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Why Bicycling Makes For Great Bonding

Riding a bike as a child is often one of the memories that adults look back at with great fondness. The thrill of learning to ride, with a parent cautiously holding the back of the bicycle wanting to let go, but not wanting to at the same time. Circling around the block as a family or down to the local market for a weekend treat. These times are special and they create bonding moments that can last forever. Because the memories are such important parts of our lives, it’s no wonder that we often like to recreate the feeling by riding with those we love in adulthood, such as romantic partners and good friends. As grownups, we don’t have to settle for jaunts on commuter bikes taking us to work or on errands. We can enjoy thrilling journeys once again, on a comfy cruiser bound for wherever our group of friends and family feel like adventuring to.

Riding as a Family

Biking together as a family is a great way to get outside and enjoy the world we live in. Whether you ride in the country, suburbs or city, there are plenty of things to see and take in – so soak it all up. Use the time as a teaching moment to show children the intricacies of their neighborhood, and that bike riding needn’t be restricted to trekking on commuter bikes to a job. It’s fun to find out who lives by you, what businesses are around and which things make your community unique. Kids are good at finding the newness in things, so let them teach you a thing or 2 about your local area as you ride down streets you may never have thought to before.

Riding with Your Partner

Even if your partner and you have bicycles and you use them often, there’s a good chance they’re commuter bikes that serve as alternatives to cars. Riding for necessity is different than riding for pleasure, so taking cool cruiser bikes like city bikes or bikes built specially for exploration, and head somewhere together with your intent set on discovery. A trip to the park for a picnic can be a fun outing for a Saturday afternoon. Think about a ride to a café for lunch or bike to the beach for a swim, if you’re looking for relaxing and enjoyable things to do as a duo.

Tips for the Perfect Bonding Bike Ride

To make your bike ride as perfect of a bonding experience as it can be, it helps to prepare for the journey – whether it’ll be a short or long one. Before you head out, try some of the following prep tips:

• Plan a beautiful path

• Bring a blanket or snacks for a picnic

• Allow for plenty of time to explore and/or relax

• Carry a portable blue-tooth speaker to set the mood

• Bring a camera for memorable moments

• Take a secret gift to give to loved ones when you reach a beautiful spot

• Pack warm clothes if you plan to watch the Sunset

• Have an attitude focused on fun and bonding

Biking is one of the most rewarding things we can do together. It’s something that can provide us with fresh and exciting experiences to savor, over and over again. Join our Journey Club to uncover new and thrilling ride locations around the globe! If you’re looking for bikes to buy for bonding times, check out our bike shop.


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