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Why a Tricycle is a Great Addition to a Family

If you think your only option is a two-wheel bike, then you need to think again. Tricycles, or three-wheel, bikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among senior citizen riders who may suffer from joint pain and mobility issues. But aside from this, they're really great for the entire family and for people of all ages to take out for a ride around the block or trip to the neighborhood grocery store or market.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at why tricycles are such a great addition to any household. We'll dig in to some of the top reasons why you might consider adding a tricycle to your garage or shed and outline some of the top trikes on the market today. Here's a closer look at everything you need to know about tricycles. We'll start with why you should add one to your household.

Top Reasons to Add a Tricycle to Your Household

You can't go wrong with adding a tricycle to your household. Yeah, any bike is great for exercise and also a sustainable method of transportation, but here are some of the reasons why the tricycle-style bike is becoming a staple in many garages and sheds throughout the country.

It Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

This is perhaps the biggest reason for adding a tricycle-style bike to your home - it can literally be enjoyed by the entire family. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, tricycle bikes are just flat-out fun for everyone. So just hop on and start enjoying today. You can even double the fun by selecting a tandem tricycle bike, where two riders can pedal and enjoy themselves at once. Bottom line: Tricycles are great fun.

It's Ideal for Anyone with Mobility Issues

While tricycle bikes can be ridden and enjoyed by anyone, they're especially ideal for anyone with mobility issues or anyone who may not feel safe or comfortable riding a conventional two-wheeler any longer. For this reason, they're ideal for the senior citizen demographic, as the elderly tend to have mobility and/or joint issues that may prohibit them from riding a two-wheeler. And since exercise is important at any age, a tricycle bike is a safe, viable option for anyone that still wants to ride.

It's Great for Your Physical and Mental Health

Any type of exercise is great for both your physical and mental health, and riding a tricycle is no exception. When you take note of the fact that inactivity is believed to be responsible for some 3 million deaths each year throughout the world, staying fit, active and healthy becomes all the more important. Riding a bike is a low-impact workout that doesn't put a lot of strain on the joints, and a tricycle tends to be even more ergonomically friendly than other types of bikes.

Aside from strengthening bones and maintaining muscle mass, riding a bike is a great cardio workout. It's also great for you from a mental perspective when it comes to reducing stress and improving your overall mood.

They Tend to be More Ergonomic than Conventional Bicycles

They're easier to get on and off. The third wheel helps enhance the back support most trikes are able to offer. The handlebars tend to be more ergonomic and easier to grip. Seats have more positioning options. Recumbent tricycle designs even allow you to stretch out your back and legs, which can be good for anyone with a stiff back. It's important to note that while trike bikes tend to be more ergonomic overall, it's still important that the primary rider is properly fitted to maximize its comfort while it's in use. You can get fitted at any bike shop or even by answering a few questions online.

They're Safer Than a Conventional Bike

This ties back into the reason that tricycle bikes are so ideal for senior citizens or anyone with mobility issues - trikes are just flat-out safer than conventional two-wheelers. The third wheel makes trikes significantly more stable and allows riders to maintain their balance much easier. Plus, when you dismount and mount, you don't have to worry about activating the kickstand to prevent it from falling over. It will stay standing on its own without an issue. And if you think that the tricycle might take up too much space in your garage or home, keep in mind that they're also available in foldable options, enabling them to be easily carried wherever you go.

There are Electric Options

Tricycle bikes have a tendency to be a bit heavier than other types of bikes, which can make them harder to pedal on long rides. This is especially true if the cargo baskets are packed full (more on storage space later in this section). The good news, however, is that these bikes also come in electric options - meaning that when fatigue sets in, all you need to do is give a quick flick of the wrist for pedal assist to kick in. The EVRYjourney tricycle from SixThreeZero, for instance, features a 250-watt battery that can take riders up to 15 miles using full electric and up to 30 miles using the pedal assist feature.

They're Durable

Tricycles tend to be more durable than conventional two-wheelers, which doesn't just make them safer for riders, but also ensures they're able to stand up to the elements that riders may find themselves in. Some models can even support a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds, which is much more than a general conventional bicycle is able to support. There are various three-wheel models that you can choose from. There's the conventional delta version, with one front and two rear wheels. There's also the tadpole version, with two frontal wheels and one rear wheel. And then there's the sidecar alignment, where the third wheel supports a side riding space.

They Offer Ample Storage Space

We'll cap this section with one of the best unsung reasons to purchase a trike - the amount of storage space they're able to offer compared to a conventional bicycle. Many tricycle bikes have storage baskets in the back, located right between the two rear wheels, which offers ample space for riders to carry groceries, luggage, bags, or really anything else. For many riders or seniors that may have mobility issues, the habit of riding the tricycle to the grocery store to do shopping and then being able to adequately transport groceries home can become an enjoyable new lifestyle habit to get into. Some bike models even come with both rear and front baskets, making it even more of a practical option to ride to the market or elsewhere around town.

Best Tricycle Bikes on the Market Today

Now that we've gone over some of the best reasons to purchase a tricycle, let's examine some of the top trike options on the market today. Here's a look at some of the best three wheelers that money can buy:

Meridian Adult 26" (Schwinn)

Need a safe, secure and reliable ride? You can't go wrong with a name brand like Schwinn. The Meridian Adult 26-inch bike has large, 26-inch tires that allow for a smooth, uniform ride. A basket in the back situated between both rear wheels makes it convenient for storage. One neat thing about this model is the rear hand brake to go along with the front brake, which makes stopping easier than on other models. The one downside is that the frame is bulky and heavy, so it's difficult to transport when you're not riding it without having to disassemble it.

EVRYjourney 250W (SixThreeZero)

Though on the higher end of the price point for tricycle bikes, the EVRYjourney 250W electric 7-speed tricycle from SixThreeZero is sure to please whomever in the family is taking it out for a ride thanks to all its great features. With a 250-watt battery that can kick in with pedal assist or full electric mode during uphill parts of the ride or just when the rider needs a break, the EVRYjourney is comfortable, convenient, flexible, safe and ergonomic. Available in up to four colors and ideal for general, leisure riding, this electric model is an ideal addition to any family's household.

DXT Drift Trike (Razor)

There tends to be a misconception when it comes to tricycles that they're only designed for the elderly or mobility impaired. That's not the case - and the DXT Drift Trike from Razor is proof of this. Designed in the fashion of BMX-style racing trikes, it's purpose built for a more rugged, adventurous ride. It features a steel frame, thick wheels and a bucket-style seat to keep its riders low to the ground. What it offers in style and performance, however, it lacks in comfort and durability. It can only support a maximum weight of about 200 pounds - some 100 pounds less than other tricycles - and the low-on-ground seat makes for more of a bumpy ride.

26" Adult Tricycle (Viribus)

Like the Schwinn model that we discussed earlier on this list, the Viribus Adult Tricycle also comes with 26-inch wheels to offer stability and control for anyone who's riding it. However, unlike that model and many of the other models on this list, the Viribus 26-incher comes with two storage baskets - one in the rear between the two wheels and the other in the front underneath the handlebars. These storage options make it all the more ideal for riding it to the market to pick up groceries or other items. The front basket can hold about 45 pounds worth of items, while the rear basket can hold more than 200 pounds.

Adult Tricycle (Slsy)

One neat thing about the Slsy Adult Tricycle is that it's available in 20, 24-inch and 26-inch wheel options, so there's a little bit of flexibility depending on what riders are looking for. Known for its sturdy design that can support riders and cargo of up to 350 pounds, this cruiser-style trike is comfortable and ergonomic and it's easy to assemble and disassemble if you want to take it on vacation or from one residence to the next. Another nice thing about this option from Slsy is that the price is right, coming in at under $400 for the 20-inch wheel option.

Our Pick: SixThreeZero EVRYjourney 250W Tricycle

What do you get when you combine an electric bike with comfort and affordability? You get the EVRYjourney 250W tricycle from SixThreeZero. An ideal all-purpose bike that's great for any rider in the family, this model certainly won't disappoint. And at a price point of less than $2,000, the price is right as well for a model with this many features packed into the frame. With storage space in the back and a suggested riding range of 20-30 miles, it's a great three-wheel bike for anyone and everyone to enjoy - whether you're out for a neighborhood stroll or taking it to the market on the weekends for fresh produce.

Contact SixThreeZero Today

For more information on why tricycle bikes are becoming the new family-friendly norm in garages and sheds throughout the country and world and to learn more about why one could be right for your family, contact SixThreeZero today. As you do, be sure to inquire about the EVRYjourney 250W tricycle bike - and all of the other styles of bike the manufacturer offers. Contact SixThreeZero today to learn more.


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