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Why Electric Bikes Will Be the Way Americans Travel This Summer

Updated On: January 30, 2024

As quarantines end, cities begin to reopen, and more Americans receive their vaccinations, people get excited about traveling and exploring. The past year saw an increase in electric bike sales, likely because it was one of the only permitted outdoor activities you could do. However, the past year has seen a recurring trend as well, the increase in RV sales.

While you might not think RV sales have much to do with the rising popularity of ebikes, you would be mistaken. Many people traveling in an RV and staying at campsites around the country often struggle to find adequate transportation outside of the site. An ebike is an efficient vehicle to explore natural surroundings.

Electric Bikes’ Popularity Soars During Pandemic

As people were cooped up in their homes and most businesses or means of entertainment were closed, it was important to find safe ways to entertain yourself. Cycling was deemed a safe activity early in the pandemic, meaning people had a way to cure their boredom and combat their stress.

Unfortunately, traditional bicycles can only get you so far, typically 15 to 20 miles for an avid rider. An electric bike can double or even triple that distance, allowing people to spend more time outdoors exploring, which was a welcome activity over the past year.

Best Places To Ride Your Electric Bikes This Summer

With the pandemic restrictions easing, it is time to start thinking about getting the most out of your ebike purchase. As electric bikes are legal in most states without a license, they are the perfect tool for having family fun days. Some of the best places to ride will include your neighborhood, beaches, bike trails (if allowed), and city riding.

Some cities are better than others to ride in because of the scenery and dedicated trails. If you are interested in exploring some of the best cities for ebike riding, consider the following:

•      Washington, D.C.

•      Seattle, Washington

•      Boulder, Colorado

•      Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

•      Portland, Oregon

•      Tuscan, Arizona

•      Austin, Texas

•      San Francisco, California

Electric Bicycle Popular Bikepacking Destinations

Many people have heard of backpacking, traveling to popular destinations, and camping out while trekking through the location. Bikepacking is the same thing, except instead of hiking through the areas, you ride your bicycle.

There are several popular bikepacking spots across the country. Some of the best include:

•      Kokopelli Trail, Colorado and Utah

•      Ojito BLM Area, New Mexico

•      Maah Daah Hey Trail, North Dakota

•      Olympic Adventure Route, Washington

•      The National Scenic Trail, Arizona

•      Denali National Park, Alaska

•      Oregon Timber Trail

Traveling With Your Electric Bikes Summer 2021

If you plan on traveling with your ebike, you will want to have a plan. While traveling with the bike in your car is not much different than traveling with a traditional bicycle, you will want to account for the added weight. Some of the easiest ways to travel with your bike are to ensure there is enough room inside the car or install a hitch rack to the vehicle's rear with a secure mount.

If traveling by plane, you will need to contact the airline to discuss how you will need to pack your bicycle. Some airlines will want you to dismantle the bike so it can fit in the cargo area. Others will only ask that your secure it in an appropriate travel bag.

Bestselling Sixthreezero Electric Bikes 2021

Are you ready to buy an electric bike for some summer exploring? If so, look no further than these bestselling ebikes from Sixthreezero:

•      EVRYjourney FATTIRE 500W

•      EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle

•      AroundtheBlock 500W

•      A/O Amelia 500W

•      EVRYjourney 500W

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of ebikes? Contact a local bike specialist to discuss your questions and schedule a test ride.


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