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Why choose an Electric Tricycle as Senior - Over 60 Rider Explains

Good morning, everyone. I'm Sherry. Sophie and my husband and I just got back from our daily ride on our bikes, albeit a short one today. Full disclosure. I'm five foot two and I'm a senior citizen and my husband is five foot four. We live in a senior community. A lot of people understand why I've got the trike, but they don't understand why would I need a battery-powered trike. 

Well, when I get out of the community, people don't understand why would I need a trike with the battery versus a two-wheel with the battery? Well, first of all, full disclosure, I am five foot two. I am not the best bicycle rider. Yes, I've held motorcycle licenses for years. I still currently have one. But when you're a motorcycle rider, everybody knows when you go through motorcycle training, you've got to be able to flat-foot, meaning get your feet on the ground, to have the best control over your motorcycle, and you've got the big wheels.

On a two-wheel bike, this is made for short people. So watch what happens when I try to get on my husband's bike. Okay. It's on its kickstand. Okay. I'm on. But I can't flat-foot it, okay? So because I'm high up in the air really on any bike and this has pretty good tires, but when they have skinny tires and I'm high above the ground, I feel like I've lost control. So the last thing I want to do is get a two-wheeler and now at a battery to that where I wouldn't be able to do that. 

So I think that there are very few times in life that you can say something and a hundred percent of the people are going to agree with you and I think you're going to agree with this next statement. As senior citizens, one of our biggest fears in life is I don't want to fall. So to take that out of my worry list for the day or in life, that leads me to why I would want a three-wheeler. Why would I want a three-wheeler with a battery? 

Well, trikes are heavy. Now, can I fall over on a three-wheeler? Absolutely. If I'm going around the corner like a Kamikaze pilot and I'm speed racing or if I get my tire may be up on a curve or something, do I have the capacity to fall over? Absolutely, but not like I am with a two-wheel bike. We live in a senior community and our mailbox and our clubhouse are in the same parking lot. It's about a four-hour round trip. I'm sorry. Senior moment, four-mile round trip.

So if I wanted to go up there to get my mail or go to an activity, yeah, I wouldn't need a trike. I would just go there and come back. Growing up on the shore in Atlantic City and Ocean City, the type of riding that I would be doing there, the land is all flat, and during the riding hours, you get up there on your bicycle, you've got people up there with kids on vacation, all age groups, they've got big stories, they've got tandem bikes, they've got everything up there.

So if I were going to be living in that type of a community where I was just going to ride my bike up and down the boardwalk every day and maybe go ahead and go to one of the convenience stores and get something to drink or a magazine or newspaper, I definitely would not need to have the power that I have on my trike. But that's not the kind of ride that my husband and I want to do and Sophie doesn't want to do. We want to get on our bikes every day. We want to not worry about what we're going to go, how far we're going to go. 

Trikes are heavy and you add another 22-pound companion with you and it's going to be heavy. I don't have the stamina, muscle strength, the longevity of riding four, five, six, seven, or eight miles uphills and downhills without the assistance of the battery. Don't forget, with electric bikes, you also have the capacity to go without them. So if I want to really work hard, I can take that off. But for the most part, I use it all the time within at least level one. So that's why I personally, as a senior love having the trite and love having the battery. 

But I'll tell you, it's not just for seniors, because I have a niece who has cerebral palsy and a lot of people do have mobility issues, muscular issues, and a fear of being so high off the ground. Some people can't ride a bike, so for that reason. She's done. She's had a [inaudible 00:04:14] all day. So for that reason, I hope that you can empathize and think about getting yourself a trike for the same reasons that I did with the battery. Have a good day.


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