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Where to Ride Your Electric Bike In Austin

May 23, 2022

Austin is home to countless miles of bike paths, including those within the city and those in nearby mountains. Bicyclists of varying skill levels will appreciate the city’s proximity to mountain trails, in particular, where paths range in difficulty from beginners’ level to expert level. If you’re looking for paths that are best suited to an eBike, though, there are several spots In Austin that are ideal to traverse through with your electric bicycle.

Is Austin eBike Friendly?

Austin is known to be very friendly to bicyclists, but does that include eBike enthusiasts? Yes! Austin is incredibly inclusive to eBike riders, and Austin has developed a reputation as a center for the eBike community. This can be attributed to several factors, but it’s largely fueled by local governments’ support of eBiking as well as several rebate and incentive programs that make eBikes more accessible to Austin residents.

Best eBike Trails in Austin

There are several eBike trails in Austin that you shouldn’t miss. The city’s community engagement program has actually begun piloting a program aimed at developing trails specifically for eBikes. This program focused on trails within Johnson Creek, Northern Walnut Creek, the Boardwalk, and other areas, and it created trails tailored to eBikes with a maximum speed of 20 MPH.

Best City Routes for eBikes in Austin

Some eBike riders seek out the thrill of riding in a city, surrounded by towering buildings and other bicyclists. Luckily, there are many city routes that riders can embark upon to satisfy this craving. Some of the best city routes for eBikes include SW Parkway’s northeast path. This is described by some bikers as “frighteningly fast,” and indeed, it’s best suited to bikers who have a need for speed. If you’re looking for a city path that’s a little less intense, opt for the Hilly Inner City Loop.

Spots to Avoid on Your eBike in Austin

It isn’t inherently unsafe to ride your eBike anywhere in Austin, but you should still be careful to maintain an awareness of your surroundings and avoid any areas that you might not know how to navigate. In addition, you should always ensure that a path is matched to your skill level. Some routes are intended for high-speed biking, and others aren’t. If you’re going to struggle to keep up, it’s best to look for another path or rev up your eBike battery to keep up with competition.

Austin eBike Laws

Although Austin is notably eBike friendly, there are laws on the books that prohibit certain uses of these vehicles. Austin Code of Ordinances § 8-1-31 indicates that any type of “motor drive device” is barred from being ridden on public city trails. The ordinance indicates that vehicles cannot traverse a public recreation area, but there are many activists and opposing ordinances that are currently seeking to change this law.

Best Spots to Stop for Food

Austin is just as much a great city for foodies as it is a great city for eBike riders, so of course, you’ll want to stop for food after you’ve been riding your eBike for a long time. Some of the most famous Austin restaurants include Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, Hestia, and Suerte. If you ride your bike to any of these eateries, you can expect culinary excellence as well as a restoration of your energy.

eBike Safety and Precautions

Austin has many paths and features that are specially designed to keep eBike riders safe, but it’s still your responsibility to adhere to basic safety precautions. This includes wearing protective accessories and a helmet at all times. It also includes following all rules governing the path you're riding on.


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