and causing rising sea levels.

Can You Put a Surfboard on an Ebike?

A variety of universal surfboard mounts are available for eBikes. Ensure the surf rack you're considering fits your bike model and the type of surfboard (shortboard or longboard) you're planning on carrying. Some brands and models of eBikes offer custom racks; look for all the available options in their accessories list. One of the best bikes for surfers is the Sixthreezero EVRY Journey NEW 500W. Whatever your choice, ensure the rack and board are correctly mounted before setting out on your adventure.

Can You Ride an Ebike on the Sand?

You may be surprised that you can ride an eBike on the sand. Ebikes are great for riding on different terrains and are preferable on some terrains because of their extra power to navigate the more challenging ones like hills and sandy beaches. Before you take your eBike to the shore, you must ensure you and your bike are ready for the outing. Your eBike will need proper tires for riding on this terrain; they should be wide with the ability to grip loose ground. The bike should also have decent-size fenders to prevent thrown sand. You must also know how to maintain your bike after each ride. The sand and saltwater can be harsh, so taking the proper precautions is essential to keep your eBike in good condition.

Today is a fantastic day to begin the quest for your perfect eBike. With the proper care, it can serve you for years to come, wherever your adventures take you. Look for a reputable online retailer to assist with your search. An eBike is one investment that won't disappoint.


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