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Which bike is best for my husband this holiday

With the holiday season right around the corner, why not get the man in your life a gift that provides hours of fun and plenty of physical exercise? Biking is a low-impact workout that targets every muscle group, especially the legs and core.

Biking is good if you have hip, knee, or ankle arthritis or are healing from a joint injury. It also helps to grow stronger leg muscles, which provides more significant support for your joints and reduces discomfort.

Biking is the ideal cardio exercise, too. Cycling helps to strengthen your cardiac muscle, lowers your resting pulse and your blood fat levels.

The best part about biking is just about anyone can do it. The old adage “It’s like riding a bike” is true because most people ride as children. Once they get back on a bike as an adult, the skill comes back to them. Even if he was not a kid that was always riding a bike, it’s something most people pick up quickly.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to see your husband or any other man you adore on a bike, it’s important to match one to his lifestyle. There are plenty of options out there, so how do you pick the right one?

Some Common Bike Types

An excellent place to start when considering bikes for him is by determining what type of bike suits his needs. Some common bike types include:

  • Road bike – A road bike is any bicycle designed to be slim and aerodynamic.
  • Touring – Touring bikes are similar to road bikes but meant to go long distances. A touring bike has a lower center of gravity than the road bike, as well, for better control. They are also able to handle heavy loads on both the front and back, so there is more cargo space.
  • Mountain – A mountain bike's major aim is to absorb impact and improve traction. They feature more prominent, knobby tires for greater grip on dirt, and they often have lower gears than any road-style bike, making it easier to climb hills.
  • Cruiser – Cruisers are wide and comfy, making them ideal for leisurely trips down the boardwalk or around town. They function well on hard-packed sand and provide a very upright riding position for taking in the views.
  • Fat – As the name suggests, these bikes have fat tires that work well on a variety of surfaces, including snow and sand.
  • Specialty bikes – There are a number of cycles on the market designed with unique features like tandems with two seats, frames that fold or recumbent seats.

Along with these six bike types, there are a variety of mix and match styles. Hybrids, for example, have some characteristics of a road bike and some of a mountain bike. That makes this a practical general-purpose design for someone who wants to ride on bike trails, streets, or rough terrain.

Another bike worth considering is one with an electric motor. An electric bike can offer him a little assistance should pedaling become brutal such as on a hill or in strong wind. Some electric bikes even work without you having to pedal at all. That makes an electric bike the one that can take him just about anywhere and get him back home, even if he gets tired.

Men’s vs. Women’s Bikes

Bikes are also gender-specific. That doesn’t mean a woman can’t ride a man’s bike or vice versa. It simply means the design of the frame suits certain aspects of a man or woman’s body based on data.

Bike manufacturers have a large amount of fit data that goes into frame geometry. Women are often shorter, so women's bike models have lower stack heights. Women have shorter torso lengths on average. Hence, women's bike models have shorter reach lengths.

Tips for Buying a Bike

The most important tip to keep in mind when bike shopping is to get as much help to make your choice as possible. Look for a retailer that will custom-fit a bike for your man. That way, there will be no disappointment from a bike that is too small or doesn’t fit right.

Next, consider what purpose the bike will have for him and where he is most likely to ride it.

  • Paved road – Road, hybrid or electric
  • All-road – Touring
  • Mainly dirt roads and trails – Mountain or electric
  • Bike vacations – Road, touring, or mountain

Finally, size matters when it comes to purchasing a bike. Before shopping, make sure you know how tall he is or can at least make a logical estimate. If you do guess, look for your estimate to fall in the middle range of the height recommendations for the size bike you choose.

Don’t forget to factor in weight, too. Some bikes have recommended maximum weights. Once you know what type of bike to buy him, all that’s left to do is to find the right one.

What Kind of Man Needs What Kind of Bike

Even if he has never ridden a bike before or you don't know how he might use it, you can still find the right one. Base your choice on his personality type and fitness level.

The Speed Demon

If your man has a need for speed, then a road bike is a practical choice. Road bikes have lightweight frames and skinny tires, so they are optimal for the man who wants to go fast on a surfaced road. Because road bikes are lightweight, they will go faster with minimal effort. They provide an aerodynamic riding position with handlebars that loop down, so you lean forward when you ride. You can use the grips to help you pedal faster, as well. The gear system is all about providing the rider with the maximum speed possible.

But, since they are lightweight, road bikes may be more prone to damage on poor road surfaces, curbs, and rough terrain. The aerodynamic riding position can also get uncomfortable after a while, too. They may not be suitable for the casual rider or someone with a bad back or hips.

The Urban Man

If you anticipate your husband will probably prefer a more casual ride or that he can’t handle the bent-over position of a road-style design, look at a hybrid bike. Hybrid bikes can go fast on good roads, too, but they offer a more comfortable seating position.

They have the more standard handlebar formation, as opposed to the curved grips you see on a road bike. The upright seating, though, will slow the bike down some.

Hybrid bikes frequently feature more powerful disc brakes designed to provide consistent performance in wet conditions at the expense of a little heavier ride. They also come with a plethora of mounts to carry additional gear, such as bags. A hybrid bike helps bridge the gap for the urban man that wants a bike the handles well.

The Man With a Purpose

A cruiser, or town bike as they are sometimes called, is great for short, enjoyable rides. They are a practical choice for the man looking to commute, too, because many have chain guards, allowing him to can ride in regular clothes.

Cruiser bikes are not fast. In fact, many come with only one speed. They can hold up well on rough streets and offer a comfortable riding position. There is also lots of frame space for storing accessories such as racks or baskets.

The Adventure Loving Spouse

There are a couple of directions you could go for the man that loves the outdoors and wants to ride off-road. The most obvious choice is a mountain bike.

The name says it all. Mountain bikes are for rough terrain. They feature flat or upright handlebars and an extremely low gear range, making them ideal for riding up steep slopes.

Shock absorbers or suspensions systems are standard on most mountain bikes. The ones with only front suspension are hardtails, whereas those with both front and rear suspension are known as full-suspension bikes. You can also get a rigid mountain bike – one that has no suspension system, at all.

Although theoretically, you can ride a mountain bike on any surface, they are heavier than other designs, so they are not a traditional choice for commuting. Fat tire bikes are typically mountain bikes.

The Man Who Loves Competition

There are also a group of bikes that have specialty designs. You hear less about them because they have unique features that make them suitable for racing or other sports. The cyclocross bike is a good example.

Cyclocross bikes are a form of road bike right for racing on a mixed surface track (combination of pavement, unpaved trails, gravel, grass). They feature a drop handlebar like ordinary road bikes, but the tires are wider for better off-road grip, and they have a different form of brake that helps minimize mud accumulation in the frame. Cyclocross bicycles are sometimes known as 'cross bikes,' or cx bikes for short.

The Travel Junkie

There are specialty bikes made for the man who wants to travel on one, too. Like road designs, a touring bike does well on paved surfaces. They are also more durable for long-distance travel.

Touring bikes feature all the essential mounting bolts for baggage racks and fenders. While they still have a drop handlebar, they have a more open-frame design that allows the rider to be upright, which is more comfortable when riding long distances for many days at a time.

Touring bikes use a smaller gear range than standard road bikes in order to haul large loads up steep hills. Because of their endurance and capacity to carry big loads, they also make excellent commuter bicycles.

For the Man Looking to Get Fit

Fitness bikes are another specialty design – one that plays into the needs of someone looking to ride for exercise. Like road bikes, they have lightweight frames and narrow tires. Unlike road bikes, they have an upright handlebar for more comfort when riding.

Most fitness bikes can accommodate somewhat wider tires, making them appropriate for usage on unpaved routes. There is usually room for baggage racks and fenders, too, making them ideal for commuting.

For the Man With Special Needs

Traditional bikes can put a strain on the hips and knees and be uncomfortable for some. A recumbent bike will allow him to work out his thighs, calves, and glutes while putting less stress on them.

These bikes feature a more significant and lower seat than a traditional bike. Furthermore, recumbent bikes put less strain on your joints, making them perfect for persons with arthritis, and they are much simpler to balance for the man that can ride a conventional two-wheeler.

For the Man Who Wants More

If your man is always looking for the next great thing, then put an electric bike under the tree. E-bikes are just bikes but ones that use electricity when you want extra power. Some allow you to pedal with assistance, while others operate more like mopeds. It may be possible to ride them without pedaling at all.

This year, give your husband the gift that keeps on giving – a bicycle. There is a design right for every kind of man.

Still, wondering what bike is right for your husband this holiday season? Then it’s time to let the professionals help you make that choice. The expert team at Sixthreezero can explain the various features to you and help you make the right gift choice.


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