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Why Is Wearing A Helmet So Important?

You’re only going a short distance, you’re an expert biker who never falls, and you don’t plan on listening to music on your journey. You don’t really need a helmet, right? Think again. We often put helmets on kids and assume we outgrow them once we ditch the training wheels. But does your brain need less protection just because you’re out of high school? We don’t think so. Here are some of the reasons wearing a helmet is so important:

Preventing Head Injuries

There are almost 300,000 bike accidents a year involving kids, and thousands more involving adults. According to the CDC, over 1,000 bicyclists died in accidents in 2015, and the total number of accidents involving bikes was almost half a million! That’s a lot of accidents any way you cut it.

Now, your helmet isn’t going to prevent an accident. But it could spare your brain major trauma in the event that you get hit by a car or take a spill off an unexpected curb. Bike helmets spare an estimated 75% of all bike accident fatalities and prevent about 85% of all traumatic brain injuries for people who survive their accident.

Surprisingly, kids are not the most likely to die from a bike accident and resulting head injury. The CDC found that adults aged 50-59 are the group with the highest death rate from bike accidents. Since most bike accidents happen in urban areas, wearing a helmet any time you leave your house (even just a quick trip to the store), could be the difference between a minor injury and a life-threatening one.

Abiding Local Laws

Not only does helmet protection mean you’re reducing your chances of a serious brain injury, but you may be complying with the laws in your state. No state mandates that adults wear helmets while riding, but many states and the District of Columbia require that child riders wear a helmet.

Finding the Right Helmet

Not all helmets will serve you equally. Try on a few helmets before you buy one to make sure it is snug, sits evenly on your head, easy to adjust as needed. A good helmet should also have a chin strap that secures the helmet to your head and prohibits it from sliding from side to side. A helmet that flies off in the event of an accident is not going to do you any good.

Helmet safety is key to becoming a responsible cyclist. Once you get your helmet situation sorted, it may be time to upgrade your two-wheeled chariot. You can shop hybrid bikes and shop comfort bikes right here on sixthreezero. Your next great (and safe) excursion is right around the corner.

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